What Happened To EZ VIP After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank’s episode 310 has Alashe Nelson pitching his company, EZ VIP, to the Sharks so that he can earn some high-end club cred with the Sharks.

This company, which charges a high “guaranteed bottle” price, offers the option to pre-purchase liquor to ensure a table at some of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs.

The question is, how much will customers be willing to pay to secure a spot in Miami’s party-to-be-seen clubs?

The rumor mill says that the price for EZ VIP can reach $2,000, which is why Shark-level consumers are drawn to it.

Do the sharks plan to bite this party, or will they pass it up?

What Is EZ VIP?

EZ VIP was a website through which users could obtain early tickets and special treatment for nightclub events.

You can make reservations for any special event or club quickly and easily using EZ VIP. This company has experienced phenomenal growth since 2001.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

EZ VIP provides a wide range of services, including access to exclusive clubs, venues, and events. To satisfy the needs of our customers, they offer round-the-clock support.

It eliminates the embarrassment of waiting in line at a club just to be turned away.

Company NameEZ VIP
EntrepreneurAlashe Nelson
ProductBooking VIP service in advance is possible with this events company
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 15% stake in EZ VIP
Final Deal$150,000 For 30% stake in EZ VIP
SharkMark Cuban And Daymond John
Episode Season 3 Episode 1
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of EZ VIP?

Alashe Nelson is the CEO and Founder of EZ VIP. He started his concierge service at 13 when his mother launched “Concierge with a Smile.”

The plan was for him to succeed his mother. However, after seeing what his mother had achieved without his help, he decided to start his own company instead of just being an employee of his mother’s.

EZ VIP Before Shark Tank

Alashe Nelson’s humiliating social snub occurred after he was turned away from a club, and this ruined his chances with the woman he was dating when the snub happened.

He then vowed to himself and everyone else that he would not engage in this kind of “social snubbing” again.

This concept led to the creation of EZ VIP in 2001. The upper classes hoped Alashe would make it easier to access the most exclusive clubs.

EZ VIP swiftly flourished, and Alashe announced plans to expand into Las Vegas after partnering with local Miami club owners.

Alashe was looking for a partner that could assist increase the awareness and value of EZ VIP, so she met with the Shark Tank investors.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of EZ VIP?

Nelson enters the Shark Tank show seeking a $150,000 investment for a 15% ownership in EZ VIP. 

The company was started to avoid standing in line and being turned away at the doors of exclusive clubs.

He describes to the Sharks that they cannot acquire seats for their clients and friends when they invite them to a huge event at a club.

He offers EZ VIP as an option. A user can see the best events in the city and reserve a place at the club of their choice on the website.

The “EZ VIP rep” will greet the client at the club and lead them into the establishment, where they will be given VIP treatment. 

On the other hand, Kevin O’Leary is more interested in Daymond John’s attraction to the VIP rep.

According to Nelson, the company has generated over $250K in sales in Miami alone. Robert Herjavec finds this impressive.

Daymond’s “High end” is how John describes the settings. If EZ VIP can save Mark Cuban some money, that would be great.

An example given by Nelson includes a $1,000 table that was purchased months in advance by a client. 

The night of the booking, Mark Cuban’s basketball team had a great win, and table prices went from $1,000 to $30,000-40,000.

According to Nelson’s assertions, customers could get inside their preferred venue.

Nelson reassures Daymond John that just a few tables are available at any given moment.

Advance sales ensure guaranteed revenue for the venue’s owner.

“This is a life that I can’t even relate to,” says Barbara Corcoran. As a result, she has decided to give up the nightclub lifestyle.

Like Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary respects Nelson’s “effort,” but he’s not a fan of the club scene. He’s been expelled.

The business idea intrigues Mark Cuban, but he doesn’t think he can add much value to it. He’s been expelled from the party.

She loves the concept, but she doesn’t “actually hang out in nightclubs,” according to Robert Herjavec. Daymond John has agreed to participate in the project if Nelson can persuade him to put up $75,000 of the $150,000 he has committed.

However, Daymond is only willing to accept a 45 percent share of the deal with Herjavec. Nelson is adamant about keeping so much of his stock.

He argues that he is entitled to 18%. John offers to throw in a celebrity endorsement as a bonus to the sale.

However, Cuban wants to exclude Herjavec from any partnership with John. John is ready to part ways with Herjavec to partner with Cuban.

Kevin O’Leary puts out a proposition. 25 percent ownership at $150,000 Herjavec offers to join O’Leary in a partnership. ” For them, finding an artist of equal quality is a matter of belief.

Daymond When John offers the $150,000 for 30 percent, the deal gets even better. O’Leary lowers his percentage requirement to 20 percent.

“People who have the most joy with their business make the greatest money,” says Barbara Corcoran to Nelson. 

“Who are you going to have the most fun with?” is an important question to ask yourself.

Cuban and John were surprised when Nelson accepted their offer, citing John’s expertise in branding.

Final Deal: Daymond John and Mark Cuban agreed to invest $150,000 for a 30% stake in EZ VIP.

What Happened To EZ VIP After Shark Tank?

Robert Herjavec is heartbroken. “I expect that from Cuban, but not from you,” he tells Daymond John. 

As seen by their enthusiastic endorsements, sharks recognized EZ VIP as an opportunity.

John drew Pitbull into the transaction since he had promised to do so. In episode 312, five months after the original air date, this was covered in an updated piece.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

In New York and Las Vegas, the company established itself, and it appeared that it would be successful. 

The website went dark, and the company vanished in a plume of smoke shortly after the updated piece aired.

Nelson’s LinkedIn page has no jobs listed as of this writing, and the company’s website has been removed.

EZ VIP Shark Tank Update

After EzVip struck a deal with Daymond, we had a glimpse of his work in the closing episode of Season 3. 

He revealed to Alashe that he had signed Armando Perez (aka Pitbull) as a spokesperson for the company.

The self-aggrandizing Grammy winner is best known for his chart-topping rap tracks and party tracks. EzVip’s future was discussed over drinks by Daymond, Alashe, and Pitbull. Pitbull as their mascot made it seem impossible to fail.

EZ Vip has been nothing but a disappointment in recent years, and that’s a shame. It was predicted that Alashe’s business would be successful; however, since 2014, it has remained frozen in time.

However, EzVip’s website remains “functioning,” in the most basic meaning of the term. There are search fields for events that return nothing on the front page.

When you search for a specific location, this is what you’ll find. “0 events found” is the same for everyone.

Only Miami and Las Vegas are listed as venues. No new cities have been added to EzVip in the years since they struck a deal with the sharks.

Alashe Nelson and EzVip have not been heard from in a while. As of April 2014, Alashe’s Twitter and Instagram accounts had been taken offline.

In December 2014, Facebook had its last update. Facebook posts on the Shark Tank Season 7 wrap party were posted by Daymond John over a year later, in September 2015. “I phoned up my buddies, and of course my Shark Tank colleague Al from EzVip, and hit the town!” he stated in a statement.

At the very least, EzVip’s radio silence had not damaged Daymond and Alashe’s relationship. How can you know if Daymond’s business is genuinely dead or if they’re preparing a shift?

This is something we can verify. EZ Vip has collaborated with Wantickets, a conventional ticketing firm, despite its practically nonexistent website.

Miami and Las Vegas events appear to be funneled through them. At most, it’s an insubstantial symbiotic relationship. 

EZ Vip’s website and social media pages make no mention of Wantickets, making it difficult to trace the source of any of Wantickets’ traffic back to EZ Vip.

We have no idea what’s going on in this situation. For all we know, this page could be a reminder of what could have been. It’s hard to put into words.

Even if Daymond doesn’t have an ulterior motive, this seems like a Shark Tank flop, regardless of the facts.

Is EZ VIP Still In Business?

According to internet rumors, Alashe Nelson did not receive the money, but Pitbull helped her.

Alashe and EZ VIP have fallen out, and the website has been taken down. The last update on the Facebook page dates back to 2016, and no further information is available.