RuckPack Shark Tank Update

Ruck Pack Energy Drinks, a creation of Major Robert Dyer, is featured on episode 411 of the Shark Tank. A major in the Marine Corps and a professor at the University of Southern California.

Dyer came up with the concept for Ruck Pack while he was stationed in Afghanistan as a Naval Academy student.

His fellow marines wanted a quick energy boost available without crashing like caffeinated, sugary drinks. This is already possible thanks to existing products in the market.

RuckPack is a nutritional energy drink that contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which are alternatives to the energy shots available on the market.

Major Dyer has made significant progress in getting his product into retail outlets. Still, as explained in the following video, he has run out of inventory and needs a Shark investment to continue growing and reaching even more potential buyers.

Will Dyer’s Sharks be there for him for the long haul?

What Is RuckPack?

Ruckpack is a firm that manufactures caffeine-free energy shots that are packed with critical vitamins and minerals, giving users long-lasting energy and focus without the crash that comes later. Ruckpack is based in San Francisco, California.

The product contains neither caffeine nor sugar, making it a healthier alternative to the caffeinated and sugary drinks that are currently available on the market.

RuckPack Shark Tank Update

They are available in several tastes and are prepared using all-natural sugars, colors, flavors, and other ingredients. 

Additionally, Ruckpack provides protein powder and fitness clothing, in addition to its energy shots.

Company NameRuckPack
ProductEnergy Drink without caffeine
EntrepreneurRob Dyer
WebsiteVisit Website
Episode Season 4 Episode 10
Investment Seeking$75,000 For 10% stake in RuckPack
Final Deal$150,000 For 20% stake in RuckPack
SharkRobert Herjavec & Kevin O’Leary
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of RuckPack?

Ruckpack was founded by Robert Dyer, who was also its former CEO. Dyer graduated from Naval Postgraduate School in 2001 with a Master of Business Administration and Financial Management degree.

After serving in the Marines, Dyer was a professor at the US Naval Academy before founding the corporation. 

Dyer is currently employed with Magpul Industries Corp. in the International Sales & Business Development department.

The inspiration for Ruckpack came to Robert Dyer and his Marine colleagues while on a mission in Afghanistan in 2008.

They had to take many supplements to stay energized if they couldn’t consume their MREs on time.

They began to wonder why they needed to take so many different supplements to gain the energy they needed and why a single vitamin couldn’t do it.

When Dyer couldn’t find the product he was looking for, he took a chance on creating it himself, investing over $100,000.

Dyer’s desire to see his idea come to life, both as a Marine and an entrepreneur, was unwavering. 

When he successfully got his product into retailers, he made thousands of dollars each year in sales from his product.

RuckPack Before Shark Tank

Besides being an active duty Marine, an author, a lecturer, and a father and husband, Rob Dyer is the inventor of the RuckPack.

RuckPack was developed and tested in Afghanistan for the Marine Special Operations Forces and is now available on the market worldwide.

Dyer asserted that it outperformed other energy drinks since it did not trigger the all-too-familiar crash associated with them.

It is reasonable to assume that it is good enough for military snipers, and therefore it should be good enough for the general populace.

When sent on five- to seven-day missions, soldiers need to carry only the things they can fit in their backpacks.

Dyer said that he would try to move on regardless of whether or not a deal is struck in Shark Tank, but that investment would be the perfect way to deal with the backlog of orders and high demand.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of RuckPack?

Dyer enters the Shark Tank with a request for $75,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in RuckPack.

He delivers a concise, informative presentation and provides the Sharks with a free sample of RuckPack.

Dyer replies right away to Robert Herjavec’s inability to open the bottle, telling him he will have to “take a few shots” to gain the strength necessary to do so.

Dyer describes his product as “like a daily vitamin” and claims that it is healthier than anything else currently available on the market. The Sharks get right down to business right away.

Daymond John asks about Dyer’s plans for the money if he’s successful in obtaining investment and mentions the company’s valuation of $750,000.

Dyer is prepared with his response. RuckPack’s production will be scaled up so that the cost of production will be brought down from 85 cents to 50 cents per bottle. That represents significant cost savings.

John is interested in knowing how well the company is doing. Dyer’s response has impressed the Sharks, as he has sent over 15,000 bottles in less than a month.

Robert Herjavec is interested in knowing the status of current inventories. Dyer is presently entirely out of stock, but he has an additional 80,000 bottles on their way to him.

He had to pre-pay for 50% of the order, demonstrating how urgent it is to secure Shark investments.

Denny, who invested $90,000 of his own money in the company, must deal with a common challenge for small businesses: limited funding. 

The inventory has already been purchased. The company is on firm ground, but it requires partners to expand.

Daymond John has already invested in a similar product; thus, he is out of the race.

Barbara Corcoran finds Dyer’s story “compelling,” and she describes herself as “in love” with him; yet, she is concerned by the scale of the investment he has already made compared to the amount of money he has generated in sales. She’s no longer here.

Kevin O’Leary comes up with a proposal. He is willing to pay Dyer $75,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in RuckPack.

Mark Cuban is worried that Dyer will not hold down a full-time position as a professor. He leaves.

However, Robert Herjavec makes a counteroffer before Dyer can accept O’Leary’s offer.

He knows he will want additional funds, so he proposes to join with O’Leary, increasing the stake to $150,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the RuckPack. Dyer agrees and receives a Shark deal as a result.

Result: A deal with Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec of $150,000 for 20% of RuckPack.

What Happened To RuckPack After Shark Tank?

Dyer successfully negotiated a contract with Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, which enabled RuckPack into Walgreens.

RuckPack announced almost two years later that Dyer would step down as CEO and that the responsibilities would be passed on to Derek Herrera. The latter was paralyzed in Afghanistan as a Marine Special Operations Officer.

He attended business school at UCLA and became associated with the RuckPack company while recovering from his crime.

Rob Dyer, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, continues to teach Accounting, Economics, and Terrorist Financing, a course he developed and presented to the school at his alma mater.

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He lives with his wife Anna and their son Hunter, who suffers from a congenital heart condition and has undergone six cardiac procedures.

Rob and Anna have continued to generate funds for various military-related causes. The RuckPack is available for purchase on the company’s website and Amazon.

RuckPack Shark Tank Update

Ruck Pack’s sales increased in the year following the agreement with O’Leary and Herjavec.

The corporation increased its sales revenue from $35,000 to nearly $500,000, funded a jet, and displayed it at air shows across the country.

Walgreens represents a significant national market for the company, and its product made its way into Walgreens.

“We’re going to be a legitimate contender in the energy drink sector, which is unheard of for a young man,” Dyer says of the contract, which he credits to “the aid I’ve had from the Sharks.”

RuckPack Shark Tank Update

Growing pains are inevitable when you achieve success. The popularity of Ruck Pack and the stress of running a business resulted in some significant difficulties for the company.

Dyer stepped down as CEO in September 2014 and handed over the reins to Derek Herrera, a former Marine Special Operations Officer who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr. Herrera did not remain long at the company and “caused significant damage to the company’s bottom line.”

Jimmy Patrick O’Brien, Jr., a boyhood buddy of Dyer’s, was called in to help out next. They formed a partnership with The GHT Companies in April 2016 to manufacture all of their beverages.

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As of February 2022, RuckPack still maintains a functioning website; however, everything has been sold out by that point. They are also no longer available on Amazon.

Is RuckPack Still In Business?

Dyer stepped down as CEO in 2014 and delegated his responsibilities to Marine Special Operations Officer Derek Herrera. Herrera has continued to serve as CEO until today, and the company continues to thrive.

RuckPack offers all its products on its website and the Amazon marketplace. 

You can purchase a 15-pack of 3-ounce energy shots of RuckPack for $49.99 and a 6-pack for $29.99 available at the moment.