The Coop After Shark Tank

The Coop is a hip, contemporary children’s play area that also serves the requirements of adults in the neighborhood.

Juliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent opened the relaxing and sleek space in 2008 while both were transitioning from being LA hipster chicks to motherhood.

The couple started the business to provide a better alternative to the overcrowded, dreary, and cutesy play areas they encountered frequently.

The idea behind this project is to create an environment where children can explore, play, and learn while their mothers can relax in fashionable luxury at the coffee bar.

What Is The Coop?

The Coop is a new children’s play area that has been transformed into the kind of fun-filled, jam-packed party venue that you and your kids won’t forget any time soon!

The Coop is unrivaled for indoor/outdoor play for children and party venues. Lucinda Lent and Juliet Boydstun of Los Angeles, who created the Coop, are creators. You will have no danger here, and you can have fun!

The Coop After Shark Tank

There are toys for children inside the establishment and a Cappuccino bar for adults.

Company NameThe Coop
ProductKids’ And Adults’ Party Planning Services
EntrepreneurJuliet Boydstun and Lucinda Lent
Episode Season 4 Episode 11
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 15% stake in The Coop
Final Deal$150,000 for 15% stake in The Coop
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of The Coop?

Lucinda Kent and Juliet Boydstun developed The Coop concept after spending far too much time in “party prisons” designed for children only, without considering the parents who must wait for their children to arrive.

The long-term friends designed a play and party area for youngsters and a sophisticated coffee bar, and a patio for adults to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy a cup of coffee.

They performed admirably. US Weekly claims they are the “Hot Tot Party Spot.” However, they were very aware that they were not nearly as good at running a business as hosting parties.

Further, their single location was overburdened daily, so they desperately wanted to expand. They were in desperate need of a mentor. And they were successful in obtaining Barbara Corcoran.

The Coop Before Shark Tank

Lucinda Gould and Juliet Boydstun presented themselves in their video for the opening video. The accents of both women were distinctively Australian.

They identified themselves as Los Angeles, California, when they introduced themselves to the Sharks and crowd. The claim was that they owned the coop, and that was the case.

This was followed by a video cut to a children’s playhouse named The Coop. Juliette describes it as a “play and party space” indoors and outdoors.

Lucinda was exceptionally unsatisfied with the other venues for children’s parties, which she described as “nasty” and “disgusting.” She was adamant that the parties could be done better.

Those who visited the Coop described it as a fun, unique area where you could bring kids and have a lot of fun.

Furthermore, it had an outdoor patio-six area, where parents could converse with their children outside or simply read a magazine.

Juliet stated that while they were excellent party planners, they lacked the business acumen to establish themselves as a household name in the marketplace.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Coop?

Juliet and Lucinda approached the Sharks and asked for $150k in exchange for a 15 percent ownership stake in The Coop.

They show this by throwing Mark Cuban a black-tie birthday party complete with shark fin party hats to demonstrate their themed gatherings.

During 2011, the ladies generated $350K in sales and had a profit of $100K.

Kevin believes that franchising is the way forward, but he believes it is too soon; he is out.

Robert believes that the ladies should simply create another site on their own; thus, he has decided to go.

Daymond claims that he cannot provide anything of value and that he is therefore dismissed.

Mark decides to go out since he thinks there may be a less expensive alternative to hosting a kid’s party.

Barbara proposes an offer to the ladies for $150K in exchange for a 15 percent stake, but she demands a warrant or a personal guarantee in exchange for the money. The ladies embrace one other, and a deal is struck!

Result: Barbara Corcoran invested $150,000 for a 15% stake in The Coop.

What Happened To The Coop After Shark Tank?

The Coop Crate, which was released in March, has widened the reach of the Coop to the whole of America, Lydia and Juliet explained in their update segment.

The Coop Crate is a Party in a Bag, which can be brought to the customer’s home to experience Coop. 

You’ll also receive three dozen cupcakes and consultations at your home with a party specialist.

Scan Shark Tank Update

The price of the product is also $5000. The company has also begun franchising its party place concept, which has resulted in an opening in Frisco, Texas.

It appears that this business is still in operation, which is remarkable for a venture that was founded just after the second season.

The Coop Shark Tank Update

The Coop shot apiece as part of episode 426 to provide an update. The episode reveals that the company decided to move forward with Barbara and create a “party in a box,” which enables attendees to take home a customized Coop party to celebrate their success.

A COOP CRATE resembles a shopping bag, like one from IKEA, but it can be reused and recycled rather than being a box. 

The Coop was described as “the greatest kids play facility in Los Angeles” on the Oscars pre-show Countdown to the Red Carpet.

The Coop After Shark Tank

The Coop continues to explore growth opportunities, and they have Barbara Corcoran as their strong partner! The company appeared on Beyond the Tank episode 110. 

In the Beyond the Tank video, they mention that franchising is the next stage. That video was filmed in 2016. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the company to close its doors in 2020.

They began to provide virtual parties, in which they would mail out the favors and conduct activities via Zoom video conferencing.

As of February 2022, The Coop has seven locations. The total annual income for all seven Coop locations is $3.4 million.

Is The Coop Still In Business?

The Coop is still in business as of 2022, with annual revenue of $3.4 million.

Lucinda and Juliet appeared on 20/20 with Barbara Corcoran as they attempted to reach an agreement with Adine Li from San Francisco. He is interested in forming a similar cooperative in San Francisco.

Total Merchant Resources Shark Tank Update

Barbara is in charge of the Coop negotiations, broadcast live on national television.

The Coop negotiates with Adine, who eventually agrees to the price in the protected region to determine the price.