Does Target Drug Test | Everything You Need To Know.

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Target ensures that a drug-free environment protects its employees and customers. Target prohibits employees from drinking alcohol, using drugs, or smoking on the job.

On the other hand, Target does not conduct drug tests on employees or those who apply to work there.

According to my research, Target does not conduct drug tests on employees or those who apply to work there.

Does Target Drug Test?

Target has a drug-free workplace policy, which requires that certain positions require you to pass a drug test within 24 hours to meet eligibility requirements. Target’s drug tests are conducted by Accurate Background, a third-party company.

Target Drug Test

Here is more information about Target drug tests, including how they’re administered, what they test for, and how they work.

When Do Target Drug Test?

Target requires drug testing of its employees for three different reasons:


The first one typically is a pre-employment test, which means it is required as a condition of receiving a job offer.

This procedure is often applied to target employees who operate machines or wish to become Managers or Team Leaders. It is not applied to all target employees, though.

Following an accident

Target may require the employee causing serious damage or requiring medical treatment to submit to a drug test if the employee causes serious damage or requires medical treatment.

Target needs to do this for the safety of its employees and to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

Justifiable Cause

Target may conduct a drug test on an employee if Target has reasonable suspicion to suspect that the employee is using, distributing, or under the influence of illegal drugs while on the job.

Target employees will not be randomly selected to participate in a drug-testing program.

Target is more likely to suspect a worker if there are unusual or unpredictable behaviors, accidents or mishaps, or even evidence that drugs may be used.

What Type Of Drugs Do Target Test For?

Target conducts drug testing to determine whether or not employees have recently used any of the following drugs: heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Marijuana use for medical and recreational purposes is legal in several places. You can get legal advice from Target if you use marijuana.

Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

Target maintains the right to conduct drug testing on its employees to ensure that its workplace is a drug-free environment.

Target is thus allowed to inspect shipments and containers suspected of being used to transport or distribute illegal pharmaceuticals.

Additionally, random drug tests may become more common for those who operate heavy machines or automobiles.

Target employees who work in asset protection or management may also be tested for drugs.

Target does not usually test cashiers, retail employees, or seasonal employees for drugs unless they reasonably suspect they are doing something illegal.

What Type Of Drug Test Does Target Do?

Target employs several drug-testing procedures for its employees. Target maintains a third-party company, Accurate Background, which conducts these tests in stores adjacent to Accurate Background’s facilities.

A Target employee may conduct a blood, urine, or breath test if Target suspects the individual is using drugs. 

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The hair test is also available, often seen as more reliable since it has a greater detection range than other testing types.

The Target Drug Testing Process

Target drug testing centers will be positioned close to the Target store where you now work or want to work.

You will be told if you have to submit to a drug test during your interview if the position you are applying for requires it.

Target typically requires drug testing for positions that require working with machines or cars.

Target Drug Test

You are also required to be tested within 24 hours of accepting a job offer from Target or within 24 hours of being notified that you will be part of the company’s drug-testing program.

If you are approved, Target will provide instructions on how to complete the test. You must bring a government-issued photo identification card to the test center to prove your identity.

What Happens If I Fail A Drug Test At Target?

You will likely be chastised by Target management if you fail a drug test, and you could be sued or terminated if you are suspended or terminated from your job.

Target prohibits sharing your drug test results with anyone else because your results are considered sensitive medical information.

Can I Still Be Hired At Target If You Fail A Drug Test?

You will not be considered for employment if your job offer requires passing a drug test. If you fail the drug test or fail to finish it within 24 hours, your offer will be withdrawn.

Target is looking for motivated and dependable employees, and a positive drug test may suggest that you are not the perfect fit for the position.

Conclusion: Does Target Drug Test?

Target conducts drug and alcohol tests on new hires, people involved in accidents, and people it suspects of being influenced by drugs.

Target stores do not conduct these tests because they occur at facilities administered by Accurate Background.

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You may have major repercussions on your job if you fail a Target drug test, and Target has the right to conduct random drug testing if they suspect any of their employees are engaging in illegal activity.


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