What Is APTA Mision Statement?

American Physical Therapy Association/APTA Mission Statement is “To advance the profession of physical therapy so that individuals and communities can improve their health.” 

The development of the potential of a community for the advancement of the physical therapy profession is the primary focus of this endeavor. The following constituent parts make up the statement:

1. Creating a sense of community

2. Promote progress in physical therapy

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), which is an organization that looks out for the interests of both seasoned and aspiring professionals working in the field of physical therapy, as well as their patients, develops mechanisms to keep these individuals empowered and to ensure that they are continually honing their skills. 

To guarantee that its members can provide the highest quality care possible, the organization places a strong emphasis on providing ongoing training in clinical settings and other relevant technical areas.

What Is APTA?

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) was founded in 1921 and prioritized the health and well-being of its members and their clients and patients.

APTA mission and vision statements illustrate the overall influences that the organization aspires to make within physical therapy and the communities in which it operates.

The availability of these corporate tools has been of tremendous assistance in guiding the progression of the business on the desired path.

A corporate mission statement outlines the methods a corporation implements to expand, as opposed to a corporate vision statement which outlines the overall course a business intends to take towards growth in the future.

APTA Mission and  Vision Statement

APTA is depicted in this case study as fostering social reforms through implementing its services, as indicated in the vision statement.

APTA mission statement emphasizes the importance of providing members with the resources necessary to succeed in their respective careers. The APTA also teaches its students to uphold the organization’s key ideals. 

Uber Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

Together with the purpose and vision statements, they contribute to the body’s overall growth by working together.

Company NameAmerican Physical Therapy Association
HeadquartersVirginia, USA
FounderPresident Mary McMillan
ProductPhysical Therapy Assistance
Company TypePrivate
CEOJustin Moore, PT, DPT

What Is APTA Vision Statement?

American Physical Therapy Association/APTA vision statement is “Transforming society through maximizing mobility to enrich the human experience.” 

APTA mission statement demonstrates the contribution that it intends to make to various societies through the efforts of its members. These aspects shed light on it in greater detail:

1. Optimizing movement

2. Enhance the quality of life for humans.

The American Physical Therapy Association acknowledges the significance of motion for human beings. The APTA uses its expertise to develop strategies that maintain this competence throughout therapy to strengthen it. 

This improves the capacities of individuals to be active members of society and become productive members of it.

Core Values of APTA

The core values of the APTA consist of “accountability, compassion and caring, excellence, integrity, and professional obligation.” 

These guiding principles direct the work of this organization. They impact the procedures and methods utilized by all the physical therapy professionals.

Adobe Mission and Vision Statement

APTA’s essential beliefs have led to creating a legitimate and highly-recognized profession in the United States.


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