Best Manga Reading Websites

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Japanese comic books and cartoons have made their way into the mainstream due to their widespread distribution on the internet, and their popularity has risen quickly in recent years.

A subset of manga is Japanese comic books that tell stories in the form of still images with accompanying text ranging from simple phrases to sophisticated sentence complexity.

They have become highly popular in recent years. They are indeed growing in popularity as more and more people become acquainted with them through online reading sites.

The following post will introduce you to 15 Best Manga Reading Websites where you may read manga for free if you are interested in learning more about the Japanese manga genre.

Best Free Manga Reading Websites

Manga Park

The Mangapark site offers not only well-known titles like “Fairy Tail” and “Naruto Shippuden” but also lesser-known titles like “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou,” which translates to Everyday Life with Monster Girls.

There is no need to register to read the manga, and you can even browse through the comics by genre, which is a nice feature.

The availability of offline viewing distinguishes them from other websites or apps. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to read anything stored on their computers. 

Furthermore, all the comics are completely free and have been carefully selected by the team.


Mangadex is a free online database that contains information about manga, anime, and manhwa. 

It’s also the name of a project that intends to open a platform for anyone who wants to read or write about comics in various languages to make comics more accessible to more people (currently Spanish).

Best Manga Reading Websites

On social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or YouTube, Mangadex provides tools that allow you to do things like: create reading lists from your favorite comic authors; create summaries for new readers; write reviews on any published work, and share them with other fans who are looking for similar titles.

The term “Mangadex” refers to a collection of comics created in Japan or by Japanese creators based outside Japan. 

A text written in a Japanese script or a story originating in Japan is considered Japanese-language text.

However, the phrase also refers to comics from other nations. It has been translated to English as either hand-drawn images and text or hand-drawn images and text.

This website contains a wide variety of genres and an intuitive search engine that will assist you in finding what you’re looking for. 

Additionally, there are forums where artists from all over the world get together to share their knowledge through tutorials on creating their work and other means.


The website’s flat design shouldn’t fool you; it still contains useful information, like episodes of “Sailor Moon” and other anime and manga classics.

You’ll simply need to establish an account before being allowed to proceed with reading anything further.

This is not one website that charges money to access content, even though they have some ads.

They also provide lightning-fast loading times, allowing you to experience all of your favorite manga immediately.

Every day brings something fresh, with various genres and titles, including Korean comics (Korean webtoons).

This website is helpful for manga enthusiasts looking for a specific manga genre. An index of genres and sub-genres can easily be searched to identify what type of story you are looking for.


Mangareader is among the most popular websites on this list because of its user-friendly design that makes navigating simple and quick and its extensive collection, which includes more than 50 series.

Another notable feature of the site is the absence of advertisements – just pure reading pleasure.

The “Favorite” button allows you to arrange your favorite manga logically, making it easier to find them later on on the site.

Mangareader does not provide much information about their series other than the genre and number of volumes in the story, and you cannot create an account to keep track of your reading, although they do have over 50 different anime/manga titles available with new ones added every month, which makes it worth checking out.

A manga website without frills and gimmicks is good for those looking for simple yet effective manga.

This is the ideal resource for those looking for an anime or manga that is straightforward and produces decent results.


Batoto may not be the ideal website for you if you are always looking for something new since it only posts once or twice per month, depending on the content (whether their staff finds any interesting projects). 

Batoto, on the other hand, would be a good choice if you prefer monthly releases.

Best Manga Reading Websites

What is it about them that is so remarkable? They feature a user-friendly search engine, which means you won’t have to waste time going through page after page attempting to discover something worthwhile. 

In addition, if necessary, you can download and read whole chapters on your computer or mobile device.

Manga Rock

Various genres are available on Manga Rock (including romance, humor, and horror). 

Manga Rock is distinct from the competition due to the ability to download all content, making it the ideal destination for people who want to work offline.

Several of the titles on this site are ones that I could not locate anywhere else. There is only one drawback: as far as I can tell, you can only read one chapter at a time. 

However, this service should be excellent if that is sufficient for your purposes. If this is the case, go on to the next item on our list.

Once you get acclimated to how Manga Rock works, the navigation panel is simple enough that there will likely be no complaints about its functioning or nice design in either case.

The bottom line is that is an excellent site with something to offer everyone who enjoys reading manga online.


If you’re looking for a manga library with hundreds of series, KissManga’s online library offers you that option.

KissManga is free of advertisements and is always available to read when you’re bored or simply want to escape.

If you enjoy reading manga and webtoons, there are many options here, including complete chapters, translations, and even download options if your internet connection doesn’t allow you to stream the materials. 

They have more than 500 titles on their website, so anyone looking for a good comic book will find something they like.

They allow you to read any major series, like One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Naruto, and many others, all in one spot without creating an account. 

You may switch between Japanese speech bubbles on the left and English translation text on the right, one of the most interesting features (right).

Different apps are available for iOS devices, but the KissManga App is unquestionably the best. 

This is because it has a clean interface that is speedy and easy to navigate and the fact that there are no commercials.


If the word “free” were what drew your attention, Mangago would likely meet your expectations, as everything here is completely free. 

Furthermore, you can read manga in either English or the original Japanese language.

Best Manga Reading Websites

The Mangago app is a popular webtoons app that allows users to access a large library of the best-selling Japanese comics for free, making it one of the most popular webtoons services.

The interface of the app includes several options such as reading mode (for those who would like to read their favorite series without interruptions), animation mode (in which each panel follows successively), and automatic video playback (by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner).

Additionally, it offers some cool features, such as instructional instructions for sketching anime and floral arrangements.

Finding the manga, or manhwa, as it is known in Korea, can be accomplished by either browsing through the most recent chapters or searching for a certain title.

All you have to do is click on the page of the chapter you wish to read and have fun reading.

If you want to read through the entire story without being interrupted swiftly, simply click on the “play” button below each panel of photographs displayed in succession with one another.

It doesn’t matter if this isn’t your first time exploring this avenue — the photographs come with explanations of what’s happening. As a result, there will be no doubt regarding the context of the images.

In addition to allowing readers to discover new worlds and storylines, Mangago also provides readers with access to free manga classes, such as how-to guides on drawing manga and other related topics.


MangaPanda’s website offers a massive amount of information for readers to enjoy, with over 3000 series and millions of volumes accessible for purchase on their site. 

This is one website that does not charge its customers in any way, so you’ll probably find what you’re searching for here if you’re seeking something free.

With a range of features, the website provides a pleasurable reading experience. For starters, there’s a lot of material to read. 

The wide variety of manga comics is the main attraction, which is understandable because one may find whatever they seek in this vast collection of manga comics.

To find something new, browse through their many series, each with a different genre and level of difficulty to fit your preferences. 

You’ll also be able to categorize your views according to the genre, making it easier to locate the appropriate fit.

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When you subscribe to MangaPanda, you will also get access to unique stories at no additional cost, making the charges insignificant, if not completely free. 

Keep in mind that they do have advertising that appears occasionally, but overall, it’s a fantastic site to spend time reading your favorite manga series.


You may read a wide variety of manga on ReadManga, with over 100 titles available (not including those that are “under translation”). 

You can even select your favorite genres, making it simple to find the type of story that is right for you and your interests.

The ReadManga app provides access to a large number of manga titles. It has more than 50,000 items in its collection, with more uploaded daily.

You can look for your favorite manga by name or author and then filter them based on the genre and language they are written in. At this time, English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Korean, and Vietnamese are the languages chosen.

You might consider subscribing to a title if you find one that looks interesting but does not yet have an official release date. When the title becomes available, you will be notified as soon as it happens.

This is also useful if you want to know what new releases are coming out next week or which series has just received an update today without having to read through every one of them manually. 

It is easy to see what will be released soon since the list is arranged by the release date.

If you want to learn more about a specific manga series, simply click on the title, and a new tab will open with all the information about that series.

In the “More Info” section, there are four options:

  1. Chapters: This displays how many chapters there are in this specific series, as well as how many volumes there are in total (with links to read them)
  2. Stats: You may find aggregated statistics regarding readership, views, and ratings across the ReadManga network.
  3. Volume Overview: If appropriate, it displays which volume is scheduled to be released next, along with links to purchase or pre-order it from your preferred seller.
  4. Synopsis & Review: A concise overview and review of the entire series are provided.


MangaHere website offers several features that make it stand out from other websites or apps, such as bookmarking pages (so that if you finish reading one chapter but would like to read another later, you don’t have to start from the beginning).

Furthermore, it contains English translations, making it a useful app to try out, especially since they continue to release new titles every day.

Apart from not having the option to automatically download or refresh new chapters, the software is otherwise perfect. 

Best Manga Reading Websites

Consequently, you’ll need to manually check for updates, which can be time-consuming if you’re examining multiple volumes simultaneously.

Some of the most popular categories, such as gender-bender romance comics, are also absent from the list, but this may change in the future depending on how work with their servers progresses.

Generally speaking, I would recommend giving MangaHere a shot after downloading it and exploring its features for yourself. 

If anything changes, we will make the necessary revisions to our review; however, until then, please enjoy your favorite manga.


You could find out about all new releases, your favorite titles, the most recent chapters, and much more with MangaKiss.

Mangakiss is an application related to manga with incredible potential for genre fans. 

Mangakiss has various features that could be valuable to anyone, from the casual reader to the person who has read every manga book published. 

These features are as follows:

  1. Updates regularly
  2. Manga that has recently been released (Includes genres and recommendations)
  3. To quickly discover what you’re looking for, you can save your favorites, such as genre filters (mystery, shounen/shoujo, etc.), alphabetized lists based on author names, or several releases. This section also includes popular titles organized by popularity rating, which might assist people in deciding if they want something new or something old, based on their preferences. There are also release dates listed so that readers may find out when it will be broadcast in their country.

There are various categories in the manga designed for readability, such as Drama or Action. 

The list not only contains the genres so that it’s easier to identify the type of manga you are looking for, but it also offers a short description so readers will know more about what they are getting into if they choose a particular manga.

The reviews become more comprehensive and in-depth as each new publication is released, which is helpful when picking which series to read next based on your individual preferences.

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You can use Mangakiss Review whether you are a casual reader looking for recommendations and descriptions or a seasoned reader who has read every manga.

It includes the latest updates, recently released manga (including genre), favorites including writer lists (alphabetized), and popularity based on the number of votes from readers.


Manga challenges can be found on the Comico website, along with tools and resources for artists looking to develop their manga drawing skills by learning from other professionals or enhancing their manga drawing skills by learning from others.

You will have numerous opportunities to receive feedback on your work because of the numerous features, including thumbnail galleries, critiques, lesson ideas, artist interviews, and other resources.

This website will assist you in learning how to draw manga illustrations. Learning more about this type of art is easy by looking at some samples and following instructions regarding sketching techniques, perspective guidelines, and other related topics.

There are no restrictions on the styles or techniques taught at this location because it is designed for students who wish to learn how to draw manga.

The posts from other professionals on this site are some of the most interesting aspects. They provide product reviews that can assist you in determining which instruments would be a good fit for your requirements.

If you’re attempting to find out which materials or platforms will be the best fit for your project goals, this makes it easier than ever before.


MangaStream website provides you with rapid loading speeds when reading manga pages, which is a significant advantage for anyone accustomed to waiting for other websites or apps to load the page, which can take an eternity.

One of the most useful aspects of this website is that you can read different manga pages by scrolling horizontally down the page. 

My favorite way to read manga is with horizontal scrolling since it makes it feel less like a chore and more fun than reading manga with vertical scrolling, which just feels too constrictive.

MangaStream deserves five stars for its extensive feature set and excellent customer service.

Visit MangaStream if you seek a user-friendly way to discover new and good mangas without navigating through ads or bothersome popups. I highly recommend it.

This site also has a wide variety of genres available, so no matter what your preference in comics is, you will find something on this site that appeals to you – even if your preferences include yaoi.

Manga Dogs

Manga Dogs is a wonderful choice if you want to read manga on your mobile phone while on the go. 

They have hundreds of popular series, including One Piece, Attack on Titan, and many others, that are all available to see without the requirement for a subscription to their service.

The site is simple to navigate and has a straightforward, uncluttered interface. It’s also not overrun with advertisements, allowing you to concentrate on reading the manga without being distracted.

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There is only one drawback: it doesn’t feature as many series as some other sites. However, if you seek an app-based experience, this is a good option to consider.

Final Words on Best Manga Reading Websites

With the advent of the internet, there are several new alternatives for amusement and relaxation. 

The popularity of manga has exploded in recent years, and it’s no surprise that people are looking for ways to read their favorite series without spending a cent or using any data.

Free manga reading is available in various formats on the 15 websites listed above. You can choose any of them that piques your interest the most.

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