What Happened To Dadware Bondaroo After Shark Tank?

The Dadware Bondaroo is a “kangaroo care” shirt for dads, is the subject of a Shark Tank investment bid by Nick Baker in episode 1123.

When Baker’s daughter Eva was born, the idea for his invention came to him.

His wife simply could not hug her newborn child right away during the delivery process due to the agony.

It is common for newborns to be placed on their mothers’ chests after birth.

Mother-child skin-to-skin contact provides reassurance to the infant and is also helpful in the bonding process between mother and child.

Nick undressed and cradled the newborn baby on his chest rather than injure Dawn, excruciating pain.

He practiced some more when he got back home. To avoid constantly removing his shirt, he made strategic holes in old t-shirts.

Baker designed a shirt with a flap and Velcro closure after the “wife test,” hence The Dadware Bondaroo.

Kangaroo shirts have been available to mothers for a long time. They’re sometimes referred to as “nursing tops.”

This shirt design is available in a few men’s versions already. The Bondaroo from Dadware is made of American-made French terry cloth, and it’s manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

The Velcro is rounded to prevent sharp edges from hurting a baby’s skin.

The Bondaroo is also a fashionable way for parents to spend some much-needed time with their children.

They are available on Amazon for $39.99. Baker now only sells online, but he would want a Shark’s assistance expanding his reach.

What Is Dadware Bondaroo?

Dadware Bondaroo is a specially designed Kangaroo shirt for men to create skin-to-skin contact with their children. 

Bonnaroo allows skin-to-skin contact with a Velcro flap in front, but that’s the only unusual feature.

You’ll find that this top is comprised of 82% polyester/15% rayon/3% spandex to keep its shape.

It can also preserve its shape even after frequent use with a child.

The round Velcro circles protect the baby’s delicate skin from irritation.

Bondaroo is an excellent choice for use in the NICU, in the hospital’s golden hour, and at home.

However, the garment is unable to sustain the child’s weight. Rather than wearing the garment as a baby sling, Bondaroo advocates for active bonding between parents and children.

During bonding, the wearer is urged to hold, play with, or allow the baby to fall asleep.

Bondaroo is great for lounging around the house, but they have a special purpose.

DadWare Bondaroo is a flexible, timely, and considerate solution to baby care since more and more fathers are taking paternity leaves.

Company NameDadware Bondaroo
EntrepreneurNick Baker
ProductDad’s and child’s skin-to-skin bonding shirt
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 20% stake in Dadware Bondaroo
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 11 Episode 22
Business StatusAcquired
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Dadware Bondaroo?

Nick Baker is the founder of Dadware Bondaroo, who created the Kangaroo shirt to hold his daughter.

Dadware Bondaroo Before Shark Tank

Children’s early experiences with their parents play a critical role in transitioning to adulthood.

Nick Baker was inspired to create his product after his daughter Eve was born.

As his wife delivered their child, she didn’t feel ready to hug them right away because she was in such pain.

The practice of placing newborns on their mothers’ chests is common after birth.

Dadware Bondaroo Shark Tank Update

An infant is soothed by touching their mother’s breasts, and the mother-child relationship is strengthened as a result.

When Dawn gave birth to a baby, she didn’t want to have the initial bonding experience because of her pain negatively.

He cradled the newborn baby girl, taking off his shirt. The practice continued at home, and he made strategic holes in old tee-shirts so that he didn’t have to take his shirt off all the time.

The DadWare Bondaroo was designed in response to the “wife test,” which required a shirt with a flap and Velcro closure.

Kangaroo shirts have been around for a long time and are sometimes referred to as nursing shirts.

The shirt’s concept is innovative, but other men’s shirts like it on the market.

The DadWare Bondaroo is made from French terry cloth made in the U.S. The Velcro fastening has rounded edges that are safe for a newborn.

Men can look fashionable and still bond with their children when bonding.

Nick entered the Shark Tank, hoping that a Shark would interest his product and offer him a deal.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Dadware Bondaroo?

Nick reaches to Shark Tank show to pitch his company Dadware Bondaroo seeking an investment of $100,000 for a 20% equity in his company.

The entrepreneur enthusiastically explains how he created the product and how it originated.

This year’s sales were only $100,000, and the Sharks struggled to comprehend the product’s effectiveness. 

Dadware Bondaroo Shark Tank Update

Nick resolves to succeed despite the departure of the Sharks.

Nick left the Shark Tank show empty-handed since none of the sharks were ready to invest in Dadware Bondaroo.

What Happened To Dadware Bondaroo After Shark Tank?

Nick was able to generate about $1.2 million in sales by selling Dadware Bondaroo by July 2018. 

Though the Sharks didn’t believe in Dadware Bondaroo, Nick was determined and succeeded.

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Momware Bondaroo also offers long sleeve shirts in addition to the nursing shirt. Amazon is where you’ll find the items.

Is Dadware Bondaroo Still In Business?

DadWare Bondaroo ended up being a success for Nick Baker. He submitted three Shark Tank applications for the Bondaroo, a kangaroo bonding garment for dads with infants.

The Bondaroo is named after his daughter Eva’s nickname. Eva was also involved in the design.

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His skin-to-skin interaction with her following her birth in 2015 was extensive.

The young stand-up comic wore his daughter on his chest while lounging around the house, fostering a close relationship between father and daughter.

The Academy of Pediatrics recommends skin-to-skin bonding for 60 minutes a day for the first three months of a baby’s existence.

Breastfeeding mothers tend to provide more skin-to-skin contact with their children than fathers.

Bonding with a baby through skin-to-skin contact improves their ability to regulate their temperature, breathe more consistently, and strengthen their immune system.

It has long-term benefits for babies regardless of who does it, whether mom or dad.

This is all well and good, but a dad can’t just go around without a shirt all the time.

After cutting holes in the garment, Baker came up with the DadWare Bondaroo.

His wife was dissatisfied, so he began cutting flaps out of shirts and created DadWare’s first product.

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The actor decided to leave acting behind in 2016 and started his own business instead.

Nick trademarked both DadWare and MomWare in addition to the DadWare moniker.

Nick was able to sell more than $300,000 in just a few months.