Graffiti Removal Services After Shark Tank

The idea for Graffiti Removal Services came to Paul Watts of Sacramento after he performed community service for an afternoon. He pitched the service to Shark Tank in episode 104.

His sense of civic pride was striking as he and his fellow volunteers removed graffiti from buildings and utility poles in their area.

He felt compelled to establish a mobile franchise to offer solutions to the problem of graffiti removal to towns and municipalities.

According to him, Graffiti Removal Services mobile franchise would involve a truck and eco-friendly products, all from one manufacturer.

He hoped someday to sell other businesses a Graffiti Removal Service franchise using his newly acquired license.

He was confident due to his previous job as a maintenance worker for Sacramento and his support of biodegradable, environmentally friendly products he intended to offer to his franchisees.

What Is Graffiti Removal Service?

The Graffiti Removal Service is a mobile business based in Portland, Oregon, that can quickly and safely remove graffiti from building surfaces while minimizing the negative effects on the environment.

Graffiti Removal Services is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic graffiti remover service. Paul Watts could see the pride in the eyes of his fellow volunteers as they cleaned graffiti off neighborhood buildings and utility poles.

The company only uses environmental protection agency (EPA)-compliant products and products low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

Graffiti Removal Services After Shark Tank

In contrast with many other graffiti cleaning services, they do not utilize phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, xylene, or any other chemicals that may cause harm to the environment or human health.

Also, they can apply anti-graffiti coatings to graffiti-prone areas and sell kits and products for people who are interested in tackling the job themselves.

Company NameGraffiti Removal Service
ProductFranchises that provide graffiti removal services
EntrepreneurPaul Watts
WebsiteVisit Website
Episode Episode 4 Season 1
Investment Seeking$350,000 For 15% equity in Graffiti Removal Service
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of Graffiti Removal Service?

Paul Watts is the founder of Graffiti Removal Service. Graffiti Removal Services is owned and operated by Paul Watts, a former city worker from Sacramento, California.

He has developed a biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning solution for removing graffiti from surfaces. 

Watts intends to offer it to franchisees soon. In 2009, he presented his company on the television show Shark Tank.

He developed a mobile franchise to provide towns and municipalities with a simple and efficient way to deal with graffiti.

According to his vision, Graffiti Removal Services mobile business would only use a single vehicle and environmentally friendly products from one manufacturer.

He assumed that he could sell other entrepreneurs the chance to start their own Graffiti Removal Services by using his recently acquired franchise license, so he set out to prove himself.

He was confident in his decision based upon his personal experiences as a maintenance worker for the city of Sacramento and his beliefs about the biodegradable products he wished to provide for his franchisees.

Graffiti Removal Service Before Shark Tank

Paul Watts is the owner and founder of Graffiti Removal Services. Paul commutes to work with his dog, Lexi, as a graffiti remover.

Graffiti Removal Services is a mobile graffiti removal business that travels around the city, removing any graffiti it finds. Paul is a professional graffiti remover with over 10 years of experience.

Paul Watts needs a Sharks investment to expand his firm and franchise it throughout the United States.

He claims the city of Sacramento employed him to paint light poles, but graffiti on the light poles forced him to start his own business to remove the graffiti.

Paul Watts claims that graffiti is a serious problem in the United States regarding lowering real estate value in almost every town.

Furthermore, he says he wants to franchise his Graffiti Removal Service and have vehicles stationed in every American city.

Graffiti removal service offers a phenomenal market for the Sharks, who can take advantage of it.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Graffiti Removal Service?

Watts approaches the Sharks with an audacious suggestion. Paul Watts requests an investment of $350,000 in exchange for a 15 percent equity in the Graffiti Removal Services.

He showcases the items to remove graffiti from street signs as a demonstration.

Robert Herjavec interrupted the demonstration to inquire about the franchise concept and whether Watts invented the products himself.

Watts denies this but suggests that the products can only be obtained directly from the manufacturer and that no one is aware of them.”

Kevin O’Leary asks, “If I provided you with $350,000, how am I going to make money from that $350,000?”

Watts responds, “I’m talking about royalties and franchise fees.” 

He reveals that he has not sold any franchises yet, but that his company-owned business generates $230,000 in revenue each year, with a net profit of $75,000, and that he has not sold any franchises yet.

Herjavec raises concern about the company’s value, warning Watts that he has set his sights way too high, given that he has not sold a single franchise so far.

Barbara Corcoran expresses skepticism about the ability of a franchise owner to persuade local governments to buy their services and announces her resignation.

Kevin Harrington believes that the franchise model will not be successful for this particular firm because there are no certain services that franchise owners can count on. He’s no longer here.

Daymond John is out too, he claims, since the chemicals in the package are not secret.

Robert Herjavec responds with a counter-offer. He will make the $350,000 investment, but he will also need a 75 percent ownership stake in the company, thereby making Watts an employee of his own company.

Kevin O’Leary steps up and offers to partner with Robert on the transaction. Watts declines the offer after a few anxious minutes of deliberation.

O’Leary becomes agitated when Watts refuses to agree to the contract terms, despite his repeated claims that he is never emotional when it comes to money.

He warns Watts that if she turns away, “I’ll forget about you.” 

Watts says, “No, you won’t. Every time you see graffiti, you’ll think about me, and I should have invested in that business.”

Paul Watts walks away from the stage without a deal in hand.

Final Result: No Deal between Sharks and Graffiti Removal Service.

What Happened To Graffiti Removal Service After Shark Tank?

Paul Watts started his own graffiti cleaning business, Graffiti Removal Services to turn into a franchise.

His services would allow him to make money through those interested in starting their own Graffiti Removal Services in their town or city.

Even though Paul Watts’ business and revenue were considerable, he was not experiencing any financial problems. His company was also debt-free.

On the other hand, Paul Watts required an investment from the Sharks to push his business forward and grow GRS franchises throughout the country.

Graffiti Removal Services is not mentioned as being the best or worse in Shark Tank.

Three out of the five Sharks decided against investing in Watts’ company, believing that it could never be successful as a franchise.

Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec offered Paul Watts $350,000 for 75 percent of GRS, but Watts declined the offer.

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Graffiti Removal Services is still in business today, and you can find out more about them at

You can see several before and after pictures of buildings that GRS has successfully removed graffiti from.

You can also learn about graffiti removal methods on the Community Outreach website and see photographs of the work.

You can also order various cleaning chemicals and instruments from the Graffiti Removal Services website and learn about the cost of graffiti removal services.

Graffiti Removal Service Shark Tank Update

Watt’s courageous rejection of the Sharks’ offer represented a significant risk, but it was a risk that paid off in the long run.

Graffiti Removal Services continues to thrive despite its growth has not been as rapid as it would have expected. He has preserved control of his business.

Graffiti Removal Services After Shark Tank

Watt did not follow Shark’s advice to avoid the franchise model; however, he partnered with the chemical manufacturer to sell the chemicals on his website as a retail product.

Watts, who has been in business for 21 years, continues to tackle “urban blight” with his effective Graffiti Removal Services in 2021.

Is Graffiti Removal Service Still In Business?

Watts now lives in Portland, Oregon, a US agent for the Urban Restoration Group. He has been there since his appearance on Shark Tank.

He unveiled the Graffiti Removal Bike in 2015, which can be found on the city’s Eastbank Esplanade, Springwater Trail, and other prominent graffiti locations.

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Watts notes that it can be difficult to get a vehicle into the area because of the tight maneuvers.”

He can easily transport his power washers and paint with his three-wheeled bike in the trunk. The price of graffiti is determined by its size and location.