Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

Raising Wild is a line of swimwear that allows for complete freedom of movement, presented by Kara Haught and Shelly Hyde on Shark Tank episode 804.

They spent their entire childhood in bathing suits during their childhood in Florida. They founded their company to equip women with a fashionable swimming suit that “embraces motion.”

While dressed in their bathing suits as children, they were always wearing their swimming costumes when not at the beach, fishing, wakeboarding, or enjoying Florida outdoors in their bathing suits.

An American living in another part of the country would think that a swimming suit is like a pair of pants for Floridians. Also, their mother sewed at home when they were young.

They followed in their mother’s footsteps and began creating their line of bathing suits that would be trendy and provide some range of motion for active outdoor sports.

Raising Wild offers a selection of gorgeous and sultry swimsuits that allow women to “grow their own wild” while remaining comfortable. 

As reflected in customer feedback, the fit and fashion of the suits are appealing to females.

It is almost certain that they will have to enlist the assistance of a Shark to finance their growth and source their production.

Will a Shark “raise some wild” (as well as some cash) and invest in this company?

What Is Raising Wild?

Raising Wild is a swimwear firm started by two sisters from Florida, Rachelle Hyde, and Kara Haught, in 2008. 

Swimsuits are the brand’s primary product, and they are described as being “designed for fit, fashion, and function.”.

The sisters, who sell swimwear to adults and children alike, are known for getting individuals comfortable in swimwear out of their beach chairs and down from their towels to raise their particular brand of wildness.

Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

It is intended that the suits provide comfort and elegance, allowing the wearers to feel confident and smart while wearing them. 

Company NameRaising Wild
EntrepreneurKara Haught and Rachelle Hyde
ProductWomen’s And Kids’ Swim And Apparel Collections
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 20% stake in Raising Wild
Final Deal$100,000 for 50% stake in Raising Wild
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Episode Season 8 Episode 3
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Raising Wild?

Shelly Hyde and Kara Haught, sisters who share a passion for the outdoors, founded the women’s swimwear company Raising Wild in Florida. 

Raising Wild one-piece suits are functional and stylish, designed and manufactured specifically for active moms.

Rachel and Kara’s swimwear appeared to complement their mother’s sewing skills, which she developed during her career as a seamstress. 

The two sisters, who grew up in Florida, usually wore swimsuits that were comfortable to wear as they went about their daily lives.

Swimwear was an important part of their wardrobe, whether they were out on a date, going to a movie, or just going about their daily routines. 

The two sisters who founded Raising Wild were motivated by the desire to improve the standards of such an important piece of clothing in the first place.

When children are present, their items will ensure that everyone feels at ease, confident, elegant, trendy, and carefree.

Swimming costumes were chosen to ensure that swimwear becomes essential for every woman and girl while inspiring them to have an adventurous fashion sense.

They are one-of-a-kind, with distinguishing characteristics that flattering and practical. 

They are popular among young ladies and mothers alike because of adjustable ties, bum coverage, integrated shelf bras, and nursing-friendly designs.

Several mothers have provided positive feedback about the products, which are an excellent choice for children who appreciate decency, comfort, and luxury when wearing them at the beach.

The sisters realized that they needed more capital for expansion. They increased production to reach long-term profitability and viability after experiencing outstanding growth and support from the target market.

Raising Wild Before Shark Tank

Shelly Hyde and Tara Hyde, sisters and best friends were born in St. Cloud, Florida.

The two had known each other for years – from learning how to swim to cutting their partner’s bangs – and they always knew they were a good match. They still maintain the same routine despite having four children each.

They continue to conduct their escapades despite having four wild children with them.

They are using their products to help women and mothers just like them live their lives to the fullest, appealingly and confidently.

The responsibility of parenthood and company ownership involves many of the same skills, and doing both simultaneously can be difficult and exhausting.

When you have to get your children to bed, and then you have more work ahead of you, the day is over.

Raising Wild has taken countless hours and dollars from their own pockets, but they are the only ones in charge of it.

They require another pair of hands to come in and assist them, but without the assistance of the Sharks, their company may not be able to survive.

They will see that this has been the most important milestone in their history.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Raising Wild?

Kara and Shelly reached out to Shark Tank, asking for an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in Raising Wild. 

They would give out samples, answer questions and tell their story.

The total lifetime sales of the business are $130,000. To this point, the business has marketed business via social media exclusively.

Due to the high profit margins, they can produce a suit for $38 and sell it for $130-$160.

They want funds for marketing, but Mark believes they also require a strategy.

Kevin argues that there is no investment to be made, so he leaves immediately.

Mark believes that the company’s projected expansion into children’s swimwear is too much, too fast, and he has resigned.

On the other hand, Lori feels it’s a lot of effort, and she’s out as well.

Robert argues it’s too soon and that he’s out of the picture.

Barbara offers $100,000 in exchange for 51 percent of the company if the suits are priced at $99.

The girls responded by offering a 35 percent share, and they settled on a 50 percent share with Barbara.

Final Deal: Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $100,000 for a 50% stake in Raising Wild.

What Happened To Raising Wild After Shark Tank?

Raising Wild has been operational for many years and has been extremely successful. They have agreed to collaborate with Barbara, and each swimsuit offered in her online store bears the name and model of one of the sisters.

The cost of the suits has decreased, with the average women’s swimsuit now costing between $100 and $120 and the average children’s swimsuit costing between $60 and $80.

Raising Wild is not yet available through wholesale vendors, but the authors have provided an email address through which interested retailers can contact them.

Raising Wild currently has over 5,000 likes on Facebook, where they are active in sharing social media links and other content regularly.

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163 people only follow their Pinterest page, and there are some additional photographs of their bikinis there.

Raising Wild’s Instagram account has over 46,000 followers, making it the company’s most popular social media outlet. They have received hundreds of likes and comments on each of their Instagram posts.

Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

Barbara’s contract with the Raising Wild was completed, and later in season 8, the women appeared in an update section with Barbara’s “Family of Entrepreneurs.”

They sold $400,000 worth of suits in the year following their first television appearance.

As of 2022, Raising Wild has expanded its product line to include children’s swimwear, with lifetime sales exceeding $25 million.

Is Raising Wild Still In Business?

The Sharks were presented with a swimsuit line for parents in Shark Tank Season 8 Episode 3. Rachelle Hyde and Kara Haught hoped to receive a $500,000 deal.

They ultimately agreed to accept Barbara Corcoran’s offer of $100,000 for 50% (a $200,000 value) of the business.

Raising Wild made $400,000 in sales in the months after its appearance on Shark Tank.

Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

It was difficult for them to prioritize their efforts after entering a new product line. Barbara Corcoran has been a significant business mentor for the sisters, but she has also assisted them in disciplining their creative energies. 

The two sisters have learned how to prioritize with Barbara Corcoran, which has given them the discipline to channel their creativity.

It has been possible for their company to grow and remain profitable because of the plan and support. Thanks to the plan and support, their quality has been maintained well over the years.

Raising Wild’s location in Los Angeles offers Raising Wild access to original materials, factories, and unique talents, ensuring the highest quality in the industry.

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In the meantime, Raising Wild has developed a new range of sunglasses due to prioritizing their productions.

The company guarantees that any client with access to and wearing the swimsuit can recognize it by its flawless fit, high quality, and capability of fitting any body type.

The company has explored new growth opportunities while maintaining relevance and individuality in a crowded swimsuit market.