Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions After Shark Tank

When Mikki Bey appears on Shark Tank episode 702, she aims to expand her business prospects by attracting the attention of a Shark who will invest in Mikki Bey’s Eyelash Extensions.

Bey, a native of Detroit, began her professional career as a news producer for CBS. She soon realized that she had to find a more creative outlet, so she became a celebrity make-up artist.

Jason Derulo, Amber Rose, Bristol Palin, Melyssa Ford, and other celebrities have employed her services.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions was established in 2011 by her. She continues to work with celebrities, but most of her eyelash business is geared toward “ordinary ladies.”

Mikki transforms sparse eyelashes into thick, beautiful lashes in her workshop in Culver City, California, where she works from home. 

She will attach synthetic lashes to each lash for $200; mink lashes would set you back $350.

The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes, and the extensions are valid for approximately two months. 

Eyelash extensions that require refilling take 60 minutes and cost $85 for synthetic extensions and $150 for mink extensions. VOGUE is among dozens of other beauty magazines that have published her work.

Mikki Bey also promotes business opportunities. She offers training classes for $600, where you can learn about her trade from the ground up.

The workshop attendees will receive a complete eyelash extension kit so that they can get to work right away and start earning money as eyelash extension professionals.

In her claim to fame, Mikki Bey claims to generate a six-figure salary and that she can assist others in doing so as well. 

It will also be held in cities such as Miami and New York this year and Detroit and Washington DC. The itinerary also includes stops in Honolulu, Puerto Rico, Seattle, and London.

Can Mikki Bey persuade a Shark to take a chance on her and invest?

What Is Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions?

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions provides eyelash extensions to make “ordinary women” look and feel like celebrities.

When properly cared for, synthetic eyelash extensions can last up to two months and are non-harmful. The procedure takes just 90 minutes to perform professionally.

There is currently a beauty studio in Los Angeles from which the business operates, and those interested in becoming qualified to do the same can attend two-day workshops.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions After Shark Tank

Mikki Bey is the world’s leading expert in eyelash extensions. The beauty industry has been her passion for over ten years, and she has quickly established herself as one of the top beauty professionals in the country.

The Recording Academy selected her to serve on the #GRAMMYglam team, an elite group of beauty professionals selected to report live from the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

She also contributed a weekly beauty column to MadameNoire, an online lifestyle publication.

Company NameMikki Bey
ProductEyelash Extension Salon
EntrepreneurMikki Bey
WebsiteVisit Website
Episode Season 7 Episode 2
Investment Asking For$300,000 for 20% stake in Mikki Bey
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut Of Business

Who Is The Founder Of Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions?

Michi Bey is the founder and CEO of the Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions. She used to work for CBS as a news producer.

Then, she decided to leave to pursue a career as a celebrity make-up artist, believing she had more to offer in terms of creativity.

Mikki continues to work in the beauty sector, where she has carved out a niche for herself as a “Lash Artist.” 

In addition to her numerous media appearances and essays authored, she has also received celebrity endorsements for her products and services.

She is considering starting a new studio despite her old one has closed. Additionally, she completed an MBA program at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles during this time.

Mikki started an eyelash business in 2011 to help regular clients look like an A-list celebrity by attaching pre-made synthetic lashes to make them look and feel like an A-list celebrity. She had a successful business out of her studio in Los Angeles, where she lived at the time.

A combination of celebrity contacts and the long-lasting nature of eyelash extensions led to word-of-mouth spreading. As a result, she gained popularity.

Mikki subsequently began implementing two-day business training workshops and seminars throughout the United States, Latin America, and the United Kingdom to encourage people to pursue careers as eyelash extension professionals.

She generated sales of over US $135,000. By 2014, Mikki had begun looking for investors to fund her business. 

This would provide not only for her to patent her products but also for the accreditation of the training she was providing.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions Before Shark Tank

The appearance of your favorite Hollywood celebrity is always flawless, thanks to an army of anonymous workers.

Celebrities have worn the finest clothing and cosmetics on the red carpet, and a team of professionals has erased every physical flaw before they walk the carpet.

Mikki Bey is one of these experts, a make-up artist with a plethora of experience and connections in the entertainment industry. She has been featured on television networks such as E!, MTV, and VH1.

She had previously written a monthly beauty column for the online magazine MadameNoire. The Recording Academy had chosen her to be a member of its Grammy Glam squad, a group of women with extensive expertise in beauty who reports live from the Grammy Awards.

When she was a producer for CBS, it became apparent that the network did not offer enough originality, so she moved on to the world of celebrity make-up artists. Mikki is originally from Detroit.

She began her own business in 2011 and specializes in eyelash extensions, which she has been doing since then.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions is a business in Culver City, California that offers professional eyelash extensions as good as any Hollywood star. 

She knew she needed hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding to accomplish her dream of opening a Mikki Bey salon in every major city across America, so she hired a business expert to smooth the way. 

She applied to be a guest on Shark Tank in mid-2015 to achieve this goal.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions?

Mikki begins her pitch with an “at home” segment filmed in her salon, which she calls ‘the Barbie Dream House.’

In her article, she discusses eyelash extensions as a rapidly growing trend in cosmetics and her proprietary technology as the best way to achieve them.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions will eventually be available in every luxury mall on the planet.

Miki is looking for $300,000 for a 20 percent stake in her company through the Tank. She tells Mark that she can give anyone the “famous look,” then she invites him to join her. Mark responds, “How can I help you?”.

Mark’s eyelid is adhered to with one eyelash attached with medical adhesive by Mikki. 

Mikki has before and after photographs to illustrate the effects of a complete extension on her appearance. She has expressed her desire to patent the process.

Mr. Wonderful inquires about its value right away and asks why it is worth over $2.5 million.

Specifically, Mikki claims that her sales totaled $69,000 in 2012, $95,000 in 2013, and $130,000 in 2014. 

She believes the value of her eyelash extension technology lies in licensing it and instructing people how to apply it properly.

Mr. Wonderful claims that she has a successful business but that there is no room for an investor. She walks away from the table when he tells her she won’t get a deal on Shark Tank.

Mikki begins to sob after Mr. Wonderful is ejected and declares she can do this; she urges the Sharks to “take a risk on me.”

Beyond Sushi After Shark Tank

Barbara calls her out on it, stating that she is providing a service rather than a business; Barbara is out.

Lori is out, but she has faith in Mikki and knows she will make it happen.

Mark suggests she duplicate herself to obtain the money; she does not need his assistance, but she needs to get it. He’s no longer here.

Robert claims that the solution is not scalable, and he is out.

Barbara says after all of the Sharks have been eliminated, she will stop crying. She believes that women lose their power when they cry, so she must keep her cries secret.

The following prompts Mr. Wonderful to advise, “Don’t cry for money, since the money never cries for you.”

What Happened To Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions After Shark Tank?

Mikki’s business has continued to grow since the program aired. Her business has exploded since she hired more staff. 

Even though she only has one location, she has found another incredibly profitable revenue source that has everyone’s attention.

She is now organizing regular certification seminars in various places across the country, and she is increasingly interested in teaching others the art of eyelash extensions.

The training will take place over two days and will provide participants with all of the knowledge and resources they will need to start earning money for themselves within 48 hours after completing it.

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions After Shark Tank

The number of students who attend each two-day session is not specified, but it doesn’t appear to be a large enough number to make it worthwhile for Mikki to put in the effort.

While the course is expensive ($600), the level of interest Mikki appears to be receiving in the courses implies that the high cost is deterring only a small number of people from enrolling.

GrooveBook After Shark Tank

Mikki is still buoyant with the same self-confidence and enthusiasm she displayed so admirably in the tank; she says she will continue growing her brand until it is recognized as an internationally recognized beauty brand.

She claims, always up for a challenge, ‘I have learned to flow with the stream, rather than against it. ‘I intend to continue in this industry until the tide turns.’

Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions Shark Tank Update

Mikki closed her salon a year after appearing on Shark Tank and earning an MBA from Pepperdine University. Today she is employed by a reputable pharmaceutical company.

Is Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions Still In Business?

After five years in business, Mikki Bey Crawford closed her salon and earned an MBA from the Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business almost exactly one year after airing her Shark Tank appearance on the show.

Glow Recipe After Shark Tank

When she received her new degree, she worked for the multinational pharmaceutical company Allergan as a Business Development Manager. She is still employed at Allergan, where she holds the position of Strategic Account Manager.