LifeTime Fitness Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

Bahram Akradi founded lifeTime Fitness in 1992 as an athletic lifestyle company.

LifeTime Fitness Mission Statement and Vision statement has built a reputation in the athletic and fitness market.

LifeTime has continuously operated its health clubs in the United States uniquely, setting itself apart from competitors.

LifeTime’s mission and vision statements have unquestionably contributed significantly to the brand recognition of the organization.

Mission and vision statements outline the company’s actions and activities concerning achieving the desired future state. A vision statement simply describes a desired future state.

LifeTime’s vision statement suggests that the company’s primary goal is to positively impact the lives of everyone it comes into contact with.

LifeTime outlines the breadth of its operations and the desired effects on the lives of its clients in its mission statement.

Physical fitness is a significant focus for the organization, but other factors make for a well-rounded and happy lifestyle.

LifeTime enhances its exclusivity by implementing particular core values that complement its mission and vision statements in its sports fitness resorts.

The company understands that it needs a solid foundation and a laser-like focus from its employees and partners to achieve its vision.

LifeTime Fitness has grown into a major player thanks to its flawless engagement with the purpose and vision statements.

What is Lifetime Fitness?

Life Time, Inc. is a chain of health and fitness clubs in the United States and Canada. We’ll discuss how the company’s purpose and vision statements are critical to its success.

The first gym opened in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. The Minneapolis-St Paul area gained a slew of new locations later. Currently, the oldest facility is in Eagan, Minnesota.

LifeTime Fitness operates health clubs in the United States and Canada under the name Life Time, Inc.

Bahram Akradi, the current Chairman and CEO of the company, founded it in 1990 and changed its name two years later to Lifetime Fitness.

Life Time Athletic, the chain’s brand name, typically opens clubs in densely populated and affluent locations. 

When it comes to smaller-scale gyms, they’re known as Life Time Sports Clubs. In addition, the firm now owns over 200 annual events in the United States.

On the other hand, the oldest facility is only a few years old and is located in Eagan, Minnesota.

Life Time Fitness is now traded on the stock exchange and is owned by TPG Capital and Leonard Green & Partners. 

To sum things up: It’s one of the most successful gyms in North America, and its mission statement perfectly captures its goals and ideals.

The chain typically opens clubs under the Life Time Athletic brand in densely populated and wealthy areas. Life Time Fitness is the brand name for clubs that serve a smaller geographic area.

The organization now hosts 200 different events every year in other parts of the US to top it all off!

One of the most influential health clubs in North America has a mission statement that accurately reflects its aspirations.

CompanyLife Time, Inc.
Year founded1990
IndustriesHealth Club chain
CEOBahram Akradi
FounderBahram Akradi
HeadquarterChanhassen, Minnesota, U. S
Revenue$948 million

What Is Lifetime Fitness Mission Statement?

Lifetime Fitness’s mission statement is to deliver a great experience that satisfies the health and fitness needs of the entire family: Entertaining, Educational, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative.

The mission statement of LifeTime Corporation states that it is their highest responsibility to improve the quality of life for all of its clients. 

The organization demonstrates its dedication to making sure everything runs well for the benefit of its customers.

A glance at the company’s mission statement reveals a genuine concern for the health and well-being of all gym patrons. However, upon closer inspection, we found a few other pearls of wisdom.

LifeTime Fitness Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

The first half of their mission statement states that they will do everything to make their clubs instructive, fun, and friendly. 

The ultimate goal of a fitness club should be to provide high-quality fitness facilities.

Lifetime Fitness has made various initiatives over the years to create a warm, family-friendly atmosphere and trainers who are more than willing to train people. 

Many people prefer them due to their higher membership costs despite their higher prices.

Concerning the gym’s amenities, Lifetime Fitness’ purpose is that its facilities are of the highest standard. 

As the corporation states, “… this product offers a superb workout experience for the whole family.” In other words, they are assuring consumers they will do all they can to make sure their needs are met.

There is a reason why higher-end clubs provide members with more amenities, like saunas, pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, rock climbing walls, etc., creating a family-friendly club involves offering family-friendly activities.

Therefore, Lifetime Fitness mission statement includes the following components:

Health improvement

All LifeTime Fitness resorts have a health section that provides expert advice on achieving optimal health to fulfill the first part of their mission statement.

LifeTime says it’s imperative to understand how exercise and fitness relate to various health conditions.

When it comes to providing its consumers with a wide selection of educational resources, LifeTime excels. The health area under experience life is a perfect example of this.

The company also has a strong relationship with on-site experts who provide customized guidance and counseling.

Community improvement

LifeTime Fitness was founded primarily to provide people in the United States with convenient places to work, exercise, or relax.

LifeTime clearly understands that healthy and happier people make for stronger communities. 

The organization helps people through their life processes by combining cutting-edge training with dietary guidance.

Therefore, they usually build healthy and sustainable habits, which translates into success at work.

This company invests in not only community development programs but also infrastructure improvements.

Outperforming Expectations

LifeTime Sports has raised the bar for athletic resorts by providing superior services.

The company has put a lot of money into providing world-class resorts for its members, including the latest technology, sporting equipment, and ambiance.

When it comes to LifeTime’s resorts, they are more than just places to stay; they are ways of life that everyone can only dream about.

LifeTime Fitness athletic resorts are a dream come true for the vast majority of their customers.

LifetimeWhat Is Lifetime Fitness Vision Statement?

LifeTime Fitness’ vision statement is to “transform lives through fitness: we are committed to our members and go beyond fitness to encompass the full spectrum of everyday life for individuals, couples, and families of all ages.”

Lifetime Fitness says in its vision statement: “Remains committed to championing a healthy and happy life for its members through a portfolio of sports and fitness resorts that go beyond fitness to encompass the entire spectrum of daily life for individuals, couples, and families of all ages.”

Despite its shortness, Life Time Fitness’ vision statement suggests building a chain serving fitness centers that promote wellness among individuals of all ages.

This vision statement describes how the organization approaches its operations.

A closer look at the vision statement reveals that the organization places a high value on its employees.

There must be a balance between physical fitness and mental well-being for all people of all ages.

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If the corporation sees fitness as a way of life, then that’s precisely how it should be, too.

It has demonstrated how dedicated it is to the general well-being of its clients while also expanding its brand’s reach and recognition.

The clubs emphasize complete lifestyle changes, such as changing their nutrition, increasing their exercise, and even recommending mindfulness meditation because of this.

Lifetime vision statement consists of the following components:

Unmatched portfolio of sports lifestyles

Lifetime Fitness is more than just a gym. Due to its diverse operations and facilities, the corporation has become everyone’s sweetheart in the United States, thanks to its unusual ways.

This company offers a daily routine that addresses health, fitness, food, relationships, detox processes, and environmental sustainability.

Promoting health and happiness

LifeTime not only provides state-of-the-art workout facilities and trained staff to its customers, but it also promotes healthy eating among kids. 

It also views environmental sustainability as an integral part of healthy living with enhanced efforts to save the earth.

What Are Lifetime Fitness Core Values?

LifeTime Fitness’s core values are innovation, commitment to people, integrity, and honesty.

LifeTime’s success in the US has been fueled by innovation over the years. It has always been the company’s commitment to its members’ health that has set it apart from other gyms.

LifeTime has become one of the country’s most prominent athletic fitness clubs because of its key ideas.

They have played a crucial role in realigning the company’s employees and stakeholders to its ever-growing brand.

LifeTime Fitness has grown into one of the largest athletic fitness clubs in the United States thanks to its key ideas. 

It was particularly challenging for the company to adapt its staff and stakeholders to its expanding brand.

The founder of LifeTime, according to the company’s history, encouraged innovation within the organization, leading to the modern, technologically advanced, and highly interactive organization we know today.

Innovation, transparency, and honesty are the hallmarks of a reliable company. Since these core principles are essential, they help build confidence among the chain’s existing members and potential members and new ones.

Lifetime Fitness business has experienced tremendous growth in the United States over the years due to its commitment to these critical values.

Salesforce Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

A big part of its success is also attributable to the fact that it consistently puts the needs of its clients first.

LifeTime’s founder, according to lore, encouraged innovation in his company, resulting in the one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing, and utterly captivating corporation we see today. 

The company’s success can also be attributed to the fact that it consistently puts the needs of its clients first.

A large part of Life Time’s activities is conducted transparently and honestly, which has led to more business.

There are numerous reasons why clients flock to Life Time’s fitness centers and resorts.

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