Tree T Pee After Shark Tank

Mr. Johnny Georges from Arcadia, Florida, has invented Tree T Pee, and he is seeking assistance from Shark Tank episode 501 to help him grow.

The device has been in use since 1986, and its primary purpose is to reduce water consumption by citrus growers in citrus-producing states.

The Tree T Pee is a molded plastic cone used to protect the roots of young trees during their early growth stages.

Therefore, in warm, southern regions, it reduces the demand for water per tree from 10,000 to 800 gallons.

As a result, it protects against the rare but potentially destructive frosts in the southern hemisphere while also conserving water.

A chilling Florida winter can cause thousands of acres of citrus trees to die; proper frost protection can be the difference between a lucrative crop and financial ruin for orange growers.

It is also available in various unique colors, and logos can be put on them.

A large number of Tree T Pees are currently in use, and the ever-increasing demand for water conservation ensures that this device will continue to find use in the years to come.

What Is Tree T Pee?

Tree T Pee is a plastic cone used to cover over the base of a tree and protect it from external elements. 

The system has the dual purpose of preserving water for trees and protecting them from frost. It also promotes tree growth and the growth of stronger trees.

The cone absorbs heat and raises the temperature at the tree’s base by 12 degrees, which is essential in the growth of young trees (1 to 5 years old), particularly citrus plants in southern states such as Florida, and the survival of a tree.

Tree T Pee After Shark Tank

The Tree T PEE product is manufactured by an agricultural supply company, GSI Supply, Inc. The cone-shaped or rounded container acts as a water and fertilizer storage place for one to five years old trees.

Every unit is built in the United States of America from recycled plastic and is designed to endure under normal conditions for more than twenty years.

The Tree T PEE is now available in two colors, white and black, to ensure that it performs well in every environment, regardless of the location or climate in which it will be used. 

Company NameTree T Pee
ProductWater and nutrient containment system in the shape of a cone for trees
EntrepreneurJohnny Georges
WebsiteVisit Website
Episode Season 5 Episode 7
Investment Seeking$150,000 For 20% stake in Tree T Pee
Final Deal$150,000 For 20% stake in Tree T Pee
SharkJohn Paul Dejoria
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of Tree T Pee?

John G. Georges founded GSI Supply, Inc. on March 2, 2005, as a profit-making corporation. 

Rick Georges originally invented the Tree T PEE, but it was later improved and introduced to the market by John Georges, who introduced it to the market.

He was born in Winter Haven, Florida, where his father was a prominent leader in the citrus industry and raised by his mother and two sisters.

After completing his job training program, he began applying for jobs at a young age, following in his parents’ footsteps who were hardworking.

He worked for his father’s enterprise for more than 20 years before starting his own business in 1993.

The founder of GSI Supply, Inc. worked for his father’s manufacturing company before beginning his own business.

The industry veteran claims to have installed more than 10,000 pumps and motors and irrigation systems covering more than 30,000 acres during his two decades in the business.

His firsthand experience with citrus agriculture inspired him to set up his own company. He shared his knowledge and inventions with his peers in the field, which resulted in establishing his own company.

It was only by accepting one farmer at a time that people would accept John’s unconventional way of doing things.

He nonetheless was able to make strides and eventually reach the top of the industry, much like his father had.

Tree T Pee Before Shark Tank

Johnny Georges admires and adores the American farmer. Rick and his father have been in the irrigation and citrus businesses for more than two decades.

The two of them developed a plastic device that could be wrapped around tree roots to avoid frost damage and save water at the same time.

Tree T Pees were available only in a small geographical area and were used by some farmers over the years.

Johny took advantage of global concerns about water conservation and its impact on agricultural-related sectors. He came up with a novel solution that helped farmers conserve water and money while tending to their crops.

He had a product that farmers could immediately begin using to boost the way they conducted business in his hands.

The Tree T Pee brand was relatively unknown before its appearance on Shark Tank. A small number of farmers only used it, and those who did were largely from the surrounding area.

Johnny Georges, the owner of Tree T Pee, has come to Shark Tank to find investment capital to expand his company. Sharks have expressed interest in investing in his company.

Johnny went into the Shark Tank about expanding the Tree T Pee to help farmers across the country increase his chances of success.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Tree T Pee?

Johnny Georges begins his section in his hometown and works in orange groves in California.

Johnny enters Shark Tank and demands an investment of  $150,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in the Tree T Pee.

He begins to recount the narrative and becomes a little flustered in the process. He then explains how to use Tree T Pee and examines the product’s economics before concluding.

Mr. Wonderful accepts it and inquires why he isn’t selling it in his home state of California.

The Tree T Pee cost Johnny $2.95 to make, and he sells them for $4.50 each. He’s sold over 127,000 pieces, and they’re guaranteed to survive for 20 years or more.

He then describes how his father came up with the idea for the product. Mark inquires whether Johnny has approached any wholesalers about selling his product, to which Johnny replies that he only deals with people he knows.

Mr. Wonderful asks why he does not sell them for $7 each. Mr. Mark asks why he does not sell them for $12 each.

Johnny wants to maintain the price as low as possible because farmers can’t afford higher prices.

Mr. Wonderful leaves, and JP DeJoria offers Johnny $150,000 in exchange for 20 percent ownership in the company.

It was such a tear-jerker of a part that even Mr. Wonderful had tears in his eyes!

What Happened To Tree T Pee After Shark Tank?

As of 2022, you can purchase the Tree T Pee directly from the company’s website. They offer both black and white versions but have removed the white version from their website because tests have revealed that the black version is the best choice for all types of trees.

The Tree T Pee is presently available for purchase for less than $8, which seemed to be a fantastic deal to me.

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The Tree T Pee brand appears to be doing well, as it is evident that it has more than 61,000 likes on Facebook.

It appears that Tree T Pee is carrying out Johnny George’s objective of doing good for farmers all around the United States of America.

Tree T Pee Shark Tank Update

The professional relationship between Johnny and JP has been solidly built on the foundation of mentoring, despite the emotional presentation.

JP has worked hard to help Johnny grow the business by introducing him to new contacts and helping to place his Tree T Pee product in select Home Depot locations for distribution to farms and individual consumers.

They are working together to bring the product to the international market to expand their business and expand the benefits the plastic cones may be able to provide to drought-stricken nations around the world.

Tree T Pee After Shark Tank

The Tree T Pee began as a little business established to memorialize Johnny’s father, but it has blossomed into something far greater than he could have anticipated.

Johnny appears to have found an excellent business partner in JP, and his company is steadily growing. 

As of February 2022, Tree T Pee is growing strong and generating $5 million in revenue each year.

Is Tree T Pee Still In Business?

You can still purchase the tree T-PEE from GSI Supply, Inc.’s website, There is still a lot of inventory of Tree T PEE available for sale, and the company has not closed down.

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John expects his brand recognition and accessibility to grow by exploring possible business partnerships in both the agricultural sector and beyond by expanding the company’s reach online.