Buck Mason After Shark Tank

Buck Mason is a timeless men’s apparel company made in the USA that Sasha Koehn and Erik Shnakenberg present on Shark Tank episode 624.

They started the company to create jobs in the United States and provide quality, fashionable clothing for American males.

Buck Mason bucks the trend of local manufacturing, only making up 3 percent of all clothing purchased in the United States.

This outfit has nothing complex: classic jeans, high-quality tee shirts, Oxford shirts with round cuts, belts, and Stetson hats.

Their mission is to create “rock star simple” clothing that outlasts fashion trends. The company also offers a “try-it-on option” in addition to its bundles.

Every box contains two to four products from their clothing range, which consumers can try on and keep for 14 days before paying for the items they decide to keep. When it comes to clothing, it’s the age-old “puppy dog close” rule!

Buck Mason gear is a little on the costly side: a tee-shirt costs $24, an Oxford shirt costs $88, and a pair of slacks cost $135.

The prices of those clothes appear excessive, but they are cheaper than similar clothes from other well-known brands of a similar style.

They are likely seeking a Shark who can provide them with cash and guidance to develop, as their company is rapidly expanding (multiple job positions are listed on their website).

How likely will Buck Mason find a home with the Sharks?

What Is Buck Mason?

Buck Mason is a luxury clothing firm that specializes in button-up shirts, chinos, and other apparel for modern men.

Buck Mason is available exclusively online and through its mobile app and retail locations in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

Buck Mason is a clothing company that offers high-quality, American-made apparel at an affordable price. 

Buck Mason After Shark Tank

You have the option of purchasing goods individually or selecting a wardrobe package to simplify your decision-making process.

The packages are delivered for free, and you have 14 days to try on items before paying for only what you want.

Company NameBuck Mason
ProductMen’s Clothing of High Quality and Minimalism
EntrepreneurErik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn
WebsiteVisit Website
Episode Season 6 Episode 26
Investment Seeking$200,000 for 8% stake in Buck Mason
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Business StatusIn Business

Who Is The Founder Of Buck Mason?

Buck Mason was founded in 2013 by Sasha Koehn and Erik Allen, who were neighbors in Venice, California, and who were friends before that.

Buck Mason’s in-house knitting ensures that all fabric and yarn they use in their products are of the highest quality.

A single tee shirt from this company can cost up to $10 in fabric alone, but the products are constructed to last generations, not just a season.

A Buck Mason product is beautiful and functional thanks to its long-grain cotton sourced from the world’s best cotton producers.

It may appear that some of their products, such as their raw denim jeans, are somewhat structured, but these garments are designed to last and get better with each wash.

Buck Mason Before Shark Tank

The creators of Buck Mason, Sasha Koehn, and Erik Schnakenberg are Los Angeles residents. 

They are looking for a $200,000 investment to receive an 8% stake in their company in return for the investment.

Growing up, Sasha remembers thinking his father looked great because he wore the same outfit every day, which consisted of blue work pants, white shirts, and blue-and-white flannel shirts.

As a bricklayer, he wasn’t trying to dress fashionably; rather, he was dressing for the job at hand.

Today, it is easy to feel like a lady when shopping for men’s clothing because there are many options, trends, and stimulation.

The two founders of Buck Mason set out to produce affordable, high-quality clothing made in America.

Buck Mason identified niche markets for t-shirts, blue jeans, and oxford shirts, including the perfect t-shirt, the necessary pair of jeans, and the classic oxford shirt.

Buck Mason publishes information on their website about who manufactures their items and how they are manufactured; they refer to this as “American-made price transparency.”

Buck Mason rejects fashion trends because they believe that fashion should not be about fitting in or sticking out but about personal taste instead.

Buck Mason sells clothing designed for working-class men who want to maintain a sense of style.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Buck Mason?

Sasha and Erik begin with an “at home” part in which they describe how they distinctively market their clothes.

They have proved that American Made can be a successful business by selling every product they release.

Erik and Sasha appeared on Shark Tank seeking $200,000 for an 18% stake in Buck Mason. Erik’s father’s attire served as inspiration for their outfits.

They are avoiding fashion trends and producing high-quality, straightforward men’s clothing.

They give samples to their customers and explain that they sell their products directly to them, either individually or as packages.

Mark is put off by the expense of the jeans, which they explain is because they are made in the United States. 

They’ve made $300,000 in sales in a year, and 38 percent of their customers return to place another order with them.

The company has virtually no customer acquisition, particularly Instagram. They’ve each put in $10,000, and they expect to make $500,00 this year.

Mark has decided that he does not want to be in the clothes business and leaves.

Lori thinks it’s too soon to invest in such a business and leaves.

Robert is baffled about how clients are finding them — he is also out.

Kevin adores the garments and the branding, but he believes the prices are too high for what they are;

Daymond concurs with this statement. Daymond believes it will be too expensive; thus, he has withdrawn his participation.

According to him, Kevin will give the company $200K for a 50 percent share since they are still far from making money for him.

The men have stated that they will not give up more than 15 percent of their shares. Kevin states that he is unable to go to that value. 

The couple responded with a $200,000 loan at 15 percent interest, a $100,000 line of credit, and clothes for life as compensation.

Robert adds his voice to the conversation and says he’ll give $200K in exchange for 25% of the company and a $100,000 line of credit, warning them not to counter.

Mark explains that Robert’s offer is solid since they can make a lot of money working with him and the merchandise he can provide.

The guys are adamant about not giving up stock and reply with a 17 percent stake. Robert is adamant, and they refuse to bend.

What Happened To Buck Mason After Shark Tank?

Buck Mason is still operating, but it is impossible to determine how well or poorly the company is doing financially.

Although they have innovatively redesigned their entire clothing line into simple-yet-fashionable clothing for men, and have even partnered with Stetson Hats to offer an exclusive line of hats to Buck Mason fans, including the same hat Erik wore during their appearance on the Shark Tank in 2012.

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There are now a variety of jeans and chinos available, along with more traditional button-down shirts. The range has even expanded to include “sweats,” such as sweat trousers and other comfy wear.

Buck Mason Shark Tank Update

Their company was worth between $1.5 million and $2 million, so they weren’t willing to accept Robert’s offer because it was much lower than what he offered.

The company grew by 20 percent to 100 percent every month in the first year following its emergence. 

As of 202, they have 12 retail locations in California, New York, Austin, and Atlanta, with plans to open a half-dozen more locations in the following year. Buck Mason generates $16 million in revenue per year.

Is Buck Mason Still In Business?

A business partner and business owner, Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg, manage Buck Mason, a made-up enterprise. These gentlemen understand how to market their company.

The New York Times reports, “Buck Mason offers American-made garments in packages of matching neutral outfits, enough to outfit a software developer for a week without worrying about a fashion faux pas.”

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Further, Buck Mason is “…perfect for men who are conscious of fashion and don’t want to spend all day browsing through Bloomingdale’s.”

Yes, Buck Mason is still in business as of 2022 with annual revenue of $16 million.