Popular Bottled Water Brands

The term bottled water refers to water available in plastic or glass bottles of different sizes.

Bottled Water is visible in various locations, including airports and retail establishments. Bottled water brand acknowledge their obligation to safeguard natural resources.

Bottled water brands are primarily concerned with preserving, protecting, and replenishing water sources.

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of bottled water around the world.

In addition to being extremely convenient, bottled water is a perfect companion for athletic walks and work.

Popular Bottled Water Brands


The PepsiCo company Aquafina is a leading brand of bottled water worldwide. It is well known for the quality of its bottled water and the packaging of its products.

It comprises both flavored and plain water. Aquafina’s pure water is essentially flavorless.

Popular Bottled Water Brands

The water is sourced from a nearby public tap. It is then purified using reverse osmosis, ozone sterilization, and UV light to ensure that you receive the refreshment you desire.

Established in 1999, it gradually expanded into the production of flavored water.

U.S. consumers prefer Aquafina bottled water over any other brand. According to the previous year’s financial reports, Aquafina generated roughly 2.52 billion US dollars in revenue.

Due to their extensive distribution and exposure and the environmentally friendly plastic packaging, the company, and brand are often considered the world’s leading bottled water brands.

Poland Spring

Poland Spring is a company in Poland that produces bottled water under the Poland Spring brand. 

According to data from 2006, Poland Spring water was among the top-selling water brands in the United States.

The company in question produces various types of water, including distilled water, spring water, sparkling water, spring water.

A natural spring in Maine supplies Poland Spring with water distributed throughout New England. Their bottles come in many different sizes, which has made them popular.

You can order this sparkling spring water in lemon, lime, and orange flavors.

This company also donates water to the Maine community due to its well-known water donation program. The company donates water to charitable organizations.

Poland Spring donated 800,000 bottles of the beverage to the community organization in 2016.

The company excels in bottled water because it concentrates on natural spring water.


Nestle Waters, founded in 1992, is the market leader in bottled water brands.

Nestle Waters, which operates over 94 manufacturing facilities in 34 countries, always innovates to suit customer expectations.

Nestle water conducts numerous studies and educates customers worldwide about water’s importance.

In addition, Nestlé drinks flavor-infused sparkling water to create a healthier alternative to sugary drinks.

Nestle water is regarded as the leading bottled water brand due to its market dominance and client consumption.


Bisleri is well known for its mineral water, available in various sizes in a green tint throughout India. It was formed in 1965 in Mumbai and has been a household name since then.

Popular Bottled Water Brands

The company is supported by 13 company-owned factories, 80 co-packers, and 21 franchise locations. The company is also focused on national distribution.

The Bisleri brand is known for its high-quality bottled water, making it a leader in this category. Providing customers with affordable, clean, and high-quality drinking water is one of the company’s goals.

Because of its rapid expansion and excellent water quality.

Glaceau SmartWater

Smartwater is highly intelligent in its manufacturing process, as its name suggests. Among the leading bottled water companies, Glaceau SmartWater provides refreshing, smooth, and pure water among the leading bottled water companies.

In other words, it recreates Mother Nature’s process of generating water, commonly referred to as the hydrologic cycle.

They use vapor distillation to create water as pure as the first drop of rain before it becomes polluted.

Adding electrolytes allows the water to have a crisp, clean taste and is repeated several times in the process.

The advertisements for Glaceau Smartwater describe the water as clean as a droplet of rain.

This company is known for its distinctive characteristics, making it the leading bottled water company globally.

Nongfu Spring 

Nongfu Spring was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Hangzhou. Among China’s leading bottled water brands, Nongfu Spring is well-known.

This firm produces spring water and other high-quality beverages.

Nongfu Spring is a naturalist and uses only high-quality natural substances. They specialize in bottled water, functional beverages, tea, and fresh fruit.

Water bottling plants and sources throughout China have been installed by Nanfu Spring, effectively maintaining the area.

They provide high-quality water by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and production management methods.

Nongfu Spring sold around 5.6 percent of all bottled water in China in 2015. Among the leading bottled water companies in the world, Nongfu Spring is known for the diversity of its products.


The Dasani bottled water brand is the flagship product of a bottled water company launched in 1999. The Coca-Cola Company manufactures and distributes Dasani globally.

Dasani bottled water is made from clean tap water that has been purified to remove pollutants as the tagline states, “Enriched with minerals for a pure, fresh flavor.”.

Popular Bottled Water Brands

This cleansed water is then supplemented with trace minerals and packaged. This bottled water is available in a variety of sizes.

Dasani water is one of the world’s leading bottled water brands because of its natural fruit flavor and pure taste.


In 1996, Fiji started its sea journey from a remote island in the Pacific. Today, it owns the world’s largest bottled water brand, which produces its finest water.

There are many places in the modern world where you can purchase Fiji, including elite hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, airports, and direct delivery.

Fiji is the leading exporter of bottled water in the United States, whose water is consumed in more than 60 countries.

They are considered one of the most respected bottled water businesses in the world due to their commitment to their business and desire to make a positive impact.


Ozarka’s spring water comes from three springs in Texas and is among the most popular bottled water in the country.

Ozarka meticulously monitors the entire process from spring to bottle and tests every drop to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Three springs in Texas supply Ozarka with 100 percent natural spring water. The three springs are located in eastern Texas over 150 miles. Their refreshing water takes on a distinctive flavor as they are located in such an area.

There is sparkling water, spring water, and distilled water available at Ozarka. Ozarka, a bottled water brand famed for its versatile products and features, has risen to prominence.

Danone Packaged

One of the largest water producers worldwide, the Danone brand strives to provide safe and healthy water.

Their bottles are meticulously designed with a primary focus on use and elegance.

There are many packs that people can choose from to suit their needs better, such as those for travel, family consumption, and office usage.

Danone occupied the second position among the world’s biggest bottled firms until 2015, with a 10.1 percent share.

According to one estimate, the Danone brand’s global market is valued at 203 billion US dollars.

Deer Park

Deer Park offers bottled water that is natural spring water, as the bottle’s label indicates ‘100% Natural Spring Water.’ The water is also flavored with real fruit for added refreshment.

It imparts a sense of nature. They offer flavored and unflavored goods that are both sugar-free and colorless.

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An Appalachian mountain spring began the company’s water odyssey. Currently, the company operates 13 springs spread across four states.

It ranks as one of America’s largest bottled water companies due to its phenomenal growth over the last century.

C’est La Vie

The filtered drinking water industry was pioneered by C’est Bon, headquartered in China since 1990.

Providing customers with high-quality water and services is the company’s primary objective. It is known for providing excellent service to customers.

Additionally, it has received recognition as a Famous Chinese Trademark and is a leading brand in bottled water.

A high standard of purity is maintained in the production of the company’s water, which imparts a natural that has a sweet taste and offers cold, safe water to its consumers.

It is considered the world’s leading bottled water company due to its superior products.


Wahaha started operations in China in 1987, making it one of the leading bottled water brands.

Wahaha began by selling ice cream, drinks, and stationary. As a result, Wahaha has grown to become China’s largest beverage company.

The Wahaha Group has built 80 manufacturing facilities over the years. Their brand has become well known in China.

A spring on Changhai Mountain supplies Wahaha’s natural mineral water. The company’s slogan is ‘Healthy Life, Healthy Water’.

Additionally, Wahaha makes mineral water using reverse osmosis technology and adding minerals for a refreshing taste.

Wahaha is often referred to as the world’s leading company for bottles due to the breadth of its product line.


Tingyi Holdings Corporation, dubbed Master Kong, was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Tianjin, China.

They are a specialty retailer that sells bottled water, instant noodles, drinks, soft drinks, and baked goods.

Known for making mineral water under the brand name Master Kong, the company is a leading bottled water manufacturer. 

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This company’s bottled water division demonstrated and controlled a 12 percent market share in 2014.

The company launched natural mineral water products to achieve the best bottled water brand title throughout the year.

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