The Pizza Cupcake Shark Tank Update

The Pizza Cupcake, a Brooklyn-based culinary business, was featured in Shark Tank episode 1209 by Andrea Meggiato and Michelle Jiminez-Meggiato.

Andrea and Michelle began their business in 2018 with the help of their daughter, Isabella. These mini pizzas are smothered with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and basil. Pepperoni, zucchini, mushrooms, and other extras can also be added.

The actual secret to this pizza is the dough, which is a hybrid of brioche and sourdough from a pan. New Yorkers love the tasty bites made with all-natural ingredients.

They began selling their wares from a cart near Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, and in Brooklyn’s Smorgasbord market. 

The exposure resulted in frequent catering gigs at Comedy Central, the New York Times, and others, leading to their rapid success. You can now buy frozen Pizza Cupcakes nationwide.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic in March of 2019 that caused their cart business to cease operations and their catering contracts to be canceled, they switched to eCommerce in March of 2020.

They had a significant impact on the pandemic. A 24-pack of The Pizza Cupcake was given away with every 24-pack sold to support the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

You can purchase a 12-pack of them for $25 on its website. A Shark might be able to assist with retail distribution. Is pizza a favorite food of sharks?

What Is The Pizza Cupcake?

The Pizza Cupcake takes pizza to a whole new level. Michelle Jimenez and Andrea Meggiato came up with the pizza cupcake to create a snack that could be enjoyed at any time and anywhere. You can serve this side dish with breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well.

Pizza Cupcakes are a delicious alternative to a regular slice of pizza if you want something different. They are convenient for a quick snack because they come in compact quantities.

The Pizza Cupcake Shark Tank Update

The Pizza Cupcake only needs to be warmed up before you can indulge in its mouthwatering flavor. Pizza Cupcakes are available in two flavors: Margherita and Pepperoni made with a proprietary dough.

The fluffy, savory, and flavorful trademark dough is similar to pan brioche and sourdough bread. It is the “Rolex of canned tomatoes,” so much so that there are authentic “knock-offs” of fresh mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes. 

The Margherita can also include zucchini, pepperoni, or mushrooms as toppings.

Company NameThe Pizza Cupcake
EntrepreneurMichelle Jimenez and Andrea Meggiato
ProductPizza snack in the shape of a cupcake
Investment Asking For$125,000 For 5% stake in The Pizza Cupcake
Final Deal$125,000 For 12.5% + 2.5% In Advisory Shares in The Pizza Cupcake
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 12 Episode 13
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of The Pizza Cupcake?

Andrea Meggiato and Michelle Jimenez founded pizza Cupcake. Andrea worked in the culinary sector when it came to working, while the wife was in marketing and event planning at all times. Andrea:

Together, the couple left their careers to focus solely on Pizza Cupcake. They are still the owners of the company today.

The Pizza Cupcake Before Shark Tank

Andrea and Michelle founded Pizza Cupcake to make a difference. The encouragement Michelle provided to Andrea led to his quitting his job, which laid the foundation for turning his lifelong passion for cooking into a profitable business.

The Pizza Cupcakes Andrea made for her family and friends were a huge hit.

The husband-and-wife team set up their own business due to their friends’ continued support.

Pizza Cupcake had Instagram on board shortly after its introduction, leading to a flood of new customers.

Pizza Cupcake is well known to customers like Citi Field and Smorgasburg, who gave it a second chance. Mariah Carey even had a chance to witness Andrea’s culinary prowess.

Pizza Cupcake continued to develop even after Covid-19 struck. The company is estimated to have brought in $350,000. 

Pizza Cupcake took advantage of the lockout regulations because of its efficient eCommerce site and rapid delivery.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Pizza Cupcake?

Andrea and Michelle appeared on Shark Tank looking for an investment of $125,000 for a 5% stake in The Pizza Cupcake. They give out samples of their Pizza cupcakes and tell their narrative.

The Sharks are delighted while eating their Pizza Cupcake. The couple seems to be interested in working with Lori. They know how much she was paid for Bantam Bagels.

A co-packer has already been located — the one that Lori uses.

Lori offers $125,000 for 20 percent of the business, as requested by the parties. Michelle and Andrea offer $125,000 for a 10% stake, and Lori offers $150,000 for a 15% stake.

Kevin warns them that they’re treading on thin ice now that the rest of the Sharks have left the building.

Michelle responds by offering $125,000 for 12.5 percent and 2.5 percent advisory shares for a total of $150,000. Lori accepts the offer.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest $125,000 For 12.5% + 2.5% In Advisory Shares in The Pizza Cupcake.

What Happened To The Pizza Cupcake After Shark Tank?

Andrea and Michelle went out looking for a $125,000 investment for a ten percent stake and settled for $125,000 for a twelve percent stake and two and a half percent advisory shares.

‘The pizza cupcake company’ had just received an overwhelming number of orders, so the work had begun.

They helped the community while fulfilling these orders by donating this product to 500 healthcare workers and expanding their business to 25 states.

The craze for this fast food item was also picking up steam. Currently, the brand has 12000 pizza cupcake devotees who visit their website often for new recipes and information.

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The company is making money and has witnessed a significant increase in revenue and market value. 

The company saw an increase in sales of $344,000 in its first year of operation, and they haven’t looked back since.

The Pizza Cupcake had a valuation of $2.5 million; it moved up to $ 8.3 million in the same way.

The Pizza Cupcake Shark Tank Update

The deal between Lori Grenier and The Pizza Cupcake was completed. Lori’s website now shows the company as having a completed transaction. 

The Covid-19 epidemic is making it impossible to procure supply and meet the demand produced by Shark Tank.

They’ve been back up and running nicely as of February 2022. The company said in September 2021 that its products would be available in all of its East Coast stores by September 2022.

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Their East Coast debut was scheduled for October 2021 in over 100 Wegman’s stores. However, the company’s annual revenue is still under $5 million.

Is The Pizza Cupcake Still In Business?

Yes, The Pizza Cupcake is still in business as of 2022, with annual revenue of $5 million. This is Pizza Cupcake’s second Shark Tank appearance in January 2021, and they are still taking orders and promoting their business.

Lori and Kevin O’Leary recently invited the Pizza Cupcake pair to assist with the launch of IG 4 Live.