What Happened To PRO NRG After Shark Tank?

The protein-infused and flavored PRO NRG vitamin water, which Tania Patruno describes as a “steak in a bottle.”

Brandon Jacobs, the Giants’ all-time leader in rushing touchdowns, was also on hand to help her pitch the Sharks.

Jacobs, a friend of Tania’s husband, was drawn to PRO-NRG after experiencing it for himself.

The company was started by Tania simply because she wanted a quick energy boost while working out without the caffeine and sugars found in many other energy pills.

After her success, she began to market the product, ultimately making it to Shark Tank.

What Is PRO NRG?

‘Pro NRG’ is flavored water that is infused with protein. It’s all-natural, and it tastes great. 

Pro NRG has no fat, no sugar, no caffeine, and less than 1 gram of carbs, but it packs 15 grams of protein per 4 oz.

PRO NRG Shark Tank Update

The energy drink Pro NRG contained protein. This product is ideal for people looking for a stimulant containing caffeine or sugar.

Professional athletes and the general public were the intended audiences for the initial introduction of Pro NRG.

There’s a chance it could have been utilized to replenish energy depleted after a strenuous workout.

Company NamePRO NRG Drink
EntrepreneurTania Patruno
ProductFlavored water with protein
Investment Asking For$250,000 For 15% stake in Pro NRG
Final Deal$250,000 For 30% stake in Pro NRG
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 4 Episode 6
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of PRO NRG?

Pro NRG was founded by Tania Patruno. Tania worked as an attorney before going into business for herself.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She was the driving force behind Pro NRG from the time it was founded until it went out of business.

Still, Tania’s LinkedIn page states that she founded Pro NRG. As of yet, it does not reflect her present occupation.

PRO NRG Before Shark Tank

It wasn’t long ago that PRO-NRG’s proprietor, Tania, weighed more than she does today. As a result, she was forced to lose weight.

The rest of the options aren’t working for her. She, therefore, created her recovery drink.

The idea of creating a unique product came to Tania to make a difference in the world. She made a $75,000 investment to assure the success of Pro NRG.

She pushed the product to the forefront of the market with vigor and success. Roughly 30 thousand stores accepted her.

It was quite an accomplishment to do all of this in just 90 days.

Tania had already sold an estimated $136,000 worth of Pro NRG items to signify that the concept was sound.

It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Disputes erupted amongst the workforce.

The corporation could not pay for production and other expenses, such as sponsorship fees.

For instance, Brandon Jacobs’ endorsement of the brand cost a lot. It’s not hard to understand why Tania sought investment from sharks.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of PRO NRG?

Tania Patruno and Brandon Jacobs, a former NFL player, entered the Shark Tank.

Their pitch to the Sharks was that they wanted $250,000 in exchange for 15% of their company, PRO-NRG, and they introduced themselves.

This is an all-natural and delicious protein-based energy drink, according to Tania. As she went on, she stated that it is free of caffeine, sugars, and fats, among other things.

Protein, an energy blend, and critical vitamins are all included in each 4-ounce bottle.

In an interview with the Sharks, Brandon explained that he got to where he was by playing the entire game at an incredibly high level of intensity. That has been made possible by PRO-NRG’s assistance. 

You informed the Sharks that she had struggled to lose weight since she was obese. To lose weight, she got into products and gimmicks that claimed.

She set out to create an answer because she was fed up with waiting.

Tania revealed her sales results of $126K in just three months, and Jacobs related a story about handing out beverages in the locker area at halftime of the Super Bowl.

She entered the Tank searching for a $250k investment in exchange for a 15% stake in her company. PO’s are a need for her, and she wants them to be widely distributed.

Robert isn’t a fan of the flavor and lacks knowledge in the area, so he’s out.

Kevin feels the company is overpriced despite Tania’s distributors making more money than she does; he’s out.

As a result of Barbara’s disapproval of Tania’s message, she has resigned.

Mark believes that PRO NRG will be a target for copycats; therefore, he’s also out of the running.

Daymond is willing to pay $250k for a 30 percent stake in Badass Nutrition, dependent on a struck contract.

What Happened To PRO NRG After Shark Tank?

In the immediate aftermath of Shark Tank, Hurricane Sandy stopped the company’s progress.

As a result of the hurricane, Tania and her husband, Eddy, had a yacht dumped in their yard!

The product was already available in 7-11 stores in New York City before the performance, and Daymond is working with Tania to make it a nationwide phenomenon. Various other agreements for nationwide distribution are also being worked on.

This announcement was made at a product launch celebration in October 2013.

Protein Water by PRO-NRG has been renamed “Protein Water.” Daymond John stated that it would be available at all Walgreens outlets across the country at the event.

Episode 502 of season 5 features an update segment on the company. Today, Daymond and Brandon and Tania, and her husband are all outside having fun playing football and inspecting the brand new package that was just delivered. Their smiles wouldn’t last very long.

PRO NRG Shark Tank Update

Tania Patruno (Tanya’s husband), Helen Korosh, BRAYDEN ENTERPRISES, LLC, Brandon Jacobs, and SANTE PUR SOLUTIONS, Joseph Rasa, LLC were all sued by Joshua Fenwick under the “federal Lanham Act and common law for legal and equitable relief arising out of the misappropriation of PRO-products, NRG’s trademarks and other assets.”

He claimed that the parties, mainly Eddie, drove him out of business in his complaint. After the case was dismissed, the company went out of business.

When the website launches in July 2021, it will be a blank page. Tania has joined Weichert Realty as a realtor in Metuchen, New Jersey.

PRO NRG Shark Tank Update

As a result, did PRO-NRG get a deal with Daymond John’s other investment company, or not? They did, of course!

PRO-NRG joined forces with Baddass Nutrition and secured a distribution agreement with Walgreens due to their collaboration.

One of the PRO-NRG co-creators, Joshua Fenwich, sued Tania and Brandon shortly after the Shark Tank episode aired.

In 2014, the lawsuit was dropped, but PRO-NRG has since vanished off the face of the earth.

While their website remains online, you can no longer purchase the product from it.

Seeing as how the product was supposedly flying off the shelves before that, it’s a real shame.

It appears that Mark was correct, and they were unable to get through the second half of their voyage by brute force.

Is PRO NRG Still In Business?

Pro-co-creator NRG’s Joshua Fenwich filed a trademark and breach of contract lawsuit against his former business partners and publicist Brandon Jacobs months after the Shark Tank appearance.

According to Fenwich, his dismissal from the company was “unjustified and unjustifiable.” A federal judge in New Jersey dismissed Fenwich’s lawsuit in 2014.

There are no active social media accounts for PRO-NRG as of this writing.