Titin Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank episode 609 features Patrick Whaley’s line of weighted compression gear called TITIN.

Whaley’s TITIN was inspired by his weighted backpack, which he used to improve his muscles as a kid while walking everywhere.

The idea initially came to him because he felt that weighted clothing would be more comfortable than carrying a backpack, and he began sketching prototypes while he was still in high school.

This shirt has an additional 8 pounds of weight to it. Weighted implants aid in muscle growth and endurance improvement.

If you want to help with recovery after your workout, you can heat or chill the gel inserts.

He hopes to create the product of his dreams one day, becoming a former bodybuilder and obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech.

He suffered a gunshot wound to the chest during an armed robbery in 2009. He was able to resume his creative process despite this significant injury quickly.

Patrick used his prototype gear to get back into shape and found he was living proof of his product’s efficacy.

He founded TITIN Tech in 2010. A product’s primary purpose is to support the actor’s quick “cut.”

There is even a mention of it in “The Expendables III.”

TITIN received a major boost from more than $1 million in pledges.

The product has also been endorsed by several professional athletes.

Is Mr. Whaley strong enough to catch a Shark?

What Is Titin?

Titin is a weighted Force system is designed to help athletes become faster, stronger, and lighter.

Titin offers weighted compression shirts and shorts that are perfect for workouts. The eight pounds are evenly distributed, so the pressure is not put on the major muscle groups or joints.

Athletes can improve their performance by wearing Titin weighted shirts and shorts during training to increase their strength and cardio output.

Titin Shark Tank Update

These inserts have a moisture-wicking fabric, and hydrogel inserts are precisely placed around important muscle areas, ensuring zero movements while improving muscle growth.

You can remove the gel inserts and either heat or chill them to help you recover post-workout.

Titin provides cutting-edge compression clothing worn by amateur and professional athletes, as well as those exercising regularly and those in the military and law enforcement.

Company NameTitin Tech
EntrepreneurPatrick Whaley
ProductCompression shirt filled with gel
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 5% stake in Titin
Final Deal$500,000 For 20% stake in Titin
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 6 Episode 7
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Titin?

Patrick Whaley is the founder and CEO of Titin Tech, a mechanical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech who later changed his major to kinesiology and physiology. He serves on the company’s management team as well.

Titin Before Shark Tank

When Patrick formed TITIN Tech in his senior year of high school, he had already begun experimenting with drawn concepts.

He was skinny as a youngster, so he carried a weighted daysack to build muscle.

He still considered a weighted shirt for his training, eventually designing a prototype.

Patrick’s life has taken an unexpected turn since 2009. He was shot and left for dead after an unsuccessful heist.

Patrick’s prototype weighted shirt proved to be more effective than physical therapy in his recovery.

He raised $100,000 on Kickstarter and $1 million on Fundable to get the business off the ground since he was a living example of how it worked.

Professional athletes endorsed the prototypes he designed and were even featured in the Sylvester Stallone film Expendables 3.

Patrick was able to buy out some of his investors when production began, and online sales soared, allowing the business to gain tremendous momentum.

Patrick began looking for new investors with apparel merchandise experience who could help expedite manufacturing and provide guidance to meet backorders.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Titin?

Patrick enters the Shark Tank stage seeking a $500K investment for a 5% stake in Titin. Patrick tells the story of Titin gear.

Patrick connects the shirts to Mark’s childhood ankle weights in response to Mark’s request to speak science.

Patrick describes how they distribute weight more evenly than weighted packs or ankle weights.

Robert tries on Patrick’s shirt during his presentation to the Sharks, and the Sharks are impressed with Patrick’s sales performance.

Titin sold more than $600,000 worth of products via the internet last year.

He also received an injection of approximately $1 million from venture capitalists, much to his dismay. The company expects to make $10 million in sales this year.

Patrick has $1.4 million in orders that he can’t complete since he has the funds.

When Mark doubts whether the shirts will help him perform better, he’s out of the deal.

Robert leaves Patrick’s presentation because he believes it’s unclear. Lori is right behind.

In the opinion of Mr. Wonderful, the sales are going well. He’s willing to part with $500K for a 15% stake in Patrick’s business and calls him an “arrogant ass.”

Daymond says he has a hard time trusting people as well.

Patrick assures us he is an Eagle Scout and plans to use the money to purchase inventory.

Daymond is willing to take a 20 percent stake in the Titin Tech for $500,000. Patrick responds with a 10%.

There is no change in percentages for Mr. Wonderful and Daymond.

It took Patrick some time, but he agreed to Daymond’s bargain and promised to prove the other Sharks wrong.

Final Deal: A deal with Daymond for $500,000 for a 20% stake in Titin Tech.

What Happened To Titin After Shark Tank?

Titin has featured in Beyond the Tank during the season two finale.

Titin reveals a new investment from Daymond in this episode. Daymond paid $1 million instead of $500K for a 25 percent stake in the company. 

An inventor who claims to have devised the technology has accused Whaley and John of fraud after Daymond invested. He tried to sue them without success, representing himself in court.

Titin closed its doors after Mark Cuban asked Daymond not to use the Mavericks logo on the company website not to use the Mavericks logo on the company website.

Titin Shark Tank Update

Daymond John was the only shark convinced of TITIN’s business plan during the show. 

Most investors decided not to invest in Patrick due to his strong sales figures and Mark Cuban’s public disapproval.

Daymond realized that investment and inventory management could solve Patrick’s inventory issues.

Patrick explained that inventory management played a crucial role in his decision.

TITIN, the only weight compression equipment with a patent used by high-profile clients like Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks, has begun to be used.

The Red Sox player Dustin Pedroia and his former teammate Jonny Gomes, who now plays for Tohoku Golden Eagles in Japan, have endorsed products.

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Patrick and Daymond are optimistic about the future of TITIN, which has seen an increase in sales since the first episode of the show aired.

They plan to enter the general market and provide a more affordable version for the common customer and exercise enthusiast.

For the time being, I’ll stick with the ankle weights Mark Cuban talked about for my Sunday morning run because the lowest TITIN system presently retails for $250.

Is Titin Still In Business?

Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 7 valued Titin Tech at $2.5 million when Patrick Whaley and Daymond John purchased 20% of the company for $500,000 each.

A few years after Titin’s appearance on Shark Tank, their website and social media accounts were taken down.

Titin Shark Tank Update

Whaley and Daymond promoted Titin after Shark Tank’s 2015 victory, but things quickly deteriorated after that.

Whaley and Titin became embroiled in the scandal when Titin was developed using stolen technology.

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The Titin Tech website is no longer online as of December 2021, although the Titin Force Weighted compression shorts may still be obtained on Amazon.