BoomBoom Shark Tank Update

Business owners John and Chelsea Pinto are based in Los Angeles and have built successful businesses.

They spotted many people carrying nasal inhalers in Thailand in 2010, assuming they were carrying them for stamina while partying until the early hours of the morning.

After suffering a major knockout, they learned that another local had used a nasal inhaler to get back up.

Those experiences inspired them to develop an American version of the same product.

When they returned home, they collaborated with chemists and medical professionals to develop a nasal inhaler that would provide similar benefits to those they had experienced in Thailand but contained healthier ingredients.

John and Chelsea brought their invention, the Boom Boom Inhaler, to market on Amazon and decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to raise additional funds. Their ultimate goal was to have the Boom Boom Inhaler sold at retail outlets.

Their company has seen excellent growth, so the Pintos chose Shark Tank to pitch their product since they wanted to get more visibility for their brand as a result.

They expected that ad exposure would help people become aware of the inhaler, but they recognized that additional funding could make the product even more successful.

What Is BoomBoom?

BoomBoom manufactures natural nasal inhalers blended with various smells to assist users in relaxing, rejuvenating, and remaining focused.

Several flavors are available in the essential oil inhalers, including citrus breeze, cinnamon, melon drop, tropical rush, and winter mint. Berry breeze is one of the flavors available.

BoomBoom is a nasal inhaler that utilizes essential oils to provide instant freshness while also revitalizing your mind.

BoomBoom Shark Tank Update

The inhalers help improve concentration and boost mood, while refreshing improves breathing.

Moreover, they perform various functions, such as clearing congested noses and avoiding hazardous chemicals or sugary energy drinks.

Company NameBoomBoom
EntrepreneurJohn Pinto And Chelsea Pinto
ProductNasal inhalers made from all-natural ingredients
Investment Asking For$300,000 For 10% stake in BoomBoom
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 10 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BoomBoom?

Boom Boom was founded by Chelsea and John Pinto, who were a married couple. 

John graduated from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in 1991 and began working for Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Network (HREON).

In his next position, he held the position of Director with SnackNation. He is currently the CEO of BoomBoom. Chelsea is responsible for the product’s marketing strategy and execution.

John and Chelsea Pinto conceptualized the BoomBoom idea while on a trip to Thailand. The researchers discovered that many people carried nasal inhalers to be invigorated before going out to have a good time all night long.

They decided to produce the product in their own country. Chemists and health professionals worked together to create a healthy version of the product.

They could achieve exponential growth, but they needed extra investment to do so.

Their brands needed exposure in the marketplace to become more well-known. The two exhibited considerable patience and perseverance when they took the time to develop the product over three years.

They are motivated by a desire to educate others about the benefits of nasal inhalers and encourage them to use them.

Chelsea and her husband hope to introduce people to a completely new way of thinking about renewal and refreshment.

BoomBoom Before Shark Tank

Chelsea and John Pinto hope for a good response from the Sharks when they present BoomBoom, their pocket aromatherapy product, during Shark Tank episode 1004.

BoomBoom is a chapstick-sized tube filled with essential oils and scents that are meant to “help you remain focused and rejuvenated at all times.” It works similarly to an energy drink for your nose.

The Pintos developed the idea while traveling through Thailand. They were surrounded by people who were using nasal inhalers.

The Pintos brought some of the Wonder Vapors from Thailand, which foreigners called “The Wonder Vapors.”.

They were able to introduce Boom Boom three years after developing the product.

The company’s advertising claims that the product will “refresh your senses, invigorate your mind, and boost your focus… all without hazardous chemicals or sugary energy drinks.”

A few of the products in the collection are nasal inhalers (like Vicks inhalers), essential oils, and lip balms.

A key component of the product is inhalers. Five different scents are available: winter mint, melon drop, tropical rush, cinnamon, and berry breeze.

The inhalers are advertised as providing “improved mood, increased attention, and improved breathing.” Also, they’re effective for cleaning a congested nasal passageway.

A three-pack of puffers costs $19.95, similar to a Vicks inhaler. There’s a good chance the Pintos want a Shark’s help with distribution. Can a Shark spot a good deal in this situation?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BoomBoom?

Chelsea and John appeared on the Shark Tank demanding an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in BoomBoom. 

After explaining their back story and pitch to the sharks, they distribute samples to try.

The Sharks become motivated and energized when they try their samples. Additionally, there are two types of inhalers on the market considered ‘mediciney.’

BoomBoom generated sales of $754,000 last year and should make $1.1 million this year, according to their projections (2018).

The company sells twenty percent of its products directly to consumers, 30 percent through Amazon, and the remaining percent is sold wholesale to other wholesalers.

A single unit costs 70 cents to manufacture and costs $7.95 to sell on the company’s website. In the previous year, the company made $125,000 in profits.

The products are manufactured in California, and he may lower production costs by increasing volume.

He is not willing to go offshore since he needs high-quality products. Currently, they are selling it wholesale for $1.50 and retailing it for $3.99, which is a low-profit margin.

When John is asked about his ownership stake in the company, he admits that he and another co-founder own 36 percent of it each. There are two other investors, each owning a quarter of it.

Kevin claims that he cannot defend the valuation and is stepping down.

Lori isn’t a fan of the product; therefore, she’s out.

Charles does not believe that people will utilize it daily; thus, he has withdrawn.

Mark isn’t a fan of the margins, so he’s out of the picture.

Robert likes the goods, but he doesn’t care about the price. He is offering $300,000 in exchange for 36% of the company.

John asks if he would be willing to accept a 20 percent stake. Robert declines, and John walks away from the table without reaching an agreement.

What Happened To BoomBoom After Shark Tank?

The Pintos reached Shark Tank expecting an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a ten percent stake in BoomBoom.

They were offered $300,000 for 36 percent by Robert Herjavec and attempted to counteroffer with 15 percent and then 20 percent, but Herjavec refused to go any lower than 36 percent.

The Pintos left the Shark Tank without an agreement.

BoomBoom announced in October 2020 that their nasal inhalers are now available at over 6,000 stores in the country, including more than 800 Walmarts.

The BoomBoom product continues to receive 5-star reviews on Amazon. The company has worked with social media influencers such as holistic personal trainers and “breathworker” Nikki Mostofi, featured in the video above.

BoomBoom Shark Tank Update

John said after the show that if we had accepted the 36 percent offer, we would have divided the equity among ourselves and the other co-founder, which would have essentially made the investment shark the majority owner, which we couldn’t tolerate.”

BoomBoom currently has over 6000 locations in over 100 countries. Walmart stores make up approximately 800 of those locations.

BoomBoom Shark Tank Update

Additionally, they have an Amazon Store. BoomBoom is still in business as of February 2022 and makes an annual sales total of $6 million.

Is BoomBoom Still In Business?

Boom Boom Energy has been thriving despite being unable to close a deal with a shark.

It is now available at Walmart, the company website, and Amazon!

A single pack on the website costs $7.95. However, purchasing a few packs can save you quite a bit of money.

Depending on your needs, you need to pay $19.95 for three tubes and $29.95 for five tubes. You can also create your bundle by selecting from one of the brand’s five fragrances. Customers have generally appreciated the inhaler.

The retail pricing at Walmart is still significantly lower than the price of a tube on the company’s website. 

The retail giant is offering a single pack for $4.76, 60 percent cheaper than the website’s price. As for Walmart, they carry only one of the smells, Wintermint.

Boom Boom has massively influenced social media, even though no sales data is available.

Currently, BoomBoom has 48,242 Facebook Likes and 102,000 Instagram followers, which is an excellent start! Inhalers are being purchased regularly rather than once; is this a clue that people are purchasing them regularly?

It is reasonable to expect that the Boom Boom Inhaler will generate repeat purchases to enhance energy levels.