Sweep Easy Shark Tank Update

Stay-at-home dad Shane Panell knows just how challenging it can be to take care of three children all day.

It takes a lot of time and effort to be a parent, especially when dealing with troubled youngsters.

If you’ve ever had to clean up after your kids’ dirty playtimes, you know that it can be a pain.

He knew scrubbing the kitchen floor on his hands and knees was an inconvenience people don’t want to do.

Shane decided to convert his garage into a workshop to work on the Sweep Easy prototype.

When he was satisfied with the final design, he decided to walk around public places to see if any businesses would be interested.

Sweep Easy has been seen at movie theaters and supermarket aisles alike, as well as in classrooms all around the country.

Many of them expressed an interest in buying a few, but he has yet to get any orders for them.

This didn’t deter Shane, who knew that Sweep Easy would find a home with parents everywhere.

Getting a foot in the door was all that was needed for him, and where better to find someone with that experience than the Shark Tank?

What about the Sharks? Will they invest in a company that hasn’t made any sales?

What Is Sweep Easy?

The Sweep Easy is a broom with a scraper integrated into the handle. The broom’s design makes it easy to deal with stubborn messes without having to lean down and scrub or scrape them away.

An extendible handle and a push-buttons operate the scraper that extends from the broom’s center.

Sweep Easy Shark Tank Update
Company NameSweep Easy
EntrepreneurShane Pannell
ProductScraper-attached broom
Investment Asking For$40,000 For 25% stake in Sweep Easy
Final Deal$80,000 For 25% stake in Sweep Easy
SharkDaymond John and Kevin Harrington
Episode Season 2 Episode 6
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Sweep Easy?

Shane Pannell came up with the idea for the Sweep Easy. He established the company while still being a stay-at-home father of three children. Mr. Pannell continues to serve as President of SweepEasy LLC.

The Sweep Easy broom was invented by Shane Pannell while scraping food stains on his knees in his kitchen. 

Pannell built a sweep easy in his garage to make it simple to use. It took him around one month to construct the Sweep Easy broom.

Pannell took his concept and pitched it to various businesses that he believed would benefit from the broom. He visited bakeries, theaters, and educational institutions.

Many people became interested after it was confirmed that the product would be anything. Sweep Easy was registered as a trademark in 2010. 

He then began looking for sources of funding. He ended up in the Shark Tank as a result of his hunt.

Sweep Easy Before Shark Tank

An Arizona father of two who stays at home pitches his product, the Sweep Easy, to a panel of investors on Shark Tank episode 205.

After raising three children, he has concluded that there should be a more efficient way to deal with the sticky, crusty, stuck-on messes that come with parenting young children.

Sweep Easy eliminates the need to bend down and clean and scrape problems before being swept up.

He has been working on a prototype in his garage and contacting schools, movie theaters, and other potential customers. They all claim they will buy the goods, but he has not received any purchase orders.

What do you think? Will the Sharks be impressed by Panell’s product? Are you more interested in seeing him sink, or are you more interested in seeing him sweep the Shark Tank clean with his fresh spin on an old broom?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Sweep Easy?

Panell entered the Shark Tank seeking investment of $40,000 in exchange for a 25 percent equity stake for a $40,000 in Sweep Easy.

He uses the extensible scraper to remove cereal, yogurt, and other items from sample portions of the floor, which he then displays. He has filed a patent application for the product.

Robert Herjavec is interested in trying out the product. He raised his children as a stay-at-home parent for three years.

Kevin O’Leary and Herjavec are interested in discussing licensing possibilities for the invention with existing broom manufacturing companies.

Panell intends to make money by licensing Sweep Easy and selling its licenses. Kevin Harrington, on the other hand, is opposed to the concept.

It is estimated that the product itself could grow into a $100 million enterprise. Panell envisions his product being sold in retail establishments.

Kevin O’Leary is interested in discussing money. He is interested in obtaining a license for the goods. 

He is willing to pay Panell $40,000 in exchange for a 20 percent ownership in the company.

Kevin Harrington takes the initiative. Panell explains that licensing accounts for approximately 30-40 percent of the income he may generate through direct sales, his area of expertise.

O’Leary increases his offer before Harrington has a chance to counter. $50,000 in exchange for 20 percent.

Harrington claims to have licensing connections, but he also claims to have television connections. Daymond John jumps in to make a point.

Panell, he believes, wants to be in charge of the company himself. He offers $75,000 for a 30 percent stake in the company, telling the Sharks that he has “branded a stinking pair of jeans globally” and will do the same for the brooms. Sharks are engaged in a bidding war in the sea, and there is blood.

Barbara Corcoran has been fired. Panell, she believes, will be unable to see the company through to completion. O’Leary tries to get Harrington to join him in his scheme.

Harrington does not want a companion; he wants more control. Robert Herjavec steps forward with an offer of $80,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake.

Flipoutz Shark Tank Update

Kevin Harrington is interested in moving in with Daymond John. They pool their resources to meet Herjavec’s offer of $80,000 for a 25 percent stake. The war is getting hotter.

Despite Panell’s desire to contact his wife, the Sharks press him to respond. O’Leary offers to speak with Panell’s wife, but Panell is adamant that he not do so. John cuts his offer to $70,000 for 30 percent of the total if Panell contacts his wife.

Panell agrees to John and Harrington’s offer of $80,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake under pressure. He emerges victorious from the Tank with some blood on his clothes.

What Happened To Sweep Easy After Shark Tank?

Kevin’s deal with Sweep Easy never came to a completion. Less than half of the deals negotiated on camera in the Shark Tank come to fruition.

Sweep Easy’s social media platforms appear abandoned today, with no new posts appearing since 2012. The website, on the other hand, is still operational.

Sweep Easy is still available to customers who wish to reduce the strain on their backs while cleaning up household messes.

Sweep Easy Shark Tank Update

Panell brought the Sweep Easy back to life in spring 2017 after the product had lain dormant for a few years and was limited (or not available) on the market.

Panell wants to capitalize on the continued demand for the Sweep Easy as the Shark Tank television show continues to air with an updated website, social media channels, and a completely redesigned product.

As of February 2022, Sweep East is still in business and sells brooms through his online store. Sweep Easy annual revenue is somewhat more than $1 million.

Sweep Easy Shark Tank Update

It appears that the Sweep Easy has returned, and it is even better than before. The manufacturer claims you will never have to get on your hands and knees again to remove anything stuck to the floor with the latest version of the broom.

You can extend the retractable scraper easily by pressing a button on the integrated scraper.

Sweep Easy has several new features, such as a button release system and better deployment and retracting capabilities.

There are also three other versions: the Home, the Pro, and the Lobby. They have removable plastic and metal scrapers, making them more adaptable to your specific needs and requirements.

You can visit www.sweepeasybroom.com to learn more about the product and the website that needs improvement.

Is Sweep Easy Still In Business?

The Sweep Easy broom became popular after appearing on Shark Tank. Kevin Herrington’s assistance helped advertise the broom in the manner it was promised. Various retailers offered merchandise through the broom.

The company deactivated its social media accounts in 2012, and the website failed to accept orders because all items appeared to be out of stock.

It appears that Sweep Easy is back in business in 2017 since its websites and social media accounts have been relaunched.

The Pizza Cupcake Shark Tank Update

The company’s founder introduced a new and improved scrapper. The scrapper featured a push-button for releasing and retracting it, which enhanced its performance over the previous model.

They also introduced a dustpan with a handle, which eliminated the need for cleaners to bend down to pick up dirt.