Salesforce Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

Salesforce mission statement has always been to make the world a better place by using cutting-edge technology to strengthen human connections.

Between businesses and their clients. Between coworkers and remote groups. Between the governments and the people. Between activists hoping to make a positive impact on the world.

Customer 360, the world’s top CRM, helps Salesforce integrate all departments to better focus on customers.

Salesforce provides integrated collaboration functionality that enables teams to share a single source of truth right where they work.

Salesforce also helps companies use Tableau to discover new insights and conduct data-driven activities to serve their customers better.

What is Salesforce? Inc. is known for developing cloud-based software systems in the United States.

Salesforce® is a cloud-based platform for businesses that connects you with customers, prospects, partners, salespeople, and market services worldwide with its easy-to-use Salesforce business apps.

Salesforce was founded in a San Francisco apartment in 1999. Salesforce is a software and data hosting company providing a subscription service via the Internet. 

You can host your Client data, software, and most importantly, customer information on the internet, making it easier to access.

Salesforce Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

Salesforce uses a business model, known as ‘SaaS’ or software as a service,’ was widely embraced in the IT industry and generated a lot of noise.

Salesforce has been successful in harnessing the growth-promoting potential of technology.

Salesforce is a cloud-based software system that has grown in popularity and status as an industry leader.

Salesforce’s vision statement and mission statements have helped it become a big brand in the United States just under 20 years since it began operations in 1999.

Salesforce has never stopped improving its CRM software, although it was a pioneer in the field. 

Salesforce’s vision statement stresses the company’s ability to empower businesses through connectivity in this case study.

Customer relationship management (CRM) services offered by Salesforce include’s cloud services, such as’s’s’s cloud services.

More than 150,000 companies, large and small, use Salesforce’s services to grow their businesses.

A vision statement identifies a company’s long-term goals, while a mission statement explains how you will achieve them.

On the other hand, the mission statement focuses on the platform’s efficiency in transforming enterprises into award-winning organizations.

Salesforce’s core principles support the company’s mission and vision statements. As a result of these policies, the company is a fierce competitor in its industry.

Year foundedFebruary 1999
IndustriesSoftware & IT
CEOMarc Benioff (Nov 2001–)
FounderMarc Benioff, Parker Harris
HeadquarterSan Francisco, California, United States
Market Cap$287.74 Billion (November 2021)
Revenue$21.252 Billion

What Is Salesforce Mission Statement?

Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform lets companies communicate with their customers in a wide variety of new ways.

Salesforce’s mission statement states that it empowers businesses to engage with their customers in whole new ways. 

This statement provides Salesforce with the ability to make a difference in the lives of all its clients.

There were three innovative ideas at the core of the company’s creation: a new cloud computing technology model, a pay-per-use business model, and a new approach to corporate giving. 

These values have led our company to be named one of Forbes’ “World’s Most Innovative Companies” for eight consecutive years.

A mission statement defines a company’s brand promise, strategy, and management style. 

Salesforce has created an executable mission statement to support its position as the world’s leading software firm.

We connect organizations and customers” is the mission statement of Salesforce. For the sake of education, equality, and the environment, we dedicated our time, money, and resources.

The main points of the Salesforce Mission statement are as follows:

  1. Business empowerment
  2. Promoting change and growth

Salesforce uses its web platform to do in-depth research on the demands of all of its clients.

For example, it employs data-driven methodologies to determine which techniques organizations may utilize to better communicate with customers.

Salesforce also provides a wide selection of specialized business solutions and the necessary support and services to enable these businesses to flourish.

Thus, it serves as a watershed moment for many businesses, particularly in how they approach their business and how it leads to growth.

Maintain a Relationship with Customers CEO Marc Benioff declares that his business’s mission is to be a client company. 

You can later define the term “Customer Company” as a platform that enables a company or its employees to interact with their customers to engage their consumers from any location.

A single integrated CRM platform powers a whole app suite, and that’s what Salesforce has done with its suites of apps.

Salesforce connects Customer 360 with marketing, sales, commerce, customer support, and IT departments.

A Customer 360 concept describes every customer encounter from the customer’s perspective to emphasize staff and consumers.

Salesforce’s objective is to connect customers and employees on the same platform, which illustrates that.

The company can reopen confidently and provide excellent customer service as a result of this goal.

Improve every aspect of your life

Salesforce’s goods and activities are geared toward bettering the lives of their customers. 

The technology they have implemented has led to better jobs, opportunities, and quality of life.

To enhance education, quality, and the environment for everyone, one percent of equity, one percent of technology, and one percent of people’s time will be dedicated.

They coined a win-win-win strategy that honors their commitments. Students, families, instructors, and other staff benefit globally by developing links with other lifelong learners.

What Are Salesforce Mission Statement Elements?

Salesforce describes itself as a solution for everyone, aiming to improve people’s lives in all aspects of their lives. 

Salesforce Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

It promises to connect the company with customers through time, equity, and goods. In this mission statement, there are two essential things to remember:

What Is Salesforce Vision Statement?

The company’s vision statement identifies the company’s long-term goals and the predicted future location. The company’s vision statement outlines its goals and aspirations.

The Salesforce vision statement states that the company is committed to a sustainable future for all.

Salesforce must be a platform for change by addressing the needs of all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, communities, and the environment.

Salesforce’s brand is based on the company’s ambition to be a catalyst for change. The reason for this is because the company is constantly striving to give dynamic items to its clients.

Salesforce is doing everything they can to help build a low-carbon, sustainable future by: 

  • Aspiring for our global operations to use only renewable energy sources.
  • Maintaining our commitment to provide carbon-neutral cloud services and running our business with zero net greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Green office activities, such as pursuing building certification, will be implemented.

When developing new ways to help businesses succeed, Salesforce makes sure that its solutions are suitable to all kinds of organizations, regardless of size.

This mission statement covers a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. Any boundaries don’t constrain salesforce in its operations.

They want to be of service to everyone, and they want to build a sustainable future for everybody.

The following instruments reinforce Salesforce vision statement:


Salesforce creates a company culture and framework that ensures long-term commitments for improving the world, both internally and globally. 

They consider business to be the best vehicle for bringing about positive change in the world.

Serving Everyone

Salesforce is a business that everyone can use. They present themselves as the Customer Company, in which all of the company’s stakeholders share the company’s vision.

Establish an environment where the corporate purpose is committed to all stakeholders, not only shareholders, including customers, employees, partners, and communities.

What Are Salesforce Core Values?

Customers, shareholders, business partners, and employees are among the company’s core values, as is operating ethically with respect and taking all actions with responsibility and ethics.

Salesforce’s core principles include “trust, customer success, innovation, equality, integrity, transparency, alignment, and responsibility.” is a for-profit organization.

Salesforce is well known for its excellent culture: a belief that it can deliver on its promises.

Salesforce Core Value helps employees feel a part of the organization’s mission and vision. 

Businesses’ core values are a culmination of their methods of operation, philosophy, and preferences.

These beliefs allow the company to remain purposeful about its Ohana and its experiences with customers.

Final Words on Salesforce Mission Statement

The mission, vision, and values of Salesforce motivate 59% of Salesforce employees. The “business mission” is at the top of the list for 9 percent of Salesforce employees.

The company’s mission is the primary reason about one-fifth of Salesforce employees remain at the company.

When asked to whom they felt the most vital loyalty at work, Salesforce’s mission and vision were cited by 19% of employees.

According to the statistics, it’s critical to keep employees on the same page with a clear purpose statement and set of core values.

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