Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges? A Detailed Guide

You will save money and protect the environment by getting your printer’s ink cartridges replaced instead of buying new ones.

You recently purchased a printer that requires ink cartridges, and you’re wondering if Walgreens refills them. This article will respond to your question.

This article discusses the pros and cons of bringing your refill kit to Walgreens, as well as the process in general.

Walgreens will need to inspect your empty cartridge before allowing it to be refilled, so try to bring it to the store unpackaged or in its original packaging.

You can either buy a new one from the store or have it picked up for you by someone else. You can order online through a third-party vendor like Inkfarm, which will deliver directly to your door!

After purchasing your new cartridge, you will have to complete a form with the cartridge’s information.

Walgreens employees can use this feature to identify your cartridge if it gets lost in the system, verify your authorization to refill and log the number of refills each printer/cartridge combination has received.

Given that Walgreens operates a specialist ‘photo lab’ in most of its 8000+ locations nationwide, you may be asking if Walgreens refills ink cartridges. Here is what I discovered during my investigation!

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges?

Walgreens provides ink cartridge refills at some locations equipped with photo labs as of 2022. Walgreens can refill HP, Samsung, Fuji, Epson, Canon, Brother, and Lexmark inkjet cartridges.

Service fees for black-ink cartridges are ten dollars, while colored-ink cartridges are twenty-five dollars, and the service takes less than an hour.

The Walgreens stores equipped with photo labs have been replenishing ink cartridges since 2006.

Walgreens sells refilled black-ink and colored-ink cartridges on its website for almost half the price of a new cartridge for HP, Lexmark, Fuji, Brother, Canon, Epson, and Samsung printers.

The price of an ink cartridge may range from $15 to $60, depending on the type of ink used and the brand.

The prices at Walgreens for inkjet refills for black and color inks are approximately $10 and $25, respectively.

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges

You can save money by refilling ink cartridges rather than purchasing new ones every few months.

Small businesses and students who print documents or online pages can quickly accumulate savings. You can easily save $10,000 a year this way.

You can have your ink cartridge refilled at Walgreens’ photofinishing counter. You won’t have to wait long. Walgreens can refill most inkjet cartridges in less than an hour. It may take as little as 15 minutes.

Walgreens also guarantees its refilled cartridges 100 percent, so you never have to worry about the quality of a recycled product.

Although Walgreens locations may not have a dedicated photo studio, many do. Your preferred location’s refilling machine may be unavailable.

You can locate nearby Walgreens locations that refill ink cartridges using the store locator on Walgreens’ website. For any questions that might arise, you should contact the store directly.

What Types Of Ink Cartridges Does Walgreens Refill?

You can get Walgreens to refill black and color inkjet printer cartridges from various brands, including Samsung, Fuji, Canon, Lexmark, HP, Epson, and Brother.

Walgreens refills inkjet printer cartridges. You will have to indicate the type of printer when handing in the cartridge, as the refill machine can refill both colored and black ink cartridges.

If you return your empty cartridge for refilling, be sure to identify your printer model. You can contact a customer service team member with any questions you may have.

Walgreens also offers refill services for various printer manufacturers, including Canon, Lexmark, HP, Brother, Epson, Fuji, and Samsung.

Visit your nearest Walgreens and present your ink cartridge at the photo lab counter. Then inform the clerk that you wish to have them refilled.

Walgreens guarantees each ink cartridge is refilled in its location, and all cartridges are inspected for defect or fault.

If it is reusable and one of the refillable varieties, you will be needed to make payment and submit personal information for later pickup if you are unable to wait.

How Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled By Walgreens?

Walgreens might offer you a way to refill your ink cartridge if it operates a ‘photo lab’ counter. If your local Walgreens provides this service, you should visit the store and request it.

You can request an ink cartridge replacement, make payment, and provide any information necessary for pick-up when you arrive.

The employee will inform you when you can expect to pick up the item after you have completed that step. 

Walgreens will prepare your ink cartridge for pickup by processing and refilling it when the time is right.

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Ink Cartridge Refilled At Walgreens?

Walgreens states that it will refill your ink cartridge within an hour after submission. You can, therefore, stop by a Walgreens store and get a refill done by handing your ink cartridge over to an employee.

You can then get your prescriptions filled and renewed and purchase any other items that you may need. You will most likely find that your cartridge has been refilled by the time you return.

Please note that the standard ‘one-hour’ wait period is only a guideline. Your cartridge may be on its way to you within ten minutes if no other refills are waiting in line.

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However, if the queue is lengthy or the machine is momentarily unavailable, you may be forced to wait longer.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Ink Cartridges At Walgreens?

The cost of refilling a black-ink cartridge will be $10, and that for refilling a colored-ink cartridge will be $25 at Walgreens.

How Can You Know If Your Local Walgreens Refills Ink Cartridges?

Most Walgreens locations offer ink cartridge refill services. Still, it is possible that your local store does not have a dedicated photo lab or that the refilling machine is not functioning at present.

First, it is important to ask if the ink cartridge refilling service is available at your local store to avoid any problems.

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges

Using the store locator, you can locate the contact information and operating hours for your nearest Walgreens.

Does Walgreens Sell Canon Ink Cartridges?

You can purchase Canon ink cartridges at Walgreens in the photo lab section. Walgreens sells a black ink cartridge from Canon for approximately $31, reasonable.

Walgreens also offers HP cartridges for around $27. and Walgreens stores both offer ink cartridges for purchase.

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You can pick up online cartridge orders in-store or have them delivered the same day.

Where Else Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled?

If your Walgreens doesn’t have a photo lab or the ink cartridge refilling machine is not functioning, you can’t refill your ink cartridge from Walgreens.

Alternatively, you could visit one of the following locations to have it refilled:

  • Costco
  • Office Max
  • Staples

Final Words on Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges

Walgreens has inked cartridge refill stations at most of their 8000+ stores.

The cost to refill both black-ink and colored-ink cartridges is $10 for black-ink cartridges and $25 for colored-ink cartridges. You can refill your cartridge at the photo lab counter by asking the staff to do so.

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