Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads? A Detailed Guide.

Vehicle repairs should be performed as soon as possible to avoid potentially disastrous and costly effects; this can be avoided by getting the repairs performed as soon as possible.

Walmart Auto Care Centers provide basic auto services such as oil changes, battery services, and tire rotations, but customers can purchase all the brake pad replacement parts they need at any Walmart Auto Care Center.

You should keep an eye out for brake squeaks. Maybe you have only had your car a short time and believe the brakes need to be replaced.

You may wonder if Walmart provides brake pad replacement services through its Auto Service Centers. Here is what I learned:

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads?

Sadly, Walmart Auto Service Center does not offer brake pad replacement in-store.

Alternatively, Walmart offers a brake replacement service at your house through Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service, with rates starting at $160. 

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads?

Walmart also offers brake pads and service tools for four-wheel-drive vehicles and sedans.

Find out more about Walmart’s brake replacement service, including alternatives and further details!

Does Walmart Sell Brake Pads And Parts?

The Walmart does not replace brake pads, but you can purchase any parts you may need for your repair at the Walmart shop, regardless of whether your brakes need repairing.

You can buy various brake parts from Walmart, including brake pads, rotors, and calipers.

If you purchase your brake parts at Walmart, you should be aware that this can be a difficult repair to complete by yourself unless you are a trained car mechanic.

If you’re willing to take up the challenge of learning something new, you can watch the video to learn how to complete the task successfully.

Where Can I Get My Brakes Serviced?

There are a few places where qualified technicians can have your brakes serviced if you do not feel secure enough to select the parts and hire a technician.

The most popular places to get brakes serviced on a tight budget are Midas and Pep Boys.

You can also take your vehicle to a dealership service center, where the staff will be able to assist you.

How Often Should I Replace Brake Pads?

A brake pad replacement is an essential part of vehicle maintenance because they are a component that needs regular replacement.

The damage caused by contaminants like brake fluids, oils, and grease is not always apparent, but the damage can be severe.

The anti-rattle clips on a brake pad can wear out over time, causing vibrations upon applying the brake pedal, even though the pad was originally fitted with anti-rattle clips.

A driver who fails to take the necessary breaks puts themselves and other drivers on the road in danger if they don’t take the necessary breaks.

You should change brake pads when they become contaminated, worn out, or their performance has declined.

The recommended interval for changing brake pads is between 40,000 and 50,000 kilometers.

If the pads have worn down to the tread bottom, they are strongly recommended to be replaced. 

The old rotors can sometimes be recycled and repurposed under certain conditions. Despite not showing any signs of wear, pad replacements are recommended every three years.

How Much Do Brake Parts Cost At Walmart?

You’ll find that the prices of various brake parts differ considerably depending on which brands you choose to purchase them from.

The brake pads cost between $20 and $30 at Walmart, and four pads are usually sold per set (you’ll need eight for the entire vehicle).

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads?

Brake rotors are often supplied individually and can range from $20 to $80 per piece. There is also the option of buying brake calipers for between $40 and $120.

Visit and search for specific brake parts. You will find the most up-to-date prices and brand information there.

What Hours Are Walmart Auto Center Available?

A Walmart Auto Center is a separate building from the main store; it operates on a different schedule than the store. As a result, their business hours are different from the stores.

Walmart Auto Service Center hours vary from one location to another, but in general, from one location to another, the Walmart Auto Service Center is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and Saturday hours are 9:00 AM. to 7:00 PM, except for holidays. It is also open on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

It is best to contact ahead and find out what services they offer and their hours at your local Walmart Auto Service Center before bringing your car there for repairs.

Watch Out For These Brake Signs

If you hear any squeaking or grinding noises when braking, this is a sign that you may have to have new brakes soon (or already do).

Similarly, if you hit the floor when pressing on the brake pedal or your foot vibrates, you need to get your brakes repaired immediately.

You may occasionally experience “mushy” brake pedals, which is another indicator that your brakes aren’t working correctly.

The dashboard may already include some indicators. If you see warning lights on your instrument panel or dash that state “Check brakes/Check the brake fluid,” you should activate them immediately.

Walmart does not offer brake pad replacement services, but they offer various other automotive services, such as tire installation, flat tire repair, tire balancing, key duplication, vehicle audio installation, coolant flushes, and more.

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