BZBox Shark Tank Update

Kaeya Majmundar hopes to secure an investment for her product BZBox during the final episode of Shark Tank on May 16. BZBox is a collapsible and easily-assembled box she developed.

An Emory College junior designed BZBox in 2012 while filing patents and applying for a Shark Tank audition.

Initially, she was reluctant to apply because she didn’t have any sales. Still, in November 2012, she won the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organizations National Elevator Pitch Competition, and she was ready to dive into the shark tank.

BZ Boxes are intended for students and others who need to pack up their belongings regularly.

You can fold it flat after unpacking, and you can fold it flat again in a flash when it’s time to pack up and go.

Kaeya has begun negotiating licensing agreements for her product while still in school, but it is not yet ready for market (the company does not even have a website).

The BZBox is probably seeking Shark’s help to achieve those licensing deals and get their products into retail outlets.

What Is BZBox?

The BZBox is an expandable storage box with a lid that can open and close. It can be folded up and stowed relatively easily when not in use.

It can also safely hold objects while they’re in transit, so there is no need to worry about them collapsing during transit.

BZBox Shark Tank Update

There is no need to use tape for the box’s locking mechanism since it does not require it.

Company NameBZBox
EntrepreneurKaeya Majmunder
ProductA collapsible box for home storage
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 20% stake in BZBox
Final Deal$50,000 For 40% stake in BZBox
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 5 Episode 29
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of BZBox?

BZBox was created by Kaeya Majmundar, who is also the creator. An Emory University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology.

She is currently a resident of Chicago, where she has worked for a startup company that she founded for the past two years.

She is currently a co-founder of a start-up called SwayPay. It is a marketing company that works with other major brands, saving consumers money.

BZBox Before Shark Tank

Kaeya’s roommate asked her in college for assistance moving many boxes into storage while taking an exam.

Kaeya consented to take part as she was a good friend, but things went south when she chose one of the old, shabby cardboard boxes that had been improperly packed.

BZbox (pronounced Busy Box) is an idea Kaeya Majmundar, a sophomore at Emory University, has presented to the Shark Tank to receive $50,000 and 20 percent ownership in the company.

She slipped everything through the cracks while walking to her car, resulting in a massive smear. She had to spend the rest of the day packing up all her roommate’s belongings.

She devised BZBox to find a remedy for her annoyance and inspiration.

Kaeya became involved with BZBox shortly after finishing her first year when her roommate asked her to move many boxes into storage while she finished her chemistry finals. It was an easy decision for her.

When she went over to pick up a box, all of the contents fell straight through the opening and out.

Kaeya needed a short-term solution since it would take her an entire day to repack all of her roommate’s belongings. The BZBox, the design of which she came up with herself, was conceived during this time.

However, she mentioned this to her parents, but they weren’t very enthusiastic. She sought investors to assist her in financing her business idea while still in college.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BZBox?

Kaeya reached out to Shark Tank requesting an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 20 percent stake in BZBox. 

She explains her story and then invites Robert to compete in a “race” to assemble a box.

She opens a BZ Box before Robert has a chance to pick up his “conventional” box. A large part of the Sharks’ concern is the additional costs of producing her crates.

She would have to order 400,000 copies of the book to reach the price of “conventional” boxes. On the other hand, Lori prefers the plastic replica she brought.

Robert does not believe that this is a sufficient solution to the problem she is attempting to solve; hence, he has withdrawn his participation.

Mark believes she should pay attention to counsel and look for a Shark who would write a check; however, he is not one of them – he is out.

As a result of Barbara’s displeasure with Kaeya’s refusal to listen, she is expelled.

Kevin, who is in the box industry, offers $50,000 for 50% of the company and claims to lower the price by increasing the volume of orders.

Kaeya convinced Lori to invest $50,000 for a 40 percent stake in exchange for a promise that the property would be converted into storage. Lori paid $50,000 for that stake. This deal has been completed.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest $50,000 for 40% to BZBox.

What Happened To BZBox After Shark Tank?

Lori has put Kaeya to work on various projects following her stint on the Shark Tank.

Kaeya has reportedly acquired Kaeyos, a corporation that appears to be exclusively dedicated to the BZBox.

Today, Kaeya has grown to be a company that offers a variety of products, many of which are now classified as apparel.

BZBox is sold on the same online storefront that sells a range of other items, primarily apparel, for purchase through customers.

FlexScreen Shark Tank Update

Lori seems to have worked her way up to a managerial position for Kaeya, who seems to be living the American dream.

Kaeya also invented the ZipTank, a tank top with a zipper on the front.

This tank top can be worn as a top or used as a bag as desired, allowing the tank top to be worn or used as a bag. Kaeyos, Inc. seems to be heavily influenced by pop culture.

BZBox Shark Tank Update

Lori did, however, serve as Kaeya’s mentor for some time, even though their contract never materialized.

BZBox appears to have closed in 2017, yet some storage boxes are still available on Amazon in February 2022.

Kaeya launched a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year for ZipTank, a tank top that functions like a tote bag. That, too, fizzled out after a while.

She launched SwayPay in August of 2021; now, she is co-founder and CEO of another startup that offers users “cashback on goods you buy by posting them on TikTok, regardless of how many followers you have.”

Is BZBox Still In Business?

Kaeya never gained significant traction with BZBox after appearing on Shark Tank, despite a few sales, since she was unable to acquire investors for large-scale production and chose to continue her education instead.

In 2015, Kaeya founded Kaeyos to specialize in product development and marketing. She managed the company for a few years before selling it.

She launched a second product around this time, the Zip Tank convertible tank top tote bag, which she managed to get featured on Project Runway at the time.

BoomBoom Shark Tank Update

Kaeya’s idea would have faced competition from Lend A Box, allowing consumers to borrow recyclable boxes rather than buy them.

Several similar concepts are available online through Amazon or in-store through retailers like Walmart and others.