What Happened To PetPaint After Shark Tank?

The canary-colored hairspray PetPaint, created by Abe Geary, lets dog owners express their individuality through their dogs.

Shark Tank episode 508 features his presentation of PetPaint to the shark panel, including his well-known “women of Shark tank.”.

Geary’s goal was to “transform the way people celebrate occasions and holidays with their dogs” through creating his own business.

All PetPaint products have been vet-tested and are safe for your dog. Many people use colored hair paint, and stencil kits are available to help you decorate your dog with a design.

PetPaint was founded by Abe in 2010 to “add some swagger to your wagger.” He also owns Creative Displays, a trade fair exhibit company.

Abe has high hopes for the product, which is still in its infancy in the body paint market.

When it comes to getting into major retailers, the Sharks may be his best hope.

What Is PetPaint?

PetPaint is a safe and enjoyable alternative to a dog costume for dogs. The colors are non-toxic and easily removed from the skin.

PetPaint Shark Tank Update

Your dog can become a festive or spooky mascot with it. Many veterinarians also accept it.

Company NamePetPaint
EntrepreneurAbe Geary
ProductDog-safe color hairspray
Investment Asking For$200,000 For 20% stake In PetPaint
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 8
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of PetPaint?

PetPaint was founded by Abe Geary, also the company’s CEO. He attended Moorpark College from 1995 to 2000, majoring in marketing.

He then worked in Morton Karr’s new business development department, learning about entrepreneurship.

He learned to think creatively about his business while working for Creative Displays in New York City. He founded PetPaint soon afterward.

PetPaint Before Shark Tank

Can you imagine dressing up your pet in a costume of your own? Dog owners who find it difficult to dress their dogs up in human clothing now have a fun alternative.

Abe Geary reacted to a decades-old problem by recognizing that most dogs disliked traditional outfits made by hand.

There is no mess with PetPaint, making it a terrific way to dress up your pet for any occasion. 

He accomplished this by forming a firm that would market dog-friendly paints.

Geary began PetPaint in January 2010 by developing recipes specifically for canine sprays. He began with a $240,000 investment.

He drew on his previous experience in the business world to get things back on track.

His efforts paid off when he discovered that PetSmart had a willing customer for some samples. He made a lot of money very quickly.

He soon made $70,000 a month, and things were looking good for him. Geary had a stronger year when sales reached $200,000 for the first time.

The patents he filed on his inventions expedited his company’s success to Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of PetPaint?

Abe Geary reaches Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for a 20% stake in PetPaint.

Mark Cuban brings in pets for display, including a bulldog painted in the Miami Heat’s colors.

Abe has already invested $240,000 in this project. The inventory is worth $200,000.

Key chemicals in his formulations are the subject of pending patents, and he has thoroughly tested them for toxicity and irritation.

Abe has made $70,000 in sales since he began selling in March.

PetSmart has already ordered $12,000 worth of sales from him for a test in 50 stores. He’s on target to make $200,000 in sales his first year alone.

Barbara Corcoran asks a lot of questions about sales. Customers can purchase the cans for $9.99.

Corcoran argues that the product won’t sell well since it’s a novelty item for holidays and special events. She’s out.

Kevin O’Leary shares a story about Phoenician purple dye to prove that spray-on color for pets is not a patented product. Mr. Wonderful, as he always does in these situations, goes out.

Greiner is worried about the $200,000 worth of unsold product that’s currently stashed away. She’s gone.

Mark Cuban advises Abe to focus on online and social media marketing instead of retail marketing in a conversation with him.

This is so shocking that I’m scared that you didn’t see it. He has been expelled from the party.

There’s only Robert Herjavec left. He concurs with Mark, stating that the greatest approach to selling the product is social media.

Barbara Corcoran, on the other hand, is all in. In exchange for the $200,000 he’s asking for, she wants a 60 percent stake in the company.

“Get out of the way,” she tells him.

Herjavec departs after hearing Barbara’s offer. Abe decides to reject the partnership since he does not want to work with someone interested in gaining equity.

As a result, he exits the Tank without securing a deal with a Shark.

What Happened To PetPaint After Shark Tank?

The experience in the tank ripped Abe apart, so he decided to focus on online marketing.

You can now purchase the product in various nationwide stores, including Amazon.com.

PetPaint Shark Tank Update

He now offers paint for various occasions, including parades and parties, along with simple paint for pets.

Several animal rescue organizations have also adopted the product.

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His product has been a huge success since the end of Shark Tank, and it appears to continue to be a hit in the future.

PetPaint Shark Tank Update

The Sharks suggested that Abe launch PetPaint on the Internet, so he did, regardless of the brutal feedback he received from them.

Petsmart and Petco currently carry the product, and it is also available online. PetPaint is not limited to festivals, parades, or animal rescue missions.

Spayed and neutered animals are marked with a special spray used by shelters to attract visitors.

PetPaint Shark Tank Update

He even carries a selection of Savorski Crystals that you may use to adorn your dog.

However, despite the Sharks rejecting PetPaint, Abe has found a winner.

The Beyond the Tank team decided to include Abe in an episode due to his achievement.

He has made more than $5 million in total sales as of December 2021.

Is PetPaint Still In Business?

Geary admitted after Shark Tank that he is neither a computer expert nor an online entrepreneur, just a crazy dude selling PetPaint.

He said it was essential to find a simple platform to use and reach a wide range of people. 

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He achieved this goal by working with Bigcommerce, a cloud e-commerce platform for rapidly expanding companies like PetPaint.

Geary now sells Swarovski diamonds to decorate your dog’s paws and hair in addition to paint.