What Time Does Walmart Service Desk Close?

The customer service desk at Walmart is the first place people turn when they need assistance, need to return a purchase, or need to cash a check.

Walmart is well known for being open virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

However, this does not necessarily imply that their customer support desk is open at all times during that period.

During the graveyard shift, Walmart sees a significant decrease in customer traffic.

Walmart does not have a representative at the customer service desk during these hours of operation.

It would be a complete waste of time and resources for the store. You might wonder when the desk opens since this is the case.

This page contains information on when the Walmart customer care desk is open and what services can be obtained.

When you decide to go shopping at your local Walmart, knowing if the customer service counter is open is good. The answer to your question is right here.

What Time Does Walmart Service Desk Close In 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart’s customer support desk is normally closed between 8 PM and 10 PM, Monday through Sunday.

Guests can still reach Walmart’s checkout line if the service desk is closed and need assistance with returns and other issues.

Walmart closes its customer service between 8 PM and 10 PM, depending on the location.

It is more common for companies who do not operate 24 hours a day to close their customer support centers at 8 p.m.

Walmart Service Desk Time

The service desk of businesses opens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, typically closes at 10 PM.

Walmart locations are always open for shopping round-the-clock, but customers do not use the customer service desk during the graveyard shift due to the small number of people shopping.

It is common for customer service centers to open at seven or eight in the morning.

Customers who require assistance with their purchases will have plenty of opportunities to do so. For more information on Walmart’s business hours, continue reading this article.

What time is Walmart’s service desk open near me?

Walmart’s customer service desk is open Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 10 PM, respectively, based on store hours. You’ll have plenty of time to return items or ask questions of the seller.

You can confirm hours by calling ahead or checking Walmart’s online store finder or Walmart’s app.

You can notify a member of the Walmart team if the customer service desk is vacant so they can assist you with your request.

When does Walmart close?

A few Walmart stores in the United States stay open until 11 PM., but most of them open from 7 AM to 10 PM.

The company reports that Walmart stores are open as usual on Sundays, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day, and other public holidays. According to tradition, shops close at 6 PM on Christmas Eve and close on Christmas Day.

What if the Walmart Service Desk is closed?

The customer service desk can be unstaffed on a rare occasion. In this case, request that another employee assist you. You may contact Walmart Customer Care after hours if you need assistance.

You can also communicate with a Walmart customer service representative through the Walmart website’s live chat service. The only thing you need is an account with Walmart.com.

What time does Walmart close its other services?

You can find a wide range of useful services available at Walmart during convenient hours of operation.

The hours of operation for auto care centers are generally from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Saturday, including Sunday, so there are a lot of opportunities to visit during the week.

A typical MoneyCenter is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm, with a few exceptions. 

Pharmacies are open from 9 AM. to 7 PM Monday through Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

What Kind Of Services Does The Walmart Customer Service Center Provide?

There are a variety of services available at any Walmart customer service center.

Here are a few examples of such services.

Broken Items

There are times when store personnel cannot remove certain broken items from the store floor, despite Walmart’s best efforts.

When you purchase the defective product and get it home, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

There is good news for you since you can contact the customer support department for assistance.

You can bring the damaged product to the desk, and the staff will make sure the payment is made, and the item can be located for you.

Additionally, if you discover a defective product in the store, you should report it to the customer service desk.

You should report it to the customer service desk rather than abandoning it. They can dispatch an employee to locate and remove the defective merchandise.

This avoids a future issue for an unknowing customer and makes the store safer.

Customer Returns

One of the primary reasons individuals seek out customer service is to return an item.

You may have to wait a long time to return a purchase to a cashier. As a result, Walmart established the customer support center.

This is a distinct section where workers are entirely responsible for returns and other consumer concerns.

They are capable of processing your return and providing you with the information you want.

You can bring any product you wish to return to their customer service center, as long as it meets their return policy.


Customers must report thefts to the customer support desk consistently.

The customer service desk is the next most appropriate place for clients who cannot locate a manager.

Theft should be reported regardless of whether the victim witnessed someone stealing clothing, jewelry, or even food.

Customer service agents will relay the problem information to their managers, who will then investigate further.

You will most likely be asked to stay to inform the police of what you found when they arrive.

You will be able to identify the suspect in the future if you remember what the suspect looked like and what they were wearing and what they were stealing.

You should never attempt to apprehend a thief by yourself.

Customer service should be contacted immediately if you notice theft, both for your protection and that of other customers.

Store problems

You can also report any other problems you encounter at the store at the customer service desk.

For instance, you might have spotted a leak in the frozen goods department. The aisle may have been strewn with cans of food. There may have even been damage to the roof.

It is good to notify the customer care desk even if something as simple as toilet paper is unavailable.

They’ll ensure that the issue is communicated to the appropriate associates. Then they’ll resolve it as quickly as possible.

Walmart employs many people; however, most of them are too busy during the workday to notice some issues.

Customers can assist them by notifying the customer support desk of any observed faults or threats.

Employee Complaints

You can also complain to the customer service desk if you feel an employee is unfairly treating you.

Every employee has bad days once in a while, but you may be the victim of a discriminatory employee at some point.

The customer service desk will handle your complaint. They will then notify the management, who will record the incident on the employee’s record.

An employee may be terminated from employment if they have a history of behavior like this.

If it is their first transgression, they will receive a harsh warning from the manager. Walmart is committed to ensuring the safety of both customers and employees in their locations.

Communications between the two are handled through the customer service desk.

Price Matches

The ability of Walmart to match prices is one of its most valuable features.

A price match occurs when you discover a product at another retailer that is less expensive than the same at Walmart.

Walmart will match the cheaper product’s price as long as certain conditions are met. You will save money while Walmart continues to make money.

However, there are a few restrictions. The first is that identical products must be produced. It must be the identical manufacturer, model, and size. Additionally, it must be the same quantity.

For instance, you cannot price match an item when you purchase one and get another for free.

Additionally, the product must be purchased through an authorized retailer.

Walmart does not match prices with third-party sellers, but there is a list of stores to match prices.

Walmart Service Desk Time

Finally, the item must be in stock in-store and online at Walmart.

If you have any questions about whether your product qualifies, please contact customer support.

You’ll be notified whether a price match can be completed after inspecting the item. When you receive their confirmation, you can receive your deal.

Out-of-Stock Items

You should notify the customer care desk if you notice an empty shelf or an item out of stock.

You should tell them at the desk what product is being sold and in which department it is located.

The customer support person could inquire about the product’s location from one of the dockworkers.

Sometimes, staff has not yet had a chance to replenish the stock, so the product remains back.

They can locate the item and deliver it to you in this situation. They may not locate additional products in other cases.

Notifying the store of out-of-stock items enables the store to stay on top of refilling popular items.

They want you to notify the customer support desk about out-of-stock items because this increases customer satisfaction and guarantees they don’t miss out on sales.


Additionally, the customer service department is responsible for stamp purchases.

Customers typically purchase stamps at the customer service counter, though stamps are available throughout the store.

You usually wait a lot less time than you would see if a cashier has stamps. You can purchase a wide variety of stamp designs and amounts from a customer representative.

They have on-site payment processing means there will be no waiting in line. Purchasing stamps at a Walmart customer care center is fast and straightforward.


MoneyCenters are also available at many customer service centers. You can perform a variety of financial transactions at these locations.

You can purchase Money Orders at the MoneyCenter, one of the most popular features.

You can obtain your Money Order by using their equipment.

You can also shop at Walmart using money orders since Walmart accepts them for various products.

Additionally, the MoneyCenter enables you to deposit checks and withdraw money from an ATM if one is available. Additionally, it’s a rapid way to disburse funds if you need them.

If you ever have difficulty navigating a certain section of the MoneyCenter, a customer service specialist can assist you.

You can ask them for help with the machines if something doesn’t work properly.

What other options does Walmart provide for customer service?

Customers don’t always have easy access to customer care desks when they need assistance.

People may not always go to the supermarket when trapped at work or home with the kids.

Walmart offers alternatives for people who cannot visit the center during normal business hours.

Walmart’s Mobile App

The Walmart mobile app features a customer support bot as part of Walmart’s automation efforts.

It will respond to a few typical queries if you ask them. A mobile chat customer agent will assist you if the robot cannot answer your question.

You will then work through some of the issues you are experiencing. Whenever you have a general question about Walmart policies, you can turn to their smartphone app.

You can even get answers specific to your location.

Call Center

As with any large retailer, Walmart also has a call center for customer service. Customer service can be reached at 1-800-925-6278.

You will need to tell them about your local Walmart shop to assist you.

Additionally, you can look out for the customer care number for your local shop and contact the desk directly.

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Since customer service departments can be highly busy, they may not react immediately.

However, phoning their corporate number guarantees that you will finally speak with a representative. You can contact them with any questions or file a complaint.

Other Associates

You can also inquire with other staff if there is no one at the customer service desk when you arrive or if there is no customer service at all.

They frequently possess the necessary information and training to assist. The very least you can expect is that they will connect you with someone who can help.

Final Words

According to regular store hours, Walmart service desks are typically closed from 10 PM to 8 AM, including Sundays.

Alternatively, you can contact customer service by telephone, live chat, or email at your residence. The service desk is closed on Christmas Day.

Walmart’s customer support department closes between 8 and 10 PM and reopens at roughly 7 or 8 AM.

Walmart provides a range of services to make your shopping experience more pleasurable and convenient.

The Walmart app includes a chat feature that you can use if you’re unable to visit a store in time.

Source: https://www.walmart.com/services

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