Esso Watches Shark Tank Update

Some may remember that Esso Watches was featured on Shark Tank. A watch designed by Ryan Naylor, founder of Esso Watches, can improve your balance and decision-making abilities by counteracting the negative ions you are exposed to from most modern devices daily.

That’s why the other investors decided to stay away from Naylor because of the unsupported assertions of Mark Cuban in Naylor’s pitch.

Entrepreneur Ryan Naylor appeared on Shark Tank on February 24th, 2012, proposing Esso Watches, a fashion accessory company with a twist.

Esso clocks utilize negative ions to restore the wearer’s body to a normal state by creating an optimal “energy field,” according to Ryan.

Ryan requested $35,000 and a 20% stake in his company in exchange for his services. Naylor likely did not feel like an aspiring entrepreneur on TV but more like a Christian in the Colosseum.

He was best known for his European-made Esso watches. Ryan has already sold thousands of these in the U.S.

Electrical devices emit positive ions, which balance out the negative ions in watches, which is why they were so popular.

What Is Esso Watches?

The Esso Watch is a watch that has negative ions as an active ingredient, replenishing the body’s natural energy field.

Esso Watches After Shark Tank

Ryan Naylor pitched Esso Watches on Shark Tank in 2012. He claims that negative ions can improve flexibility and balance by restoring the energetic field of the human body through the use of his watches.

Company NameEsso Watches
EntrepreneurRyan Naylor
ProductThe Negative Ion Bracelet
Investment Asking For$35,000 For 20% stake in Esso Watches
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 3 Episode 6
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Esso Watches?

Ryan Naylor is the founder of Esso Watches. Ryan Naylor didn’t realize how cruel Sharks could be when it came to his Esso Watch brand on his first appearance in the Shark Tank.

He asserts that the Esso Watch’s negative ions help restore our body’s natural energy field. Taylor has now sold more than $120,000.00 in goods for a profit of $70k from an investment of $10,000.

Esso Watch Brand holds a $175,000.00 value, and he is asking for $35k for a 20% ownership stake.

Esso Watches Before Shark Tank

Ryan Naylor, the owner of Esso Watches, discussed the benefits of the negative ion technology he uses in his watches in Shark Tank episode 302.

There is no scientific evidence to support the claims of negative ion technology. Lori claims she noticed an improvement in her balance while wearing a watch during a test run.

People swear by positive ion technology, and similar wristbands are not new, but they tend to feel that the “placebo effect” is responsible for their success.

Naylor doesn’t make the watches himself; they are made in another country. The Sharks are aimed at increasing his sales by offering him a loan.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Esso Watches?

When Ryan began his presentation with a warning that electronic gadgets bombard our bodies with positive ions, he emphasized the dangers of these devices to our health.

Kevin was skeptical from the beginning about the efficacy of negative ion therapy. The critic questioned the benefits of the coffee enema, “Supposed to be good, but who knows?”.

Ryan remained calm to keep the issue authentic when he was nervous and showed off the watch’s ability to balance throughout his presentation.

She accepted since she was curious about the benefits, and she seemed to exhibit some improvement in balance while wearing the watch.

Ryan then distributed various wristwatches. Kevin refused Mark’s offer to take one, and he continued with his sarcastic remarks, still threatening.

He snorted and scoffed as Ryan tried to offer Mark the Maverick blue Echo Watch. He resigned immediately, claiming he was ‘sensitive to scams.’ 

The numbers followed after that. Ryan claimed he sold over $110,000 worth of Esso Watches in the previous year and made $70,000 in profit.

This had piqued Kevin’s interest, and he seemed to be warming up to the idea of investing in an Esso Watch.

Kevin was excited when Ryan proudly told the Sharks he had no out-of-pocket expenses to get new clients because his background in search engine optimization allows him to reach clients without spending a cent.

Lori was curious about the product, so she inquired about the mechanism of the negative ions’ action and if any independent laboratory testing had been conducted to verify the benefits claimed.

Lori argued that a product that claims to cure cancer, for example, would need extensive testing before being advertised on television.

Mark and the other Sharks assumed Ryan also scoffed, as he didn’t have any such tests. Lorie was done with the night after that.

Daymond followed up with a seemingly innocent question, ‘So you developed the watch?’ in response, to which Ryan enthusiastically added that some of them were his creations. “Yes,” Ryan enthusiastically said.

Daymond counter-punched, claiming that Daymond had stolen the designs from another of his companies, Rumba Time.

Daymond was gone before Ryan had a chance to speak. Daymond didn’t want to hear Lori’s defense of Ryan, in which she said that firms create comparable watches all the time.

Even though there were only two left to go, Mr. Wonderful’s most important question was, “Can I make money off of this deal?” as he was always the no-nonsense investor.

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Mark stepped in and joked about beating the living crap out of Kevin should he even consider investing in the firm just before Ryan and Kevin were about to close a deal.

Robert, who had been mostly silent during the pitch, complimented Ryan for handling the abuse from the Sharks and then quickly walked away from the competition by saying he didn’t believe in the idea.

Kevin, last but certainly not least, offered one more piece of advice to Ryan: Ryan should acknowledge the negative ion technology was a fraud, and Kevin would be happy to invest.

Ryan refused to compromise and stood solid in his convictions about the technology. O’Leary’s departure deprived Ryan of the Shark investment opportunity, and he walked out.

Angry Mark Cuban and the other Sharks criticized Ryan for not defending himself and his company enough as he exited the room.

What Happened To Esso Watches After Shark Tank?

Esso Watches were athletic, exciting, and inexpensive, regardless of whether you believed in negative ions or not.

Taylor made a lot of money from Amazon and his website due to his Shark Tank exposure.

Esso Watches After Shark Tank

Company websites have gone offline following the show’s first airing and subsequent summer re-run.

It appears that Mark Cuban will no longer have the support of Esso in his anti-negative ion technology campaign.

A year later, Naylor launched VIVAHR. It’s a software company that helps people find jobs. Besides writing and speaking, he’s also a published author with several books to his credit.

Esso Watches Shark Tank Update

Esso Watches is no longer online; however, its Twitter account directs visitors to Tagi, now hosts Esso Watches’ old content.

The Tagi watch is not affiliated with one of the world’s top corporations, nor does its name promise any health benefits.

It is a simple-looking watch with case sizes of 36mm and 40mm and either a black or brown leather strap. If you’re interested, it costs $119.00.

Is Esso Watches Still In Business?

Esso Watches went out of business after the Shark Tank pitch because Exxon Mobile claimed copyright on the phrase “Esso,” and Ryan agreed with Exxon.

Ryan’s time in the Tank was a waste, but he gained a lot from experience. Esso Watches, in particular, was something he had no interest in.

When Ryan realized the importance of finding work he loved, he decided to devote his life to helping others do the same.

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A job board called allowed him to accomplish this. Today, the majority of Ryan’s time is devoted to LocalWork.

He also gives speeches to aspiring entrepreneurs about his time in the tank and the significance of starting a firm that consistently aligns with one’s values and interests.