Glow Recipe After Shark Tank

The Sharks are introduced to Korean beauty items for the first time in Shark Tank episode 714, when Sarah Lee and Christine Chang pitch Glow Recipe, their curated cosmetics company.

They have both worked in the cosmetics industry for nearly ten years, and they are both obsessed with skincare products.

The “Korean Beauty Regimen” is currently a popular trend in the beauty industry. Korea’s aristocratic ladies have been chasing a porcelain-like complexion since the 6th century, when the country was still a kingdom.

It was believed that rubbing various types of things on their skin would preserve their health and enable them to appear beautiful and elegant.

Glow Recipe is a business run by a group of ladies who bring these centuries-old skin remedies from Asia to the rest of the world.

Glow Recipe does not manufacture its items; instead, it curates a selection of them. 

They research the greatest cosmetic products on the market and extensively vet the firm, the ingredients, and the business procedures before making a purchase.

They then put each product to the test on various skin types and then on “probation” for three months to see how the customers react.

You can choose from a wide range of products, including cleansing and exfoliating products, toners and mists, eye creams and serums, essences and ampoules, face oils and moisturizers & creams, sun care items such as sheet masks & masks, lip treatments, and even a mascara made from snail slime!

In addition, the products aren’t cheap. For example, one little Velvet Yam Pressed Serum jar is $49!

Sarah and Christine are most likely looking for a Shark to assist them in entering a retail atmosphere. How is a shark going to respond to the Glow Recipe offer?

What Is Glow Recipe?

Glow Recipe is a skincare line influenced by South Korean beauty that makes natural, fruit-infused products to enhance your complexion.

Glow Recipe began as an internet company that sold natural beauty products imported from Korea, and it sold natural beauty products first made popular in Korea. 

Korea’s skincare category is K-beauty, short for Korean beauty in the cosmetics market.

Glow Recipe After Shark Tank

It is important to keep your skin healthy and motivated to take good care of it every day by associating it with a fun and interesting skincare routine.

Glow Recipe’s products are simple to use, free of animal byproducts, and free of harmful ingredients. In 2014, Glow Recipe debuted its first line of items. 

Company NameGlow Recipe
ProductKorean Beauty Products that Are Cruelty-Free
EntrepreneurSarah Lee And Christine Chang
WebsiteGlow Recipe
Episode Season 7 Episode 10
Investment Asking For$425,000 for 10% stake in Glow Recipe
Final Deal$425,000 for 25% stake in Glow Recipe
SharkRobert Herjavec
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of Glow Recipe?

Glow Recipe was founded by entrepreneurs Sarah Lee and Christine Chang. Sarah and Christine originally studied and worked in the US and South Korea, respectively, for several years before appearing on Shark Tank in 2015.

It is an inspiration that gives rise to all amazing ideas. It was a privilege for both ladies to share their expertise with others in the skincare field and were enamored with Korean beauty trends.

The founders of this company have over 20 years of combined experience in the cosmetics industry, making it the perfect time to start their brand. Because of this, the women had the inspiration for Glow Recipe while they were treating themselves.

Glow Recipe Before Shark Tank

Glow Recipe is based on Korean fashion trends for skincare products founded by Sarah Lee and Christine Chang.

Their website features the best among the thousands of products subjected to rigorous testing. Skincare specialists only recommend all-natural, soft, and safe products.

Glow Recipe remains on top of the latest developments, research, and beauty advice, so you don’t have to!

Glow Recipe carefully reviews the manufacturing process of skincare products it endorses, including whether or not the company uses sustainable manufacturing procedures and its research and development.

A panel of specialists with various skin types and cultural backgrounds tests the formulations on experts who look at the components and the recipe.

Each product they provide to clients goes through a three-month trial period during which customer input is considered.

Glow Recipes communicates its findings to the makers, allowing them to make any necessary modifications.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Glow Recipe?

Sarah and Christine come to the Shark Tank with a demand for $425K in exchange for a ten percent stake in their company.

They aim to make everyone look beautiful and do so from Korea’s beauty hub.

They claim that Korean beauty is the next big thing in the United States. During the distribution of samples, Barbara exclaims, “I hope it’s Whiskey!”

They instruct the Sharks to spray a waterless mist on their faces before applying a pressed serum.

The sensation of the sea-kelp mask is described as “a little creamy, but also a little rubbery.” Robert also demonstrates to the Sharks.

Mr. Wonderful claims to be a distributor, and they claim to curate a selection of products. They expect to make $1 million in sales in the coming year.

They share a portion of the revenue generated by their new products with inventors as part of their incubation and testing process.

Glow Recipe uses YouTube videos to educate the public about its products and has gained 1,000 followers and 250,000 views so far. However, they are still in the early stages of their business.

Mr. Wonderful asks the girls why large merchants aren’t competing with them. The girls respond that some are, but consult with them as part of their incubator agreements.

Lori claims that everyone may become a distributor, but Mark claims that not everyone is qualified.

Barbara believes their numbers are a little off, but she is willing to offer $425K for 40% of the company.

Mr. Wonderful is offering $425K in exchange for 50% of the business. Robert offers $425K in exchange for 30% of the company, claiming to invest in them.

Lori has decided to leave the market because she believes it is too competitive. Mark feels that they have not done nearly enough digital marketing.

Mr. Wonderful asks the girls how much equity they are willing to give up as part of the deal, and they respond that they would be interested in hearing what Mark has in mind.

Lori warns them after a short break that their offers will be withdrawn if they don’t decide. Mark declares no idea what he is talking about and leaves.

They reply to Robert’s offer of $425K for 18 percent with a counteroffer of 25 percent from Robert. They react with a 22.5 percent offer, but Robert refuses to budge, and the trade is completed.

Result: A DEAL with Robert for $425K in exchange for 25% of the Glow Recipe.

What Happened To Glow Recipe After Shark Tank?

Glow Recipe’s website experienced a significant increase in visitors after appearing on Shark Tank.

Christine and Sarah were fortunate to have been able to plan for the large influx of people.

Glow Recipe After Shark Tank

Glow Recipe had not yet received its investment from Robert at the end of June 2016, and they were still negotiating any terms of the deal.

We’ll have to wait and see how far they can push themselves with a Shark on their team.

Glow Recipe Shark Tank Update

Glow Recipe continues to operate despite the failure of the transaction with Robert. 

The company began selling its products at Sephora in 2017, a beauty products retailer with more than 2700 locations worldwide. Furthermore, the company offers extensive Amazon shopping options.

Raising Wild Shark Tank Update

By the end of 2021, the company had sold $100 million in products. Glow Recipe celebrated its third anniversary since its line debuted at Sephora in November, the world’s largest beauty retailer.

The Glow Recipe line at Sephora includes a Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and a Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser.

Sarah says with pride, “We are responsible for taking K-beauty from a hyper niche to the mainstream.”

Is Glow Recipe Still In Business?

Glow Recipe’s beauty brand, which sells products infused with fruit, is still in operation.

You can buy their items on their website, in boutique retailers, pharmacies, and through

The success of its products has caused the company to expand its product line to include various skincare items, such as face masks, moisturizers, and body cleansers.

Customers can also create their skincare starter package or buy pre-made bundles from the company. The company also offers alternatives that are suitable for flights.

Both Korean-Americans, Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, are still at its helm, with headquarters in New York City.

The Coop After Shark Tank

Many well-known Korean beauty care products brands exist, but Innisfree is the most popular brand globally.

The company, based in Korea, owns and maintains several farms from which it extracts the ingredients for its products by harvesting the crops.

It has a strong position in the market on a global scale, having distributors in all of the major markets.