What Is Amazon Background Check Policy?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company and the second-largest employer in the United States.

You should know about Amazon’s background check policy if you’re interested in working there. Here’s all I know about it thus far.

What Is Amazon Background Check Policy?

Amazon does conduct background checks, which include checking for criminal records, including misdemeanors and felonies, that occurred within the last seven years, among other things.

To verify the reliability of new employees, background checks are conducted after the in-person interview but before the decision is made to recruit the candidate.

Additionally, Amazon hires people with criminal records, but the company states that every candidate is considered individually.

Please continue reading about Amazon’s background check policies and expectations for prospective employees.

How Does The Amazon Interview And Application Process Work?

Recruiting for Amazon, which employs one million workers in the United States, is a serious matter for this company.

An online application and an in-person interview are the first steps in the Amazon employment process, including background checks.

Applicants must complete an online application found at www.amazon.jobs/, with questions varying depending on the position being sought.

After creating an account and beginning the application process, you can explore different openings and provide relevant information about yourself.

After submitting your initial application, Amazon will contact you regarding a possible interview opportunity.

Check the email address you entered when registering for an account, as Amazon will contact you during the next step.

Amazon Background Check Policy

Candidates should expect to spend 20-30 minutes completing Amazon’s brief job evaluation, which is typical for many top positions.

This is a means for Amazon to determine whether or not your abilities and competencies are appropriate for the position.

Once your application has been evaluated successfully, or if you are seeking a manual position, such as warehouse fulfillment worker or delivery driver, it will be forwarded to an interview stage.

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Some phone interviews are conducted by Amazon, while others are conducted in person.

Amazon will offer you a conditional job offer if you pass Amazon’s interview questions and appear a good fit for the position. To qualify, you must complete all background checks required by the company.

How Do Amazon Background Checks Work?

Amazon calls for a complete criminal background check (no fingerprints required) going back seven years so that the company can assess any convictions related to misdemeanors or felonies committed during this time.

Additionally, Amazon will consider current and prospective employees individually, regardless of their criminal histories.

Amazon is less likely to recruit someone with a criminal record for fraud or theft from their previous employer, though it varies from situation to situation.

It is likely that applicants with low-level drug offenses or other crimes, which should not directly affect the work function and responsibilities, will be evaluated more than those with higher-level offenses.

Currently, Amazon searches all public records for a traditional firearm purchase and discloses any arrests, crimes, misdemeanors, or charging offenses made against the individual.

Amazon will make a hiring decision after completing the background check within a few business days of receiving the information.

When a candidate’s background check is excluded from Amazon’s background check, that candidate is notified following the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Employers do not legally consider a conviction older than seven years under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Amazon will not consider a more than seven-year-old conviction when evaluating whether or not to recruit you if you meet the requirements.

However, some states have federal regulations that reduce the time needed. Amazon may check your criminal history as far back as your state’s laws allow. For more information, consult your state’s laws.

Does Amazon Check References?

Amazon also performs reference checks during its hiring process, but these are frequently completed in a short time due to a large number of applicants it gets.

Recruiting managers tend to look at high-level data, such as position title, pay, and overall performance, rather than whether or not your references are trusted.

Businesses need to know who they are hiring. Reference checks allow Amazon to confirm the information contained in your CV.

Amazon may contact you only by your most recent boss or a select few of your previous employers, based on your employment history and the job you apply for.

You shouldn’t be overly concerned about reference checks, even if they initially seem intimidating, especially if you made a positive impression at your last job.

You’ll most likely pass the reference check if your resume is truthful and transparent.

Amazon does not require resumes for many hourly positions; in those cases, the company relies solely on an interview, a background check, and a drug test rather than a resume.

Does Amazon conduct drug tests?

All new employees are subjected to drug tests before hiring by Amazon. If you are applying for the position, you must submit a mouth swab, which will be conducted after the in-person interview.

The swabs are analyzed in labs for drugs prohibited in your state, such as common recreational drugs.

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Amazon mandates annual medical evaluations, including a drug test, regardless of utilizing a home drug testing kit to verify they comply.

Additionally, Amazon retains the authority to conduct random drug tests on its employees, which means regular recreational drug use will be a problem.

If you want to learn more about Amazon’s regulations, you can also check out our links to Amazon’s transfer policy, Amazon’s variable time off policy, and Amazon’s required overtime policy.

Final Words on Amazon Background Check Policy

Amazon’s background check policy stipulates that potential workers must pass background investigations, criminal history, and drug testing to be considered for employment. 

Amazon may contact you for an assessment or interview if you have applied online for one of the thousands of positions available on Amazon.

If you make it to the next round and receive a conditional job offer from Amazon, Amazon will do a criminal background check on you, going back seven years to look for prior charges and convictions with which they are expected to be familiar.

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According to a company spokesperson, Amazon requires no fingerprinting for its background checks since the e-commerce giant utilizes a comprehensive public record check tool.

Amazon also requires references from previous employers and the candidate to submit to a drug test before an offer of employment can be confirmed.

Source: https://hiring.amazon.com/hiring-process

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