What Happened To Beer Blizzard After Shark Tank?

Mike Robb and Tom “Ozzy” Osborne return to Shark Tank for episode 725 with their successfully Kickstarted tiny beer cooler, the Beer Blizzard. 

The pair raised $43,574 on a relatively modest $5,000 goal in June 2014 to fund their first round of tooling.

Nobody enjoys warm beer. In hot weather, people prefer a cool beer. However, it gets more difficult to keep beer cool for an extended time in warmer weather. 

This sparked the idea for Beer Blizzards. Additionally, Beer Blizzards sells a Beer Koozie, a stubby beer holder made of fabric, or a foam sleeve. It insulates the beer containers thermally.

The product is similar to cooler ice blocks, consisting of a plastic disk containing a substance that can be frozen and re-frozen. A curvature is present on the disk so that it can fit into a beer can. The coaster fits inside a koozie or acts as a coaster on a bar or table. 

When your beer comes into contact with the Beer Blizzard, it cools down! Additionally, it works with bottles. As they state on their website, “Your beer will be ice-cold from the first taste to the last!” ”

You can purchase a six-pack of Beer Blizzards for $12.99, while a 12-pack will cost you $19.99. There is a “complimentary” Beer Blizzard koozie included with every bundle. 

The product is currently available on the company’s website, and they provide worldwide shipping. They’re probably looking for a Shark’s assistance in bringing their goods to a mass market.

What Is Beer Blizzard?

What all beer fans agree on is that warm beer tastes better than a cold beer. The Beer Blizzard accomplishes this, regardless of whether it is in a can or bottle.

Beer Blizzards are re-freezable plastic beer cooling discs. These discs are ingeniously designed to fit around beer cans exactly. Beer Blizzards are formed of hydra-gel, which freezes faster than water and stays colder for longer.

Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update

You can put your beer in a koozie, put on your concave-bottomed reusable bottle, or can koozie to keep your preferred golden nectar cool for just over 20 minutes.

A fast-freezing thermal solution is injected into the plastic disks, which works equally well on soda cans.

Company NameBeer Blizzard
FounderMike Robb And Tom Osborne
ProductDiscs for cooling beer
Investment Seeking$100,000 For 20% equity in Beer Blizzard
Final Deal$100,000 For 25% equity in Beer Blizzard
SharkMark Cuban
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder of Beer Blizzard?

Tom Ozbourne and Mike Robb, childhood friends and co-founders, invented the Beer Blizzard. Tom has a long history in the food industry, mostly as an executive in quality assurance. Mike is a Pittsburgh-based attorney.

Mike Robb was a lawyer, while Tom worked in the food safety industry. Both are from Pennsylvania and have known each other for a lengthy time. They used to take pleasure in time spent away from their desks and indulging in beer. 

They were, however, always troubled by the issue of warm beer. The brewery looked for a solution to keep beer cold for longer since there was no refrigerator available.

Beer Blizzard Before Shark Tank

Beer Blizzard began during an annual reunion and get-together at Tom’s hunting and fishing property in West Virginia over Memorial Day weekend 2013, called the Redneck Reunion. 

Mike experimented with stuffing ice into the bottom of a koozie to keep the contents of his beer can cool one hot afternoon while target shooting.

The ice melted very quickly. He wondered if reusable ice cubes or frozen gel inserts (similar to those in cooler bags) could be substituted for the can. 

He reasoned that because all the cans shared a common bottom, a one-size-fits-all method would be feasible.

When Tom first came up with this notion, he dismissed it as absurd, but it came up again in a restaurant a few months later. An actual prototype was sketched on a napkin, then put into production by a plastics company.

They finally came up with an effective prototype through months of trial and error: a disc-shaped organic hydra-gel cube that froze much faster and remained frozen much longer than water. 

Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update

The device was made to fit snugly under the bottom of any aluminum can, quickly cooling heated drinks.

Their innovation earned them first place at the summer 2014 Invention and New Product Exposition. 

The group met its fundraising goal within 45 days and received over 2000 orders from around the United States and abroad, totaling over $43,500 in future sales.

After resolving patent issues, initiating manufacturing, and securing a new contract for warehousing, assembly, and distribution, they enter the market. 

However, they felt they needed to bring on a big-name investor to develop the firm, meet production targets, and reach a larger market. Particularly given their recent relationship with global behemoth Amazon.

The Sharks were interested in the newfound success, so they decided to pitch their idea to obtain Beer Blizzards to consumers nationwide.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Beer Blizzard?

Tom and Mike were greeted with open arms upon their arrival at Shark Tank. From the minute they came, their relaxed and endearing nature won the Sharks over. 

The pair were dressed in jeans and Beer Blizzard shirts when they appeared on the stage at Shark Tank. They desired to be themselves authentically casually, sharing their battle with warm beer. 

The CEO introduced himself as CRIC (Chief Redneck in Command) and emphasized that warm beer “stinks!”

They showed how neatly the Beer Blizzard fits into the small opening at the bottom of a beer can (or another carbonated drink). 

Thanks to the Beer Blizzard, you will never have to drink your beer at room temperature again. 

The Sharks burst out laughing as Tom and Mike simultaneously screamed, “America, you’re welcome!”

They provided each Shark with a sample beer to sample. While Lori did not sample hers as enthusiastically as the others, she did inquire about the Beer Blizzard’s ability to keep a beverage cool. 

Tom stated that laboratory testing established that the product kept drinks cool for an additional 21 minutes in settings where beer would warm up within minutes.

Kevin O’Leary inquired about patents on their design and utility, which Mike verified were pending. 

Additionally, the two confirmed that the gel they used froze faster than water, but they did not want to divulge too much information at this point.

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Lori also inquired as to whether they would consider expanding their market to include all carbonated beverages. 

However, the Beer Blizzard duo stated that they wished to maintain their product inside the beer-drinking community. 

After all, their experience equipped them with the knowledge that beer drinkers are extremely fussy about the temperature of their beverages.

Robert Herjavec inquired about the “As seen on television” packaging on the Beer Blizzard. 

It was allegedly Tom and Mike that came up with the concept while drunk: they were making the most of their appearance on Shark Tank. The Sharks laughed again. Their pitch was going well.

Tom and Mark sought $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. When asked what they intended to do with the money, they stated that they intended to increase inventories and manufacturing runs, increasing their earnings. 

Additionally, they hoped that one of the Sharks would assist them in breaking into retail sales.

Mark Cuban recognized their product’s potential. He offered $100,000 for 25% ownership of the company, even though he had doubts about the company’s chances of making millions. 

Then Lori cut him off and offered just what Tom and Mike wanted: $100,000 in exchange for 20% of the Beer Blizzard.

With two competing offers, Tom and Mike requested time to ponder. Mark laughed and told them not to worry; Lori was making the better offer. 

Tom cut him off while he was about to withdraw, stating how flattered they were by her offer. 

However, Mike had a “man-crush” on Mark, and they were forced to accept his offer. What about someone who has a “man-crush” on you? What are you supposed to do?

What Happened To Beer Blizzard After Shark Tank?

Beer Blizzard was a great hit immediately following their participation on Shark Tank. Tom and Mike originally witnessed a spike in sales of their Beer Blizzard following their Shark Tank appearance. 

Their disc-shaped “ice cubes” have made their way onto the shelves of Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and several other retailers. 

Beer Blizzard’s original creators continued to pursue many of their dreams for years to come, including developing beer accessories and Army Man bottle openers for their website.

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However, years later – after conversations with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and even some military applications fell through – it appears as though Beer Blizzard has vanished.

As of September 2021, the Twitter account of Beer Blizzard has been inactive, and the website (beerblizzard.com) has been deactivated, redirecting to an empty placeholder domain.

All we can say is that Beer Blizzard was enjoyable while it lasted. Cheers.

Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update

It appears to be a bit short-sighted of the pair to have rejected Lori without first pursuing a deal with two Sharks. 

Lori and Mark may have teamed up to provide an even better deal if given several chances, but the “man crush” won out. 

Regrettably, the transaction never closed. They raised $43,574 on Kickstarter following their appearance on the show.

Beer Blizzard Shark Tank Update

Mark is no longer guiding the partnership’s efforts, but they are still determined to get Beer Blizzard into NASCAR events and stores like Wal-Mart. 

The company recently expanded its product line to include a green army man can opener, enabling it to appeal to a wider demographic of beer drinkers. Mark Cuban could have made handsome profits from this deal.

They were in the process of negotiating a licensing arrangement with Dale Earnhardt Jr., but the deal fell through, and the company was forced to close in 2018.

Is Beer Blizzard Still In Business?

Sales for Beer Blizzard increased dramatically after it was featured on Shark Tank. The disc-shaped ice cubes are available through Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.

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There was a time when Beer Blizzard was in talks with NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. about using Earnhardt Jr.’s name on their disc ice cubes. Beer Blizzard closed shortly after that due to a lack of funding.