What Happened To Fixed After Shark Tank?

David Hegarty has built the app Fixed to help people appeal parking penalties, which he calls a government-run “racket.” He made his Fixed App pitch to the Sharks in episode 707.

Hegarty points out that many people believe that they have rights in a democracy, but those rights don’t end with their ability to get assistance to preserve them. A Shark Tank entrepreneur shares some wisdom!

The primary premise of fixed is that it makes it simple for motorists to challenge erroneous parking citations.

It takes only a few steps to set up a Fixed account, gathers photographic proof (a copy of the ticket, evidence of missing or misleading signage, damaged meters, etc.), and then submit the information to be assigned to a Fixed advocate.

An attorney estimates the chances of winning a case using their best guess. They will prepare an official contest letter and send it out.

They handle all correspondence relating to contesting the ticket. The ticket dismissal fee is fixed at 25% of the original price; otherwise, there is no fee.

When Hegarty got TWO TICKETS while in the courts fighting previous tickets, the Fixed App began. He was enraged when someone suggested that he develop an app to combat parking tickets.

He built a fake web page to gauge interest. He then created the application, which has received more than 60,000 submissions and has a 90% success rate.

The startup has received serious funding from Slow Ventures, Y Combinator, Structure, and Merus Capital.

The corporation has operations in the California counties of Alameda, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara.

The goal of Fixed is to provide low-cost legal services to everyone rather than just those who can afford “conventional” lawyers.

He’s likely trying to expand the scope of the company’s operations by getting a Shark on board.

Let’s see what Sharks’ response to Fixed Ticket App is?

What Is Fixed?

Fixed is a parking ticket app that allows customers to challenge unfair parking tickets. A user’s ticket process begins when they upload a photo of it.

As part of its analysis, the app identifies errors that may result in the revocation of the ticket if not enough evidence is provided at the beginning.

Fixed Shark Tank Update

The user can then send a customized contest letter to challenge the ticket’s issuance in writing.

Finally, the app uses Google Street View to verify that correct signage is at the ticket’s site. 

When a user’s ticket is dismissed or drastically reduced because of the app, they save 25% on the original ticket price.

For example, if someone had a $100 ticket, they would have to pay $25 for the Fixed Ticket.

Company NameFixed
EntrepreneurDavid Hegarty
ProductA parking ticket fighting app
Investment Asking For$700,000 For 5% stake in Fixed App
Final Deal$700,000 For 7% stake in Fixed App
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 7 Episode 14
Business StatusAcquired
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Fixed?

David Hegarty, a native of California, developed the Fixed app. 

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from University College Dublin and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University.

After completing college, he worked for Bain and Microsoft for four and two years, respectively, before starting his own company, Signature Labs.

He served as the CEO of Fixed Ticket App, a mobile ticketing service, for two years, from 2014 to 2015.

He has focused on consulting, strategy, and new market development throughout his career.

Fixed Before Shark Tank

Is the parking signage hard to understand? Do your attendees have too much ambition? All these questions were on David Hegarty’s mind. Parking tickets can be frustrating and costly.

David hoped he had found a way out of the situation. Fixed automates the process of disputing parking tickets.

Manually handling these things is time-consuming, expensive, and requires a lot of legal expertise.

To use Fixed, all you have to do is snap a picture of your ticket. A tailored letter will be written and delivered to the appropriate authorities if the claim can be disputed.

Fixed receives a portion of the ticket’s value if it successfully contests a ticket. If a customer wins, they merely have to pay for the service.

This problem has a fresh approach in the form of Fixed. Entrepreneurs tend to be those who repeatedly push into the black and gray markets, pushing against regulation.

Since Prohibition, these businesses have been lucrative and contentious, from bootleggers to Uber.

Fixed isn’t all that different, either. Local city governments are its primary rivals for revenue.

Fixed and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency already had a tense working relationship before the show’s filming (SFMTA).

As a result, Fixed needed funds to expand its operations in other cities and provide additional services. 

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Fixed?

David reaches Shark Tank seeking $700,000 for a 5% stake in Fixed. He talks about how individuals may become irritated by parking tickets.

It might be hard for people to understand signs and parking tickets are a way for towns to punish the little guy. There was little we could do before Fixed came along.

Take a picture of your ticket using the free app. Fixed goes through their system to check if it can be challenged.

Fixed App checks the ticket for errors, and if it’s contestable, they charge 35 percent of the ticket’s face value.

Some of the mistakes on the tickets include incorrect forms, incorrect plate numbers, etc.

They have a 20% to 30% success rate. Many people use the service because appealing a ticket is time-consuming, and they don’t know how to do it.

This year’s net revenue is $80K. With client acquisition costs ranging from $4-$5, they average $5 to $6 for each ticket sold.

The best way for them to get new clients is to put flyers on automobiles that have been cited. They have a retention rate of 70% once they acquire a customer.

Aside from speeding tickets and moving offenses, they plan to expand their legal services to include full representation.

There is a pressing need for assistance in expanding their operations to new cities across the country. At a valuation of $10 million, they’ve raised $1.8 million to date.

Fixed Shark Tank Update

Robert doesn’t believe it can grow as quickly as he claims despite David’s claims.

As Kevin sees it, it’s terrible karma for him to invest in a company that competes with the government for tax dollars.

In the end, Lori could not grasp the complexities of the company and resigned. While he understands the value of the business, Sacca believes that Uber and autonomous cars have a bright future; he’s out.

When it comes to the government, Mark agrees with David that tickets are a kind of regressive taxation.

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“Operational issues,” Mark says after a break. He is offering $700,000 for 7%, plus an advising fee of 2%.

If David has any questions, he should contact Mark any day or night and expect a response. David accepts the offer.

Deal with Mark Cuban for $700,000 and a 7 percent fee of $700,000.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agrees to invest $700,000 for a 7% stake in Fixed App.

What Happened To Fixed After Shark Tank?

Mark’s contract fell through, and Fixed ran into difficulties getting municipalities to cooperate effectively with them.

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The company’s website was restricted in October 2015 in San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles. A prominent law firm purchased the business for an undetermined amount in 2016.

Fixed App Shark Tank Update

Hegarty added that attorneys filed complaints to the Bar Association regarding Fixed following Shark Tank.

The service Fixed provided was likened to “practicing law” by others. We’d been working with a Los Angeles ethics counsel to ensure we were following all of these rules and regulations, but it just became incredibly difficult.” Hegarty said. They had yet another stranglehold.”

Fixed Shark Tank Update

The startup “Lawgix,” which bills itself as a collection litigation firm that provides oversight and collaboration between internal collection agencies and external law firms, purchased Fixed six months after the Shark Tank episode aired. (The acquisition’s financial details were not made public.)

Hegarty is currently employed by Opendoor, an online real estate startup based in San Francisco.

Is Fixed Still In Business?

Fixed still exists today, albeit in a modified form. Fixed Ticket App was a huge hit and incredibly effective at accomplishing its stated goal.

That resulted in the city’s officials working feverishly to prohibit its usage despite its ability to simply eliminate unfair penalties, and finally, the number of resources required to combat this was greater than the corporation could muster.

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However, the program was still plagued by the same problems when it shifted its attention to traffic tickets.

A hybrid law firm-tech company, Lawgix, purchased the app and uses it to challenge parking and traffic tickets in a way that is still successful but more expensive and less accessible to the general public.