Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

Kaylin Marcotte hoped to close a deal for Jiggy, a high-end jigsaw puzzle company, in Shark Tank episode 1224.

She developed a passion for jigsaw puzzles while co-founding the online news site The Skimm.

Kaylin used jigsaw puzzles to relax before sleeping every night. She established Jiggy in November of this year after leaving The Skimm.

Kaylin wanted to give women a voice, so she sought female artists in New York City to design the puzzles.

The puzzles are packaged in non-carbon-emitting glass jars because she cares about the environment.

Sales fell off after the 2019 holiday season, as was to be expected. Sales increased by 550 percent in March when the Covid-19-induced lockdowns began.

She knew that she would have to restock two months after selling out in April.

A blank jigsaw puzzle was painted with original artwork by Jiggy Originals. These beauties have fetched upwards of $4,000.

She is now selling $40 puzzles on her website and through Amazon. There is adhesive on each piece of the 450-piece puzzle so that you can display your final product.

Kaylin has shown Jiggy the concept, and she now wants a Shark to invest in the venture and take a piece for herself.

What Is Jiggy Puzzles?

Jiggy Puzzles is a company that sells high-quality puzzles that are one-of-a-kind, all designed by Jiggy Puzzles exclusively. 

Jiggy Puzzles is a company that has a fantastic product and a wonderful social mission at the same time. 

This company has jigsaw puzzles with glue and display available to relieve tension.

However, a portion of each sale goes to the featured female artist, helping to promote female artists worldwide.

A woman created every design, and every artist receives a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their work.

Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

Jiggy Puzzles uses a recyclable glass container for packaging manufactured in a carbon-neutral factory.

Since she was a child, Kaylin Marcotte pursued new ideas and set up businesses. She became obsessed with jigsaw puzzles after she found those.

Kaylin began completing puzzles as a means of relaxation and meditation while launching an online news source.

She grew tired of the more standard puzzle designs, so she looked for something new and original.

Company NameJiggy Puzzles
EntrepreneurKaylin Marcotte
ProductJigsaw Puzzles of Female Artists
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 5% equity in Jiggy Puzzles
Final Deal$500,000 For 15% equity in Jiggy Puzzles
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 12 Episode 22
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Jiggy Puzzles?

Kaylin Marcotte founded JIGGY puzzles in 2015. Kaylin loves to do jigsaw puzzles to unwind after a long day at a startup.

It was enjoyable to assemble the puzzles, but the final results were usually of a stale, mass-produced nature. She disassembled it and returned it to its box instead of hanging it on her wall.

JIGGY Puzzles was born out of a desire to create puzzles framed and shown as art. 

When you purchase a JIGGY puzzle, you will be donating a portion of the proceeds to support upcoming female artists all over the world.

Jiggy Puzzles Before Shark Tank

Kaylin began by reaching out to female artists in the New York region, asking if they would be interested in designing puzzles.

She stressed women’s self-determination as an important part of her message.

After her puzzles met with overwhelming success, Kaylin left her job at the start-up to create her own puzzle business, Jiggy Puzzles.

Jiggy Puzzles involve more than just solving a puzzle. Kaylin began this company to help others experience the same sense of calm and relaxation she felt every night while solving puzzles.

Many young women who dream of becoming artists have been inspired by each puzzle’s original and inspiring artwork.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Jiggy Puzzles?

Kaylin appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in Jiggy Puzzles. She details the nature of her company and its philanthropic goals.

She’s made $2.25 million in sales since 2019 (the show was filmed in July 2020) and has no debt.

She requires the assistance of a Shark to manage the rapid expansion of her company.

The Sharks believe that she has grown rapidly because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The question is whether or not those sales can be sustained.

Kevin proposed an offer while Robert and Daniel have withdrawn. Kevin has Proposed $100,000 for a 15% stake in Jiggy Puzzles and a loan of $400,000 at a 10% interest.

Mark caught her attention immediately, so she pursued him. He replies that he is fine with 15% when she asks about his comfort level with a given percentage.

Daniel advised her to keep Mark’s money in her pocket because the firm does not need cash.

Kaylin has made it plain that she is unwilling to give up even a small percentage of her goals.

In exchange for agreeing to the agreement, Kaylin asks Mark to match her $50,000 philanthropic donation, and Mark agrees.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $500,000 for a 15% stake in Jiggy Puzzles along with a $50,000 philanthropic donation.

What Happened To Jiggy Puzzles After Shark Tank?

Mark and Jiggy Puzzles never reached an agreement. To keep the equity, Kaylin did not want to give it up. 

According to the sales report, Jiggy Puzzles made $4 million in total sales by the end of 20rt. Jiggy Puzzles are still in business as of February 2022.

Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

Kaylin entered the Tank seeking a $500,000 investment for a 5% stock stake in Jiggy Puzzles. 

Mark Cuban offered her a deal: a $500,000 investment for a 15 percent stake and $50,000 in donations to charity.

Jiggy Puzzles Shark Tank Update

Jiggy Shark Tank aired in April 2021 to this day in 2022, and the company continues to receive five-star ratings on major retailers like Amazon and fantastic press coverage.

Are Jiggy Puzzles Still In Business?

Yes, Jiggy Puzzles is still in business as of 2022, with sales over $4 million. It had been a few weeks since it made its Shark Tank debut. Since then, the unique puzzles created by the company have been flying off the shelves.

Some celebrities have created puzzles for her, such as Sophia Bush, Lili Reinhart, Allison Williams, and Demi Lovato.

I Want to Draw a Cat For You Shark Tank Update

Jiggy Puzzles has created a new membership program, Jiggy Puzzle Club, and sells more innovative jigsaw puzzles and patterns.

Members have access to exclusive content and a private community of other club members. The company generated over $4 million in revenue annually by 2021.