Felt Shark Tank Update

The season 7 finale of Shark Tank featured Tomer Alpert pitching Felt, an app that sends letters by text message that are handwritten.

Alpert developed the app in 2013 as part of the effort to add more functionality to our increasingly digital and distant lifestyles. The company’s website claims that it is snail mail but redesigned for today’s world.

It is based on a straightforward principle. The platform allows you to create your design using either an image from your phone or one of its numerous themes.

You then use your finger or a stylus to trace over the address of your envelope and manually “write” a brief letter in the program.

You can use one of their typefaces if you have poor handwriting. They will handle the rest of the process after you have finished editing and designing your card in the app.

The high-quality paper is used for all printing, and the cards are square. It appears as though you wrote it yourself with the ink they use.

Your card was put in an envelope, stamped, and sent off by the ladies at Felt. It was that simple.

You can send a card for three dollars, and you can purchase credit to use toward future purchases.

The software is currently only available for Apple devices. Alpert probably wants a Shark to assist him in scaling his business. What will the Sharks’ reaction be to Felt?

What Is Felt?

Felt is an app that allows you to print and mail handwritten cards in today’s digitally dominated world.

Felt Shark Tank Update

Felt App’s features include a beautiful selection of templates and photographs with photos for every occasion and a toolbox for personalizing messages by converting handwriting into scripted language.

Company NameFelt App
EntrepreneurTomer Alpert
ProductApp For Sending Handwritten Cards
Investment Asking For$200,000 for 6% stake in Felt App
Final Deal$225,000 for 10% stake in Felt App
SharkKevin O’Leary
Episode Season 7 Episode 29
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Felt?

The Felt Application was created by Tomer Alpert, a native of Telluride, Colorado. Felt is a product created when inventor Tomer Alpert could not find an emergency thank-you card after attending a party, leading him to come up with the name.

Felt founder Tomer Alpert was looking for a thank-you card after an event when he came up with the idea for the company that would become known as Felt.

Alpert, who eventually made it to the season finale of Shark Tank, tried and failed to get on the show for two years in a row before finally getting on.

How would this novel approach to greeting cards do with the Sharks this time around? Let’s take a look.

Felt Before Shark Tank

Tomer has been an entrepreneur since he was a child in elementary school. He relocated to Telluride and invested $100,000 personally in the company that he founded with the help of nature.

The realization dawned upon him that not everyone would be willing to purchase a greeting card from a store that was not personalized.

You can choose a card from the Felt App, then write a handwritten note on it with a stylus or finger, and input your delivery address.

It is handled by the app, which prints the document, seals it, and stamps it within a day before mailing it to the recipient.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Felt?

Tomer reached out to the Sharks and asked for an investment of $200,000 for a 6% stake in Felt App.

Felt cards were distributed to the Sharks, each representing an app feature that can be accessed through the application.

iTunes has recorded 60,000 downloads of this program, and it now has an average rating of 4/5 stars.

Tomer indicated that a vast market is waiting for him if he successfully breaks into the wedding business.

Felt hopes to attract the attention of professionals; any business that has to send many cards to a large variety of recipients may be a potential client.

He thinks brides and professionals alike will be attracted to the ability to save recipient addresses in their accounts, given his experience.

Robert Herjavec believes the technology or idea is not proprietary and has therefore withdrawn from the competition.

At present, the acquisition of a new customer costs $8. Kevin O’Leary already owns and operates HoneyFund, a wedding business.

The app appeals to him, and he believes it can make him money if he can reduce user acquisition costs to almost nothing and use it in conjunction with his ability to do so.

He approaches Tomer with a proposal of $225,000 for a ten percent stake in the company.

This offer almost seems too good to be true given Mr. Wonderful’s past predatory behavior.

Tomer is advised to accept the deal immediately by Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, and Lori Greiner, who leave the room immediately. He accepts both their counsel and O’Leary’s offer.

Final Deal: Mr. Wonderful agreed to invest $225,000 for a 10% stake in Felt Application.

What Happened To Felt After Shark Tank?

Felt experienced a spike in subscriptions following the Shark Tank finale – nearly 10,000 users simultaneously.

The company’s sales increased dramatically after the broadcast, and its revenue increased by 10-20fold. They regularly update their Facebook page, which has 3,800 followers.

The service offers users the option of buying each card separately or subscribing to a $5 membership plan that includes three cards a month. 

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It appears that the agreement reached with Kevin O’Leary has been extremely beneficial to this organization.

Felt Shark Tank Update

Felt has taken off despite the failure of the transaction with Kevin. You can download the software from iTunes Store and the internet right now.

Felt Shark Tank Update

There are still active social media pages for the company on Facebook and Twitter, which indicates that the company is growing. A shark swims with Tomer was a heartwarming “Felt” success.

Felt Application is still operating in 2022, generating $1.5-$2 million sales each year.

Is Felt Still In Business?

The Shark Tank TV broadcast drew a great deal of attention to the Felt app, and the company’s sales have also increased steadily since then.

The company was funded with 220 thousand dollars when it entered Shark Tank, but its revenue has multiplied several times. The company employs more than 40 people, all of whom are based in Telluride, Colorado.

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The company is expanding accelerated thanks to integrating handmade cards and occasions and matching gifts according to seasonal moods. Customers’ interests have been influenced significantly by this.

With great pride, the company has developed from a few hundred thousand dollars to a 1.5 million dollar enterprise in 2021. 

The Felt app is available for download on various platforms and their website.