PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

David Cox and a group of like-minded technophiles began a podcast. They discussed how people should use their electronic devices.

There is no visual component, as most people need to see to learn new things.

The PC Classes Online classroom was created by David when he launched his company.

From what I know, the Sharks are unlikely to be interested in this technology classroom idea. But let’s look around.

What Is PC Classes Online?

PC Classes Online is a learning platform created by David Cox to spread tech knowledge among older people. 

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

PC Classes Online is a subscription-based service; therefore, all members must pay in advance for the entire year.

PC Classes Online teaches fundamental computer classes to people over fifty.

Company NamePC Classes Online
EntrepreneurDavid A. Cox
ProductOnline Computer Classes
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 15% equity in PC Classes Online
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 9
Business StatusOut Of Business

Who Is The Founder Of PC Classes Online?

PC Classes Online was founded by David Cox. He was an Apple Store employee and a famous computer instructor.

He managed an Apple Dealer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, for two years, and he was elated to witness the audience of fifty and up. He then began PC Classes Online.

David plans to bundle PC Classes Online with their gear to bring it to computer and gadget retailers.

When David is pitching his service to the Sharks, he tells them that each store will pay $99 for the upsell. The bonus is his primary selling point.

PC Online Classes receive an additional 30% of the per-class fee; however, there is no compensation given to the teachers.

PC Classes Online Before Shark Tank

The Mac Guru, also known as David Cox, pitches his PC Classes Online service on Shark Tank Episode 408. An Emmy-winning comedy writer and buddy of David, Bruce Vilanch, is helping him in the Shark Tank.

David taught the over-50 population how to use Mac computers as part of his job at an Apple store.

The popularity of his classes led him to create a collection of online tutorials to expand his educational reach. You can learn about everything Mac-related in real-time if you’re a member of PC Classes Online.

David plans to make his online educational library available to the public as an add-on purchase through Apple retail stores.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of PC Classes Online?

David Cox entered the Shark Tank on stage. He introduced himself as the creator and CEO of PC Classes Online and asked for $150,000 for 15% ownership in the business.

He once worked as a manager of an Apple store and taught elementary computer classes to the public. David observed that classes were becoming increasingly popular.

He taught computer classes to people over the age of 55. He decided to provide computer classes to assist older adults who struggle to stay updated with modern technology.

Bruce Vilanch, a well-known American comedian, joined David on stage to demonstrate his skills.

Bruce introduced himself to the Sharks and thanked Kevin for lending him his baggy white t-shirt.

The Sharks laughed as Bruce sat down at the laptop on stage. David reported that Bruce signed up for PC Classes Online from the comfort of his own home.

David suggested that Bruce will get a lot of online mailings with a timetable of all of the programs available.

According to David, Bruce had recently concluded an introductory Photoshop class when Brace claimed that he was having a problem with the course material. 

David helped him remove a large pimple from a snapshot he wanted to send to him.

PC Classes Online’s service will be bundled with hardware sales, according to David’s stated goal of getting into every electronic retailer.

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

Inquiringly, Robert inquired as to where he had come upon the comedian. His mother had been taught how to use Skype by David.

Bruce joked with the Sharks that he couldn’t get rid of her because she is on his mess engine service every time he switches on his computer.

Barbara was intrigued to learn why he sold his products in a bundle instead of their own.

David told her that his parents, who both worked as therapists, taught him that “if you can touch it, it’s real” and that they taught him this. He thought it would be better for older people to attend classes in person rather than online.

David told the Sharks that a year’s worth of PC Classes Online costs $199. The retailer receives the item for $99 from the wholesaler, resulting in a 100% profit margin.

When Mark asked for an add-on, he was told that he didn’t want a bundle. As soon as David consented, Mark stated that he had no idea what he was looking for.

Kevin jumped in as soon as he mentioned the distinction between a package and an add-on.

An add-on is something you buy after you’ve already bought something else, while the customer has already purchased an item that is part of a bundle.

Kevin referred to David as a “bozo” in his remarks. David remained silent, his expression betraying his confusion and irritation. Daymond inquired as to whether or not he had made any sales.

Since he began up six months ago, David has gained 115 new members. Inquiring as to how much money he made from that, Daymond pressed him.

It cost David $35,000, which prompted Mark Cuban to give him a good eye roll.

In Kevin’s opinion, David wouldn’t service a million computers if Kevin went to a large manufacturer and requested an add-on.

David recommended expanding as quickly as possible to keep up with the increasing demand. Robert and Mark laughed. 

Barbara was somewhat surprised when David revealed that they do not pay their teachers.

He suggested instead that teachers schedule private lessons for students after they have attended a group class.

Kevin hopes some slave grunts will establish a personal connection with the pupils after working for free at first.

When Kevin inquired about the private lessons, David said that he didn’t get any of their money. David informed him that they take home 30% of that money.

PC Classes Online was worth one million dollars to Daymond, and he wanted to know whether David had any information that would convince him otherwise.

David replied that the value lay in David’s enthusiasm for the company. The Sharks teased him mercilessly.

Mark told him that the only Shark on Shark Tank that seemed to care about what he had to say was him.

As Robert said, they were relieved to have finally met a businessman with a sense of purpose. Before Mark went on, there was a pause in the conversation where everyone stared at each other.

A former computer magazine editor told David he liked the idea of online courses in 1985. It had been done to death, he said.

However, David hasn’t said a word about how he intends to determine the target demographic that Mark has stated.

David did not realize that bundling and upselling are two different things. Mark criticized him for not running the business well.

Now you’d think I’m done after saying all that, wouldn’t you?” It took him a few seconds to leave after saying all that.

Robert informed him there was no demand for what he was selling. David remarked that he had waited too long to invest in PC Classes Online. He is out.

A computer pimp? Kevin thought of David, who had people doing the dirty work for him for free.

Kevin was honest with him and told him that his proposal was not worth a dime. Kevin decided to venture out on his own. 

When Robert informed David that just two Sharks were remaining, David nodded.

Daymond scolded him, telling him that not only was his business a terrible idea but so was his pitch and his value. He left the house.

Barbara opined that older adults should be able to take live computer classes. When Kevin inquired about PC Classes Online, Barbara wasn’t sure if it met her needs.

She did add that rather than trying to sell it with hardware; it would be better to start from scratch. She is out as well.

David thanked Mark and Bruce for making them laugh before leaving the stage. David said that although the Sharks had suffered a terrible loss, he still loved them.

What Happened To PC Classes Online After Shark Tank?

David’s first reaction to what he thought was an “unkind” edit was a blessing in disguise. His Mac Guru company took off when he appeared on the show.

David has traveled the country teaching computer education to corporations and doing live classes across the United States.

David used his “Shark Tank stockpile” to increase the Mac Guru firm while PC Classes Online grows.

This is “the Apple shop brought to your door,” including sales, service, and training.

“The REAL Mac Guru” is what he genuinely is. In 2015, David closed the doors on the venture. He continues to educate computer users through his YouTube channel, Tech Talk America.

PC Classes Online Shark Tank Update

His PC Classes Online website has been converted to a tech news blog with product reviews and updates.

The money for his online courses is generated through advertising and affiliate marketing.

Is PC Classes Online Still In Business?

PC Classes Online has seen an increase of 200,000 new members since David appeared on Shark Tank.

He provides free online classes on YouTube as an alternative to a for-profit independent website. His main revenue stream is advertising.

Students can take classes in multiple languages. Additionally, David’s previous familiarity with Apple products resulted in more training sessions on Apple products for corporate customers.