Amazon Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement Inc. has become one of the world’s top online merchants because of its clear mission statement and vision statement.

As a result of sticking to the vision and mission statement of the organization, this achievement has been achieved. 

Mission vision statements are theoretically helpful because they lead the organization toward a desirable future state.

Corporate mission statements represent the company’s objectives and guide strategic decisions. was founded in Bellevue, Washington, on July 5, 1994. 

Amazon has proven that it belongs in this category of forward-looking companies that can thrive over time in the ever-changing landscape of web-based commerce. 

This vital organization grows despite all odds. A company’s vision articulation dictates the direction it must take and its position for a specified time.

Amazon mission statement emphasizes global dominance while providing customers with a beneficial buying experience.

When it comes to achieving their vision, their mission statement outlines what the organization believes are the right and feasible measures to achieve that objective.

A mission statement is about the attractiveness of the general assistance that the company has available for its demography, in this case of Amazon.

The rationality and other customer-friendly components that acknowledge the organization are critical to Amazon.

The success of the foundation’s model relies heavily on the mission, vision, and guiding principle, all of which are critical to the organization’s day-to-day operations.

What Is Amazon?

Amazon is a global e-commerce company with operations all over the world. This diversification into numerous business sectors, such as cloud computing and media streaming, indicates the company will likely grow further in potential markets and industries or develop breakthroughs to maximize stakeholder value.

We’ve talked about Amazon’s mission and vision statements in this post and how they underline its strategic ambitions.

Amazon Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement

This article, written from a scholarly perspective, can benefit anyone preparing for their Amazon exam.

It also reveals how the company intends to grow and maintain its business in the fiercely competitive environment.

According to this business research, Amazon’s mission statement focuses on providing customers with efficient and high-quality service.

The company highlights the ease with which target buyers can select the best e-commerce products. Inc.’s SWOT analysis identifies one of its business strengths as the breadth of its product range.

Additionally, the company’s mission states that it will become the largest retailer of digital goods globally by 2020.

The following official pronouncements can help to advance e-commerce operations in a global context for long-term success. uses the mission statement and vision statements of companies like Google, eBay, Apple, Walmart, and Costco Wholesale to help develop strategies. Inc.’s Porter’s Five Forces research identifies these rivals as a significant source of competitive conflict.

Its subsidiaries, including Whole Foods Market, are influenced by the corporate vision and purpose statements., Inc. aligns its vision and purpose statements to align its diverse operations across a broad range of industries. 

These products include online retail services, digital content distribution, cloud computing services, and computer software and hardware., Inc
Year foundedJuly 5, 1994
Industriese-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.
CEOAndy Jassy
FounderJeff Bezos
HeadquarterSeattle, Washington, United States
Market Cap$1.718 Trillion
Revenue$113.1 billion (FY 2021)

What Is Amazon Mission Statement?

Amazon mission statement is to provide “customers with the best prices, the best selection, and the most convenience.”.

The objective of this company is to offer attractive e-commerce services that meet the needs of target clients.

The company is concerned with three main factors: cost, selection, and ease of use. The goal statement’s “lowest prices” component directs Inc.’s pricing initiatives, often known as the 4P marketing mix.

The company’s e-commerce website and services are appealing because of the low rates.

Reducing operating expenses can help the company keep prices low, part of its strategic goal.

Amazon’s mission statement is to deliver the lowest possible costs, the best selection, and the highest convenience to our consumers.

According to Amazon’s corporate mission, providing the best variety is a top priority. The combination of products available on a company’s website attracts customers. Inc. emphasizes ease of use on its website when customers shop for products, for example.

Based on the statement, Amazon promises to provide its customers with services above and beyond their needs.

It aims to deliver the best deals to the customer on three shopping variables: pricing, variety, and personal fulfillment.

This feature was developed to gauge the quality and attractiveness of online retail services using the convenience criterion.

The approach seeks to provide the client with the best shopping proposals based on three factors: estimation, assortment, and individual satisfaction. There are three segments:


Amazon aspires to be a business that values the money its customers spend with it. As a result, it offers the lowest pricing to its clients without sacrificing product value.

Amazon considers the expenses of its customers. The company accomplishes this by keeping prices as low as possible without compromising the quality of products shown. 

The company accomplishes this by keeping prices as low as possible without compromising the quality of products shown.

Additionally, Amazon has nailed this with its online marketing strategy, which keeps its operating costs low enough to offer these low rates and high-quality services.

It’s clear from the reasonable international delivery prices displayed on the organization’s website that there are few choices when ordering from abroad.

Thanks to its internet promoting strategy, Amazon has also directly benefited from this, ensuring that its task-related expenditures remain minimum, allowing the business to provide these high prices and services.

Wide range of selections

Amazon’s mission statement aims to distinguish between services and products so that customers may shop with confidence.

Amazon has developed the reputation of being a place where almost everything can be found. Since there are no limitations, its will is limitless.

Convenience at its best

Amazon facilitates online shopping by organizing the process. The company recognizes that clients will find this the most convenient method of getting anything they need without leaving their homes.

Amazon also partners with reliable providers to expedite shipping to all of its customers, regardless of where they live, to strive to improve how it meets this market’s needs.

What Is Amazon Vision Statement?

According to the Amazon vision statement, customers may locate and discover whatever they wish to buy on Amazon: “to be Earth’s most customer-centric corporation.”

Amazon’s goal is to be the Earth’s most customer-focused corporation, so customers can browse and discover anything they wish to buy.

This vision statement emphasizes our goal to become the world’s best e-commerce company.

The company’s vision statement defines it as a place where clients feel welcomed and cared for.

Amazon Mission Statement, Core Values & Vision Statement Inc.’s vision statement’s “global reach” is all that matters regarding international supremacy in the e-commerce business. 

The company’s goal is to expand globally by designating the “Earth” as its target market. Inc.’s general strategy and intensive growth tactics entail global expansion, mainly through market penetration and development.

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It is clear from Amazon’s customer-centric strategy in its corporate vision statement that customers are the most significant stakeholders in its online retail operation.

This viewpoint aligns with Inc.’s strategy for its stakeholders in terms of corporate social responsibility. 

Furthermore, the company’s mission statement emphasizes the importance of expanding the product line.

These initiatives contribute to the expansion of the business and increase the attractiveness of the company’s services to potential customers.

In addition, this vision statement can be related to the following components:

An international presence

Amazon aspires to be the world’s largest e-commerce corporation by dominating the market on a worldwide scale.

The company’s strategic methods are linked directly to the company’s ongoing expansion activities, which Amazon values highly.

Thus, the phrase “be Earth’s” serves as a reminder of the company’s desire to impact the environment significantly.

A customer-centric business

Amazon’s corporate culture places client satisfaction at the top of its priorities list.

The business offers special deals and promotions from time to time as an incentive to keep customers loyal, for example, as a means of demonstrating how much it values customer satisfaction.

Amazon sees its friendly customer service and user-friendly websites as proof that it fits the requirements of the vision statement’s first attribute.

What Are Amazon Core Values?

Amazon’s core values include “customer focus, ownership, innovation, simplicity, being right a lot, and employing and developing the best.”. 

They also believe in “thinking large” and “having a bias for action.” On the other hand, Amazon has a broad list of values that influence the company’s activities.

These qualities are only a few of the many that Amazon regards as critical to the company’s overall culture and beliefs.

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Amazon emphasizes the importance of putting the client first, which motivates the company to provide top-notch service.

They are strongly associated with the drive of employees to generate and exhibit their clients’ new and imaginative ideas.

As a result, Amazon has prioritized hiring highly skilled and enthusiastic people about online commerce.

Therefore, they believe that one can become the best when meeting their needs and delivering the best outcomes.

These features can only become a reality if Amazon’s many players trust one another, as evidenced by the last value.

Final Words on Amazon Mission Statement

Amazon’s mission statement includes many of the typical characteristics of a good mission statement.

When it comes to clients and markets, the organization has a variety of products and core business goals (price and ease of use). Technology and commercial nature aren’t part of the company’s operation, though.

Amazon may want to add more details to its corporate mission statement, so its employees and investors know its striving.

We believe that adopting this advice would help broaden the company’s goal statement to include all of the company’s operations and companies, such as e-commerce and cloud-based computer services and digital content distribution and software and hardware (Amazon Books).

The vision statement of has robust features, such as the specification of the company’s target market and a part of its marketing mix.

On the other hand, this company’s vision barely meets a few traditional criteria for perfect vision statements.

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Amazon’s corporate vision, for example, is concise, clear, and abstract enough to be applicable across the company’s numerous divisions.

Still, the company’s long-term goal doesn’t appear to be solid enough to guarantee its success. Amazon, for example, now offers both cloud-based services and physical book stores.

However, e-commerce is still at the heart of the company’s mission statement. As a result, it is suggested that Amazon revise its corporate vision statement to reflect its future status by including these details.

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