What Happened To Muff Waders After Shark Tank?

Taylor Ness and Garrett Lamp pitch Muff Waders to Sharks to attract shark investors for their Muff Waders overalls.

A six-pack cooler, bottle opener, koozie, and bottle-holding pockets are built into the overalls, which can also be worn as a jacket.

This pair of overalls is advertised as being “designed for work and leisure.”

The two men persisted even after their Kickstarter campaign ended in February this year, even though they failed to raise enough money for the launch of their company.

The Muff Spenders, a pair of suspenders with a bottle opener, koozie, and two insulated drink compartments, were just added to the line.

Kickstarter funded its development in October 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic delayed delivery until the spring of 2021.

The Muff Waders, which can be purchased in brown or black, is made with a heavy-duty material. You can buy wading boots for 85 dollars.

There are two options for the fifty-dollar spenders: blue or black. 

They claim to be from a small town, and both still have full-time jobs, so they’re probably looking to a Shark for assistance with inventory and delivery.

What Are Muff Waders?

Muff Waders are essentially a pair of padded overalls equipped with a built-in cooler pouch that holds six cans of beer, soda, water, or energy drinks.

Muff Waders has designed bib overalls with a front pocket containing an insulated cooling bag for the man who loves to drink.

Muff Waders Shark Tank Update

There are insulated side pockets on the pants and six can holders in the front for additional bottle storage.

An additional Muff Mug is attached to the wearer’s front by a magnet that acts as an opener for bottles.

The bag also has a storage pocket. The black and brown beer cans are aimed at the office worker who enjoys a refreshing drink after a long day at work.

Company NameMuff Waders
EntrepreneurTaylor Nees And Garrett Lamp
ProductA Cooler Pouch Is Designed On The Chest Of These Bib Overalls
Investment Asking For$25,000 For 20% stake in Muff Waders
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 12 Episode 16
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Muff Waders?

Garret Lamp and Taylor (Earl) Nees are the founders of Muff Waders. Garret is an expert in video production, having graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in advertising last year.

Garret still handles muff Waders’ marketing and customer relations while working full-time as a video producer for Corteva Agriscience.

It’s safe to say that Taylor is a true country kid, having lived in Holstein, Iowa, all of his childhood.

He worked as an electrician at Holstein Electric, owned by Garret’s high school classmate’s mother and stepfather.

Currently, he is responsible for the company’s sales and manufacturing operations.

Muff Waders Before Shark Tank

Taylor developed the idea for the product at a high school football game in late 2016.

It would be cool to be able to carry six packs of beer in your overalls, which would be excellent for sneaking into the stadium.

He made a prototype sketch on a napkin while drinking later that night, while the idea was still fresh in his head.

Taylor launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money, but he fell short of his goal of $135,000.

Taylor continued to work on the prototype, with his high school classmate Garret joining the project during this period.

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The outcome was satisfactory for both parties in September of this year. Taylor pitched his invention to more than 80 companies before one purchased it. The next step was to find a manufacturer.

It was finally time for Muff Waders to open their doors for business, and at first, the product looked promising, thanks in part to a popular Facebook video.

The two, still unsatisfied, continued to make design adjustments and additions using the money they’d gotten from the roughly 1000 transactions that had taken place up to that point.

It was now simply a matter of finding an investor who could help them expand the market for their product.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Muff Waders?

Taylor and Garret reached to Shark Tank seeking an investment of $25,000 for 25 percent of their company Muff Waders.

“Muff” is a combination of the words “manly” and “tuff.”

The supply chain logistics of their company need help from a Shark. A single unit costs $35 to make, but they sell for $85 on the market. The total sales came to $54,000.

However, the Sharks have all exited and left without a deal, even though their proposal entertained them.

Did Muff Waders Get a Deal On Shark Tank?

Taylor Nees and Garrett Lamp sought 20% of their beer cooler overalls from the Sharks on Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 16, but they came up empty-handed.

Muff Waders Shark Tank Update

This episode was rebroadcast four months after it originally aired.

The company’s Facebook page does not show any recent updates, but it appears it is still operating.

They are also “temporarily unavailable” on Amazon (they were in stock before the show, so they must have made some sales).

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Stevia Nutra Corp., a maker of hemp apparel (among other things), announced in an April 2021 press release that it had acquired Muff Waders for an undisclosed sum.

Stevia Nutra Corp. (STNT) is a publicly-traded firm that will be able to put a lot of money behind this product’s marketing campaign.

It was reported that the company made over $250,000 in sales following the show.

The company released a version of Muff Spenders in December 2021 that features the Stars and Stripes.

Are Muff Waders Still In Business?

Muff Waders, based in Holstein, Iowa, is still going strong.

Their van serves as their office at various events, including sports games and parties.

A majority of their business comes from their website and social media pages.

There will also be a Muff Spender, a pair of suspenders with pockets for cans and bottles.

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This product was also funded through Kickstarter.

A lack of competition in the beer storing and cooling garment industry has led to Muff Waders capturing the lion’s share of the market.