What Happened To Coffee Brand Gifts After Shark Tank?

Dan Cafferty plans to raise investment for his startup, Coffee Brand Gifts, in episode 104 of Shark Tank.

He’d just returned from a coffee trade fair, where he’d been before. It occurred to him that, despite a large number of products on display, there were few novelties or gift suggestions for the average coffee drinker.

There were no coffee-themed games, stuffed animals, or other novelty items to be found.

It turns out that no one has a patent on the phrases “latte,” “java,” “coffee,” or ‘cappuccino,’ according to his patent lawyer.

This was the beginning of the Genesis of Coffee Brand Gifts, a line of items bearing the trademarks he had just obtained for common coffee terms.

He solicited feedback from potential clients by conducting polls at local coffee shops and cafés.

However, Cafferty encountered a snag. He needed the money to start making the products he intended to market. He sought assistance from the Sharks.

What Is Coffee Brand Gifts?

Coffee Brand Gifts creates unique coffee cups and other java-themed gifts for coffee enthusiasts.

The company was developing coffee-themed puzzles, plush animals, and games. A start-up cost would have to be paid for by the Sharks.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

Dan Claffey conceived Coffee Brand Gifts after noticing a lack of interesting coffee gifts at a coffee trade fair.

Company NameCoffee Brand Gifts
EpisodeSeason 1 Episode 4
Founder/OwnerDan Claffey
Investment Asked$300,000 For 40% equity in Coffee Brand Gifts
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusOut of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Coffee Brand Gifts?

Coffee Brand Gifts founder Dan Claffey was already a coffee enthusiast before founding the company.

Claffey, an artist, attended the coffee show to promote his book, Coffee Break, which he illustrated.

Claffey first recognized the demand for additional coffee-themed novelty presents at this trade fair.

He quickly trademarked many coffee terms following the trade fair. These included words like java, latte, and coffee. That’s how it all began: coffee brand gifts.

Coffee Brand Gifts Before Shark Tank

Dan Claffey is a coffee enthusiast who created Coffee Brand Gifts from his deep passion for the drink.

Dan experienced a strange occurrence at a coffee trade show.

Many booths did not give gift suggestions for the typical coffee enthusiast, despite the many products on display.

Claffey was in a state of shock and thought it was a shame that there weren’t any plush animals, games, or other fun things to give.

When he did a little more digging, he found that common terms in coffee shops, such as “java,” “latte,” and “coffee,” had never been copied.

Claffey took advantage of the opportunity to secure a patent on these words to incorporate them into his Coffee Brand Gifts product line.

He surveyed local coffee shops and cafes to determine what kind of gifts coffee lovers would appreciate.

The survey helped Claffey determine what to sell, and he created an inventory of possible products.

However, he had one major problem to deal with. A lack of capital for the business doomed Coffee Brand Gifts to failure from the beginning.

Claffey asked for an investment to help his coffee-themed business get off the ground by pitching his idea on Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Coffee Brand Gifts?

Claflin starts his pitch by explaining how he discovered a new market at a coffee convention by stating that he wanted $300,000 for 40 percent of Coffee Brand Gifts.

Gifts and novelty items were displayed by less than 2% of the 500 exhibitors at the trade fair.

He patented a series of commonly used coffee-related terms to create the plush animals, game boards, and other toys that would eventually become his company’s products.

Robert Herjavec wants to know why this company idea is important to the market.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

Even if the trademark is excellent,  Kevin O’Leary interrupts Claffey to ask, “Have you sold any of this crap?” as he describes the data he gathered through surveys and games he devised.

Coffee Brand Gifts is yet to accept orders because of the tiny quantity of products due to its lack of financial resources.

When the Sharks see how backward he has his priorities, they all leap at the chance to eat him up.

O’Leary says he would kill Claffey if he invested the $300,000 to produce all the things Claffey wants to sell, and the business fails because it would be a waste of his time and money.

In response to Daymond John’s question, Dan says that he has invested roughly $500,000.

Barbara Corcoran, who knows how well he collected information for his company endeavors, suggests he spent more time researching since he made terrible investment decisions.

She walks away from the deal after deciding not to invest. Claffey’s hasty explanations are met with snarls and disbelief by the Sharks, who point out that this is not the way to run a company.

How do you explain it? When a girl promised to call me back in college but never did, Herjavec wonders if it’s like that.

Neither O’Leary nor Herjavec believe that fear sales are “unamerican”.

One by one, each of the Sharks decides not to invest in the company and considers it a total waste of time.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

There is no profit to be made if no sales are made. The Sharks reject the offer one by one. 

No matter how hard Cafferty tries to persuade them, the Sharks will not invest in Coffee Brand Gifts because they do not make any money.

After encountering the Shark Tank, he.” departs the stage with a sour taste in his mouth.

Coffee Brand Gifts Shark Tank Update

Coffee Brand Gifts is no longer in business. No Sharks were interested in doing business with Coffee Brand Gifts because it did not produce sales.

Coffee Brand Gifts were a common sight until recently. The company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have not been updated since 2013 and 2009, respectively.

It appears that Claffey’s coffee business aspirations aren’t over.

Claffey’s Facebook page promotes Coffeeopoly, a coffee-themed Monopoly game that he and his daughter created together.

Coffeeopoly’s website also features a few pages from Claffey’s novel, Coffee Break.

Is Coffee Brand Gifts Still In Business?

Dan Claffey resolved to keep on with Coffee Brand Gifts despite receiving a scathing response from the Sharks.

You’d think that, as a successful market salesman, he’d have no issue launching this new venture with the right amount of dedication.

Claffey must have lost the will to continue the business since there were no orders or sales for Coffee Brand Gifts.

A Facebook page for the company exists, but the last post was two years ago, and it was touting a different business venture he was attempting to launch.

Since he appeared on ABC’s television show, Claffey still owns the patents for the common coffee terms, but he hasn’t done anything with them.